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Publication numberUS2116646 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1938
Filing dateNov 25, 1935
Priority dateApr 11, 1934
Publication numberUS 2116646 A, US 2116646A, US-A-2116646, US2116646 A, US2116646A
InventorsEdward Schultz
Original AssigneeNagel Chase Mfg Co
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Smoking stand
US 2116646 A
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May 10, 1938. E;- Sl--lLJLTZ` 2,116,646

SMOKING STAND Original Filed April ll, 1934 Patented May 10, 1938 UNITED STATES PATENT GFFICE SMOKING STAND Edward Schultz, Chicago, Ill., assignor to The Nagel-Chase Mfg. Co., Chicago, Ill., a corporation of Illinois 1 Claim.

This invention which relates to a smoking stand is concerned particularly with a rest for cigarettes or cigars that is mounted upon a refuse receiver adapted to form a head for the stand or to be used independently as a tray.

It is common in smoking stands of the present time to utilize a head in the form of a refusereceiver in which ashes and butts may be deposited. The stand itself may comprise a vertical post, a table 0r other suitable support.

` Upon a horizontal surface of such a head is provided one or more rests in each of which a cigar or cigarette may be placed. Such a rest should desirably include a pair of walls in opposed spaced relation to conne between them against movement the cigarette or cigar which is to be supported. It is necessary in every case that means be provided for securing such a rest to the smoking stand head with which it is to be associated.

Bearing in mind these various requirements, I

have embodied in the present cigarette rest certain improvements in the direction of simplicity,

low cost 'of manufacture, and ease of assembly with the refuse receptacle, and have also rendered the structure neat, accessible and convenient for use.

A suggestive embodiment of my invention is set forth in the accompanying drawing in which- Figure 1 is a View in elevation of a refuse receiver forming the head of a smoking stand on which is mounted the present cigarette rest which is shown in section;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged detail in section taken on line 2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a view in section on line 3 of Fig. 2;


Fig. 4 is a view in perspective of the cigarette rest per se.

The smoking stand herein shown comprises a vertical post 5 supporting at its upper end a tray 6 adjacent one edge of which is swivelly mounted a refuse receiver R. The top of this receiver is formed by an annular horizontal wall l within and below which is a well for the reception of ashes, butts, etc. The receiver which may conveniently be made from sheet metal from one or more pieces, as shown, may embody other details of construction as set out in my application for patent filed April 11, 1934, under Serial No.

5 720,034 of which this case is a division.

Mounted upon the top of the receiver is a cigarette rest C having the construction which is best shown in Fig. 4. Each rest is formed of a plate 9 which is bowed transversely and provided on opposite sides with downturned flanges I0 o each terminating in a tapering lug Il. The two flanges which are simply integral extensions of the plate depend downwardly a sufficient distance to support the rest upon or just above the top surface of the receiver, and the lugs Il are re- 10 ceivable through slots l2 in the receiver top so as to be bendable laterally therebelow, whereby to effect a clinch lock (see Fig. 2) Such a construction is exceedingly simple, inasmuch as the rest comprises but a single piece of sheet metal 15 having the configuration and form described. Its securement upon the cap is effected entirely by the integral lugs, thereby dispensing with the use of separate fastening devices.

The present cigarette rest may be formed and 20 nished as a separate article, and thereafter be afxed to the receiver expeditiously and securely in the manner just explained. It may occupy a position upon the receiver, as shown, where the lowest point of its body remains slightly spaced 25 above the top of the receiver, whereby to permit a circulation of air under the receiver, with a consequent conduction of heat therefrom.

I claim:

In a smoking stand having an ash receiver and 30 a slotted horizontal supporting wall adjacent said receiver, a cigarette rest mounted in the slot in said wall to extend therebeyond and overlie said receiver, said rest comprising an elongated trough-shaped plate having flanges depending 35 from its opposite high sides adjacent the central region of said plate only, each of said flanges terminating in a lug of less width than said flanges providing spaced wall-engaging portions on each side of said lugs, and the sides of each lug tapering towards its outer end for ready insertion through the slots in said wall, whereby said lugs when clenched through the slots in said wall engage the underside thereof and draw the spaced portions of said flanges into rigid supporting engagement with the top side of said wall adjacent each end of the slot therein, leaving the troughed end portions of said plate unsupported.


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U.S. Classification131/240.1
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