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Publication numberUS2116685 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1938
Filing dateOct 13, 1937
Priority dateOct 13, 1937
Publication numberUS 2116685 A, US 2116685A, US-A-2116685, US2116685 A, US2116685A
InventorsVirginia Nicolet Nell
Original AssigneeVirginia Nicolet Nell
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Auxiliary protector collar
US 2116685 A
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May 10,1938.


Nell Virginia Nicolet, Easton, Md.

Application October 13,

1 Claim.

This invention refers to an improved neck collar suitable for use of beauty shops and where the customer is to receive a shampoo or other washing treatment of the face or head. Its purpose is an auxiliary protector collar to prevent moisture and liquids getting down the neck of the customer to his discomfort and to the injury of his or her neck-wear. It is further provided that the person may be sprayed with water on his face or head without the possibility of the liquid passing beyond the edge of the collar of the user. Another feature is to have the device adapted for facile attachment and so it will be economical and suitable for commercial development. Other purposes will become apparent as the invention is more fully set forth.

While collar pieces have been used in the past for the use of the barber to prevent hair getting down the neck of the customer and to take care of the slight amount of perspiration that exudes on this part of the body, such ield is not within the scope of this invention. This invention is primarily designed for use in beauty shops where a considerable amount of water or other liquids are used on the face or head, that streams onto the neck, where they usually spoil the neckwear of the user. In this invention, the protector collar is made soft and convenient for use against the skin of the neck, and has its upper portion formed to cover the edge of the collar of a waterproof cape and provide a waterproof ashing that will direct the water away from the neck to the body of the cape, where it will pass o harmlessly. The collar is made up in three sections, an outer covering of surgical gauze network, completely extended over the whole collar; a padding of cellucotton or the like inside of the outer covering mentioned; this padding being folded into a plural lap with the edges open and free, and a third section o1 cellophane material or the like, such as sylphrap, etc., set in on the front or outside face of the collar, between the covering and the padding. It is bent over to form a short outer leg to depend over the outer edge of a collar of the waterproof cape, and a relatively long leg on the inside face of the cape collar, where it comes into contact with the skin and neck of the user.

In the drawing which illustrates an embodiment of this invention, Figure 1 shows a view of a collar embodying this invention, in position on the waterproof cape of a person using same,

Figure 2 is a detail of the collar before folding to indicate the construction of its sections,

Figure 3 is a detail of the collar in section showing the general shape of its form after being folded 1937, Serial No. 168,706

into a collar for use on the collar of a waterproof cape.

Similar reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the drawing.

In the construction shown in the drawing I rep- 5 resents a conventional cape suitable for covering the patrons of a beauty shop. The cape is provided with a collar 2, over which the protector collar 3 is folded and rests. This protector collar consists of three sections, the outer covering 4 is of surgical gauze with its open netting, and acts as a vehicle to keep the internal sections together and in place. Inside of the collar is provided a padding unit 5 of cellucotton or the like which ls relatively absorbent. The third section consists of a transparent cellophane leaf 6, which is loosely held between one outside face of the padding unit and the netting of the surgical gauze. 'Ihe materials are bent into a U-form, 1, as outlined in Figure 3, with the cellophane leaf form- 20 ing the outside curve of the saine. This places the leaf on the outside of the protector collar, from the outside lower edge around the top of the collar arddown a slight way against the neck of the user. The U-form has its outside leg relatively short, while the inner portion is longer. The upper portion of the latter being faced with cellophane leaf, and its lower part faced with padding. 'I'he leaf stiffens the collar and tends to make it keep its shape.

The use of the protector collar on a cape enables the cape collar to be tightly secured around the neck of the user, and tight against water. The water used in shampooing the patron flows down to the protector collar, meets the cellophane leaf and sheds or continues to the surface of the cape, away from the users person. Should any water or moisture get in the crevice between the protector collar cellophane leaf and the users neck and seep down, it will pass the cellophane leaf and continue to the padding, which it will quickly and properly absorb, leaving the skin of the neck dry.

This keeps the customers neck dry and clean at all times. This padding is soft to the neck, while its plural folding enables it to absorb more substantially, and keep it from getting noticeably moist to the skin. At the. same time it is arranged to keep the collar of the cape dry and clean. The arrangement provides a most effective method of doing the work mentioned. The materials are inexpensive, and the use of the transparent leaf enables the patron to appreciate the newness of the collar when it is placed on his neck and assures him of its first usage.

While but one form of the invention is shown same exteriorly and interiorly with the length of the outside portion being relatively short and the interior portion relatively long and having an outside gauze covering, an interior padding section,

and a Waterproof leaf section exteriorly placed between the netting and the padding, to cover the relatively short outside portion and the upper portion of the interior portion, substantially as described.


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International ClassificationA45D44/00, A45D44/08
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European ClassificationA45D44/08