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Publication numberUS2119441 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1938
Filing dateNov 17, 1936
Priority dateNov 17, 1936
Publication numberUS 2119441 A, US 2119441A, US-A-2119441, US2119441 A, US2119441A
InventorsPrice Nathan H
Original AssigneeMrs Alexander Schoettlin
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US 2119441 A
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2 Sheets-Sheet l E?! mvENToR ATTORNEYS `Maly 31, 1938. N. H. PRICE RIFLE Filed Nov. 17, 193e N. H. PRICE May 31, 1938.

RIFLE Filed NOV. 17, 1936 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 yam@ ATTORNEYS l ,I atenfed May 31,1938 2,119,441

Y UNIT1511);ASJ 'I"ATES PTENT-ffOFFplCE y. Y Y :2,119,441 f' 'Y I RIFLE Y Nathan H'.' Price, Birmingham, Ala., assigner .of I

one-half '-tolMrsv. Alexander Schoettlin, Bir- V imingham,Ala.l l ApplicatioaNovembe17,1936. serial Ng."111, 303 l i 3 Claims. (015124-13) Thisinvention relatesrto'air rifles and hasfor nicates with the air chamber Band has. therein Athemprimary` objectd the provision, of a ldevice a valve I2 of the self-seating :typel and including -of this character which will provide a maximum a ball I3. Securedjto the block} isa pump cylinder amount of safetyto the personoperating therifie I4 movable, into, andl out of ,a-,-space I5 providedl.; 5 and the charging of the rifle` with air pressure inthe-rifle. The cylinder-1411s,.connected to the 5 may be easily and quicklyaccomplished without ai-r chamber S by a passagerV I6 and operating in danger to the operator and which will automatisaidcylinder is a piston I1, the stem of which is cally load the rifle from a magazine conveniently indicated by the character I8 andgis. pivoted to located on the rifle and whichprovides accoman operating lever I9 which also forms a'triggerrff- 10 modation for a maximum number of shots.V n Yguardand isy pivoted tothe. riileas shown at 20. 10 v With these and other objects in View, this inl The lever I9` when positioned to act as a trigger Y vention consists in certain novel features of conguard positions the Vcylinder* I4 .in `the space I5 struction,'combination and arrangement of parts i of the rifle and alsomovesthefpiston :I1 .onsits to be hereinafter more fully described and compression stroke for charging the air chamber l5 maimed Si with air pressure. The rifle has a chamber 2| l5 For a complete understanding of my invention, for the accommodation of the block 2 and the reference is to be had to the following description stock has a slot 22 which communicates with the and accompanying drawings, in which chamber EI and has located therein a keeper 23 Figure 1 is a side elevation illustrating an air and also a safety element 24. Pivoted to the rifle constructed in accordance with my invenblock 2 is a trigger 25 to which the safety element 2o tion, 24 is pivoted. Pivoted on the block is a valve Figure 2 is a fragmentary vertical sectional actuating plate 26 engageable with the ball I3 of view showing the trigger mechanism and the the valve I2 and also with the pivoted end of the safety device therefor and the means for chargtrigger 25. The trigger is influenced into a non- 25 ing the rifle with air pressure. firing position by a spring 21 and pivoted on the 25 Figure 8 is a fragmentary vertical sectional block 2 is a finger piece 28 for urging the plate view showing the parts of the rifle positioned in 26 into engagement with the ball I3 of the valve. the act of charging the riiie with air pressure and Secured to the barrel 3 is a magazine 29 arfor loading the rifle with a shot from the magaranged at the forward end thereof with a suit- 30 zine, able closure 3D whereby shot may be placed con- 30 Figure 4 is a fragmentary sectional view showveniently in the magazine. The other end of the ing the trigger mechanism in firing position. magazine is normally closed by the block 2. How- Figure 5 is a perspective view illustrating the ever, when said block is swung on its pivot during trigger. the suction stroke of the piston Il the air passage Figure 6 is a perspective view illustrating a 8 moves into communication with the magazine 35 valve plate. and the valve I2 is opened so that a shot from the Figure 7 is a plan view illustrating the safety magazine will be drawn into the seat II. The for the trigger. valve is opened by the trigger 25 being held by Figure 8 is a perspective view illustrating the the safety 24 engaging the keeper 23. During member for actuating the valve plate. the movement of the piston Il on its compression 40 Figure 9 is a transverse Sectional View taken stroke the swinging of the b1ock on its pivot to 0I1`th 1111 99 0f Flgule 1- its initial position causes the shot in the seat II Figure 10 is a fragmentary vertical sectional view illustrating the means for permitting the loading of the magazine with shots.

to travel to the receiving end of the bore of the barrel. During this last-named movement of 45 the block the valve is closed by actuation of the meraastgztr Sarrieri a; f 28 a breech block and 3 the barrel having a bore 4 and from lts keeper also dufqmg Sald mqvement Ofi equipped with the usual Sights. The block 2 the block the 9 having 'theshot'ln theY seat is pvoted to the Stock I, as Shown at 5 and is thereof moves into communication with the bore provided with ah an. chamber s an air passage of the barrel. The rifle 1s then charged with air. I including angularly related runs 9 and I0 with pressure'and loaded by haVng the Shot in the the run 9 at one end opening outwardly through receiving end of the barrel. 'Ihe trigger when a face of the block and slightly enlarged at said pulled will unseat the valve permitting the air end to form a shot seat II. The run 9 commupressure in the air chamber lto pass therefrom 5'5 with a maximum Yamount of force.

Y Having described ythe invention, I claim:

1. A riiie including a stock and a barrel having a1bore,'a breech block pivoted to the stock and having an air chamberV and a passage communicating with the latter and opening outwardly through one Vface of the block Vand capablejof moving into andV out of registrationwwith the-A barrel, a valvefor controlling said .air passage, a magazine carried bygthe barrel containing shot said block adapted Vto be moved to Ya positiontoY register said passage with said magazine whereby 'to receive a shot from said magazine', and moved to another position to register said passage with the bore of the barrel whereby said shot is adapt- Y ed to be discharged through said barrel, a cylinder secured tothe .block and movable therewith, a

piston operating in said cylinder,'a hand lever forV operating the piston and acting as a trigger guard, and for reciprocating the piston and imparting a pivotal movement to the block,A and a trigger for j operating the' valve.

2.A rifle including astock and a barrel having a bore,ra breech block pivoted tothe stock and having an air' chamber 4andia passagecommunicating withV the latter and opening outwardly Vthrough vone Vface of the block and capable of moving into and outV of registration with the barrel, a valve for controlling said air passage, a magazine carried by the barrel containing shot said block adapted to be moved tor a position to register said passage with said magazine whereby to receive a shot from said magazine, and moved t u Y 2,119,441 'and drive-the shot ,through the bore of the riiie toanother. position to register said passage with the bore of the barrel whereby said shot is adaptedV to be discharged through said barrel, a cylinder VsecuredrtoV the block and movable therewith, a

piston operating in said cylinder, Va Vhand lever for operating the piston andrfacting as a trigger 'Y guard, and for reciprocatingthe piston andV imparting pivotalV movement to the block,` and; ai

Y trigger for operating the valve, and ajsafety con 'Anected with the trigger. V3. A'rie including a 'stock and arbarrelrhavting a'bre, a breech block pivoted to the stock Y' f and having an airehamberanda passage cornmunic'ating with the latter'and opening outward1ythrough one fae o f the block and.- capableofY moving into .and out of registration with the bar--VV rel, alvalve for controlling said air passage', a

magazine Vcarried by the barrel containing rshotY i said block adapted to be moved to a position'to register said passage with said magazine whereby to' receive a shot fromrsaid magazine, and. moved to another position to register said passage with the-bore ofthe barrel whereby said shot is ,adapted Ato be discharged through' said barrel, a" cylinder secured tothe block and movable therewith, 1" t a piston operating inV said cylinder, a hand lever Y for operating the piston and acting as a trigger guard and for reciprocating the piston and im-` parting pivotal movement to the block, a trigger for operating the valve, a safety connected'with the trigger, and a keeper carried by the stock Yto beengaged and disengaged by the safety.


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