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Publication numberUS2120082 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 7, 1938
Filing dateAug 23, 1937
Priority dateAug 23, 1937
Publication numberUS 2120082 A, US 2120082A, US-A-2120082, US2120082 A, US2120082A
InventorsAnderson Zela Franklin
Original AssigneeAnderson Zela Franklin
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Grave marker
US 2120082 A
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June 7, 1938. 2. F. ANDERSON I GRAVE MARKER Filed Aug. 23, 1937 Patented June 7, 1938 FFEE GRAVE MARKER Zela Franklin Anderson, Hereford, S. Dak.

Application August 23,

2 Claims.

My invention relates to improvements in grave markers and the main object is to provide a marker which will be inexpensive to manufacture and install, durable and ornamental.

Another object is to provide a marker made wholly of metal in the form of a shaft or housing having an opening normally closed by a sliding door but which, when opened, will permit a view of the interior of the housing where flowers, and the like may be kept.

Another object is to provide a marker of this kind in which the lower portion of the shaft or housing is made double-walled with an intervening insulating packing to prevent moisture collecting inside the marker.

With these and other objects in View the invention resides in the novel construction and arrangement of parts as hereinafter fully set forth and claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawing as showing a preferred embodiment of my invention for purposes of exemplification.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the marker.

Figure 2 is an enlarged vertical cross section.

Figure 3 is an enlarged cross section through one margin of the door and its associated guideways.

In carrying out my invention I provide a housing or shaft 5 of rectilinear cross section and of any desired length formed up from heavy sheet metal of any suitable wear and weather resisting kind. This housing 5 is beveled or rounded off at its upper closed end 6 from one side to the other, the side I toward which the top 6 slopes being hereinafter termed the front of the marker. From a point just below the top 5 the housing is formed with a double wall made up by slipping a smaller housing or shell 8 inside the housing 5 and leaving a space 9 all around between their walls. At their lower ends the walls of the housing 5 and shell 8 are curled around a heavy wire or rod frame H] as shown at H thus anchoring the parts together with a waterproof seal and reinforcing the open lower end l2 of the marker. A cross brace l3 has its ends i l turned downwardly to fit inside of the upper end of the shell 8 where it is fastened by rivets l5 so that this brace extends horizontally across the inside of the marker. The aforesaid space 9 between the housing and shell is packed or filled with a waterproof rubber or fibre insulation as indicated at IS.

The sloping top 6 has a door opening I1 towards its frontal lower edge and this opening is 1937, Serial No. 160,479

reinforced outside by a rectangular flat frame 58 secured to the top. On each side of the opening i1 and on the interior of the top 6, guide strips 8 are secured and extend from the front clear to the back wall l9, these strips l8 having the 5 offset webs 23 which formed clefts or guideways 2! in which the margins of the door 22 are slidably mounted. This door 22 conforms to the curvature of the top 6 and thus may be pulled down by the knob 23 to close the opening I! or 10 may be pushed upwardly and to the rear to open the same.

An inscription plate 24 may be secured to the housing by rivets or screws as shown.

In mounting the marker on a grave a bed of 15 concrete is first made in the ground over the grave and the lower end of the marker is imbedded in the concrete. Then through the opening ii the interior of the marker is filled with concrete up to the level of the upper end of the 20 shell 8 where the concrete is smoothed off nicely.

In this manner the marker is firmly mounted and the upper face of the concrete inside the marker may be covered with cloth or the like and will serve as a rest or platform for flowers, pictures, 5 or the like, which may be viewed by opening'the door 22.

The cross brace I3 will serve also as a rest or stand for picture frames. 7

The marker may of course be made in any 30 height, size and material desired.

While I have herein set forth a certain preferred embodiment of my invention it is understood that I may vary from the same in minor structural details, so as best to provide a practical 35 devicefor the purposes intended, not departing from the spirit of the invention and within the scope of the appended claims.

I claim: 7

1. In a, marker, a housing having an open lower 40 end and a rounded upper end closed except for a doop opening, a door slidably mounted over the said opening, a smaller shell mounted inside the housing and forming a space all around the in-' side of the housing, and a waterproof insulating 5 packing in this space.

2. In a marker, a housing having an open lower end and a rounded upper end closed except for a door opening, a door slidably mounted over the said opening, a smaller shell mounted inside the 50 housing and forming a space all around the inside of the housing, and a waterproof insulating packing in this space, the said housing and shell being secured together all around their lower ends.


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U.S. Classification52/103, 52/245, 312/284
International ClassificationE04H13/00
Cooperative ClassificationE04H13/00
European ClassificationE04H13/00