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Publication numberUS2122904 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 5, 1938
Filing dateJun 2, 1936
Priority dateJun 2, 1936
Publication numberUS 2122904 A, US 2122904A, US-A-2122904, US2122904 A, US2122904A
InventorsAmbrosius George M
Original AssigneeStandard Oil Co
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Tamperproof can
US 2122904 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

y 5, 1938- G. M. AMBRosl us 2,122,904 I TAMPERPROOF CAN Filed June 2, 1956 BY v a w 39 Ma D Z; ATTORNEYJ:

Patented July 5, 1938 I i UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE TAMPERPR-OOF CAN George M Ambrosius, Lakewood, Ohio, assignor to The Standard Oil Company (Ohio), Eleveland, Ohio, a corporation of Ohio,

Application June 2, 1936, Serial No. 83,098

1 Claim. (Cl. 220-76) This invention relates to metallic shipping conre-assembly. Goods which it is desired to intainers or cans", and it is among the objects'of sure against bootlegging re-fllling are accordthe invention to provide a container which can ingly also particularly well safeguarded; In the be sealed quickly and simply without necessity embodiment of the invention in Fig. 1, the conof resort to soldering or mechanical crimping, tainer body 2 has a suitable bottom closure'3 per- I and which can not be unauthorizedly opened manently secured, as by seaming, etc., and after without destroying. the goods have been filled in, the cover 4 is Other objects and advantages will appear as snapped into place by the inter-locking indentathe description proceeds. tions 5, B. The container body is provided with To the accomplishment of the foregoing and a raised be'ad beyond the edge 8 of the cover. 10 related ends, the invention, then, comprises the Such bead may extend transversely more or less features hereinafter fully described, and parcompletely about the container, as convenient. ticularly pointed out in the claim, the following In the case of containers of square section as description and the annexed drawing setting forth' indicated in Fig. 2 in detail, the bead may exin detail certain illustrative embodiments of the tend across the greater expanse of each side, and 15 invention, these being indicative however, of but in the case of a container of circular section, as a few of the various ways in which the principle of indicated in Fig. 4 it may completely encircle the the invention may be employed. circumference if desired. The head however in In said annexed drawing: any case is of suflicient extent to constitute a Fig. 1 is aside elevational view, partly in secreinforcement or stiffening means rendering the 20 tion, showing an embodiment of the invention; sheet metal wall correspondingly more resistant Fig. 2 is a fragmentary similar view, showing against inward bending. The bead may also parts in relation for assembly; Fig. 3 is a top plan provide stop-means for the edge of the cover. In view, partly in section; Fig. 4 is a similar view the cover a receiving groove I0 is provided oppoof a modification; Fig. 5 is an enlarged section site the end edge of the container body, such that 25 taken on a plane substantially indicated by line the end edge II is received by and seats into the V--V, Fig. 1; and Figs. 5, 7 and 8 are similar groove provided by the cover member. When the views of modifications. cover then is set in place, snapping over the inter- The container body is suitably formed of sheet locking indentations, the body can not be pressed metal, as tin, sheet steel and the like, and may inwardly and deformed such as. to release the 30 be closed at its lower end by a bottom which is inter-locking indentations, this being'prevented seam bound or otherwise suitably permanently by the reinforcing beads'l and by the receiving secured. The cover or closure for the open end, g oove I holding t e f the ta b ywhich is to be assembled in place after the can is Th pr d il of t in e kin n filled with the goods to be packed, is similarly of tions may vary! As Sh wn in Fig; n n- 35 suitable sheet metal, and the can body and cover venient form is an outwardly projecting emare provided with coacting interlocking indentabossment 5 on the container body, and a mating tions such that when the cover is forced down :embossment 6 on the cover. Instead of the into its final position, it snaps into place over embossments being stamped outwardly, they may 40 the indentations. Snap fastening indentations be stamped inwardly, as shown in Fig. 6, in which 40 have been known for a long time on containers the embossment 5a is on the body, and the mating such as tin boxes where the cover is to be snapped embossment 6a is on the cover, these being of ofi in reverse movement, and the indents have rounded contour. Instead of having a rounded been such as to permit opening thus as easily or smoothly curved contour as in the preceding as closing. The present invention departs from forms, the embossments externally or internally 45 such prior usages by providing a construction may be of more angular contour, as shown in Fig. which prevents such removal, and the cover can 7, in which embossment 5b is on the container in fact be detached only by destroying the parts. and embossment 6b is on the cover. Where the In the packaging of many articles, it is thus posarticles to be packed are of a character which sible to fill the container and seal it by simple will not sift out, as isthe case for instance with means and in the subsequent handling, shipping, certain articles of hardware and metal which are etc., the cover can not be temporarily removed advantageously packed and shipped as in the for the purpose of pilfering part of the contents, present manner, it is not necessary that the interand in the final opening the container is delocking indents be of the continuously extending stroyed to such an extent as to be impossible of form as illustrated foregoing, but may be stamped I cutting through at the center of their lower margins l2, l3, Fig. 8, the relationship of the embossments and the action on-assembly and after assembly being similar.

tures stated in the following claim, or the equivalent of such, be employed.

I therefore particularly point out and distinctly claim as my invention:

A device of the character described comprising a container body, a cover therefor and means for preventing intact removal 'of said cover, said means including a reinforcing bead on said container body to prevent bending therof, said head lying beyond and adjacent said cover when it is in place; a central depression in said cover; a narrow groove in said cover for tightly receiving the upper edge of said container body; and a plurality of spaced interlocking indentations on said container body and cover.


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U.S. Classification220/621, 229/5.5
International ClassificationB65D55/02, B65D41/16, B65D41/02
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European ClassificationB65D7/34