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Publication numberUS2123695 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 12, 1938
Filing dateOct 8, 1937
Priority dateOct 8, 1937
Publication numberUS 2123695 A, US 2123695A, US-A-2123695, US2123695 A, US2123695A
InventorsElmer Francis E
Original AssigneeL A Darling Company
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Article display fixture
US 2123695 A
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Patented July 12, 1938 UNITED STAT ARTICLE DISPLAY FIXTURE Francis E. Elmer, Bronson, Mich., assignmto L. A. Darling Company, Bronson, Mich., a. corporation ot Delaware `Application' october s, 1937, serial No. 167,941

(ci. 24a-23o) 2 Claims.

This invention relates to display fixtures of the type used in stores for displaying various articles of merchandise.

An object of the invention isthe provision in combination with a display fixture standard, of simple and inexpensive means which is easily and quickly operated to fixedly engage the standard and to hold, either interchangeably or in combination, a plurality of fixtures suitable for sup-- porting various articles for display.

Another object of the invention is the provision of a display fixture holding means of this character, which is capable of complete removal from the standard or of being positioned thereon without necessity of removing the customary cap or other means at the top of the standard, and which means is also capable of various adjustments on the standard.

Another object is the provision of a fixture holding means of this character, which can be efliciently used in connection with standards of different diameters.

The invention isfully described in the following specification, and while in its broader aspect it is capable of embodiment in numerous forms,

one embodiment thereof is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which- Figure 1 is a fragmentary elevation of a display fixture standard with one xture holding means embodying the invention clamped thereto and with others in various assembling positions; Fig. 2 is a reduced view similar to a portion of Fig. 1 showing one type of display fixture attached to the holding means; Fig. 3 is another view similar to a portion of Fig. 1, except taken on a diiferent perspective, and showing several different display fixtures attached to the holding means; Fig. 4 is an enlarged section on the line -4--4 in Fig. 1, and Fig. 5 is an enlarged central 40 vertical longitudinal section of the fixture carrying member of the holding means.

.Referring to the drawing, I designates a standof an anch or one and one-thirty seconds of an inch in diameter, and in order to fit either size standard the loop portion of the yoke 3 preferably has a centrally disposed seat 5 for a small standard and a seat B at each side thereof for 5 the larger standard, as best shown in Fig. 4.

The legs of the yoke 3 are suitably spaced to enable the standard to be inserted therebetween and each is provided on its upper edge, in the present instance, with two notches 'I and 8 spaced different distances from the yoke loop for the purpose hereinafter described.

The block member 4, in the present instance, is of oblong form, rectangular in cross-section, and of a width to fit between -the yoke legs. A pair of axially aligned pivot pins 9 project from opposite sides of the block and are adapted to be placed in engagement with one or the other of the sets of notches 1, 8, depending on the diameter of the engaged standard. The inner end of the 20 block is vertically recessed at I0 to provide a seat for the standard, and the upper edge of such end is rounded, as at I I, with the pivot axis as its radius center to facilitate placing the block in standard clamping engagement with the yoke. In assembling the members 3 and 4 in engagement with a standard, the yoke member is first ard of the type commonly used in department and variety stores for supporting article display fixtures, which fixtures are of various types and designs to suit the nature `of the articles to be displayed. The combination clamp and fixture holder embodying the invention is adapted to` hold any one of a number of different article dlsl customarily used are usually either five-eighths placed straddle of the standard andthe inner end of the block member is then inserted down between the yoke legs in substantially the position shown by the central holding unit in Fig. 1. In this position, the rounded edge II of the block is substantially in engagement with the adjacent side of the standard, and a swinging of the block down to horizontal position causes the block andyoke to cooperate to firmly clamp the standard. If the standard is of the small diameter, the pivot pins 9 are engaged with the inner set of yoke notches 8, and if of the larger diameter, the pivot pins are engaged with the outer set of notches l.

It is preferable to provide the standard lengthwise thereof with a plurality of suitably spaced positioning recesses I5 and to provide the yoke members 3 of the clamp with a detent I6, in the present instance in the form of a screw, for seating in a registering recess I5 when a clamping device 2 is placed in engagement with the standard. This positioning means is desirable, as it not only tends to properly position the clamping unit on the standardV but cooperates with the clamping means to resist a movement thereof from clamped position relative to the standard.

The display fixtures used in stores are of various types and designs, and some of these include an arm 2li adapted to be threaded at its inner end 55 into a socket 2| in the outer end o! the block member I, or to be removably attached thereto in any other suitable manner. and has its outer end adapted to interchangeably carry display fixtures 22 of diiIerent types. The block l is also provided on its top with one or more sockets 23 into which the inner downturned ends of fixture arms 24 of various types may be releasably mounted. A set screw 25 is provided in the block in association with each socket 23 to serve to clamp the fixture therein. The block 4 is also shown as having a cross-recess 28 in its top into which the cross-arm of another type of display fixture lmay be seated and secured therein by a screw, or in any other suitable manner.

It is apparent that the present invention provides a display ilxture holding means which may be easily and quickly assembled in proper position on a ilxture display standard without the necessity of removing the cap or other means from the top of the standard, and that various styles of article display fixtures may be used, either interchangeably or in combination, in connection therewith.r

I wish it understood that my invention is`not limited to any specic construction, arrangement or form of the parts, as it is capable of numerous modifications and changes without departing from the spirit of the claims. v

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent, is: e

1. A clamp for supporting display 'fixtures upon standards of varying diameters, including a body member bent upon itself to provide a. curved inand hold a standard against one or the other o1 said seats.

2. Anxtureholdingmeansforuseonadisplay iixture standard having a plurality of spaced.

openings therein. including a substantially U- shaped yoke having a curvedintermediate bight portion, spaced parallel tree ends, and divergent portions connecting the blght portion and said free ends, said bight portion and the opposed portions of the yoke at the juncture o! thedivergent portions and the free ends forming a pair o! spaced seats, each to receive a standard having a diameter varying in size from a standard received by the other of said seats, a display nxture holding member having releasable and adjustable pivotal engagement with the free ends of the yoke and cooperating with said yoke to clamp a stand- ,ard against either of said seats, and means carried by one of said divergent portions of the yoke and engaging in one o! the spaced openings ot said standard wherebyto prevent relative sliding movement between the, standard and yoke.

muore n.

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