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Publication numberUS2125318 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 2, 1938
Filing dateSep 20, 1937
Priority dateSep 20, 1937
Publication numberUS 2125318 A, US 2125318A, US-A-2125318, US2125318 A, US2125318A
InventorsSalfisberg Leroy L
Original AssigneeIvers Lee Co
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Powder dispensing unit
US 2125318 A
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Aug. 2, 1938. L. SALFISBERG POWDER DISPENSING UNIT Filed Sept. 20, 1957 2 Sheets-Sheet l INVENTOR.

m M W a w 8 B A TTORNEY.

Aug. 2, 1938. L. SALFISBERG POWDER DISPENSING UNIT Filed Sept. 20. 1957 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 mmmi LEE-E- R e Y M% .-E N N E R m m m T IOA @w 0 W 0 eg Hwv. B

Patented Aug. 2, 1938 I UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE POWDER DISPENSING UNIT Leroy L. Saliisberg, South Orange, N. J., assignor to Ivers Lee Company, Newark, N. J., a corporation oi' Delaware Application September 20, 1937, Serial No. 164,689

9 Claims. (01. 221-61) This invention pertains in general to packages Fi 6 is a view showing the use of the package for individual quantities of commodities and pardepicted in Fig. 4. ticularly to packages adapted to contain fluids The invention contemplates fabricating a pluand the lik rality of layers of packaging material in a man- In packaging individual quantities of fluids, ner such as to produce a completely enclosed 5 such as powders, pastes, liquids, and other flowing pocket containing structure for a fluid commodity substances, there are various problems to be met and adapted to prevent leakage of the commodity which are not met with in the packaging of other nd pe ng of the ea s f the package due to types of commodities. Fluid packages'must b forces exerted by the contained fluid, while at m constructed so that there will be no leakage; so the same time permi g facile p g of the 10 that there will be no opening of the seals due to P c age to provide for the discharge Of the stresses resulting from forces exerted by the contained fluid commodity. As one of the feacontained fluid; and the package must be easily tures of the invention, several distinct comand effectively opened for convenient discharge modities which are intended to be mixed, may be of the fluid without spilling. commonly discharged by a single tearing operais The principal object of the invention comprises n o p the p eproviding a. package for dispensing individ al Specifically, the invention provides a pocket quantities of fluids having a seal with a guided structure f r d y l g flanges enclosin tearing arrangement for permitting opening of a the fluid commodity and ha radii j n n 0 corner of the commodity containing enclosure to t e rec boundaries of the Package 80 as 110 dispense the contained commodity. equalize stresses produced in the walls of the Another object comprises providinga. fluid conpackage y rc s ex r y the n a n taining package including a commodity pocket fluid which otherwise have a tendency to open formed by sealing flanges having a guid rthe seals of the package. The pocket structure rangement for forming controlled openings in the ed by the sealing flanges is contained With- 25 package. in guard sheets, and the flanges are provided with A further object of the invention consists in a tearing arra t so t the pocket y providing a package including an envelope and a be efl'ectively opened for the discharge of the cover therefor arranaged to permit opening of commodlty wlthout spillingthe envelope through the cover for discharge of Referrmg to the drawings in detail there are 30 the contained commodity provided two opposed sheets of packaging ma- A still further object of the invention comprises term I and 2 having seahng flanges 3 and 4 providing a multiple u package with an ab and top and bottom sealing flanges 5 and 6. The rangement for opening all of the multiple units material and 2 may be composed Various in a single operation, substances such as transparent regenerated cel- 35 These and other objects will be apparent from lulose having athermo-setting coating, thermally the following, reference being had to the accomsealable rubber Paper and the llke- The flanges panying drawings in which like reference numercomprise sealing areas Within which the 21S designate corresponding parts and m i walls of the material I and 2 are sealed together 40 1 is a View f a dispensing unit m and at the same time mechanically interlocked by 40 cordance with the invention with parts broken virtue of sealing dies wmch produce an Intel" away to show the details of construction; i gzg of the 2 33 materifial' 5 Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken along the line h g o r c ear con on u 2 2 of Fig ave e sdes of the inner boundaries of the vertical flanges 3 and I connected, by radn I, 45

Fig. 3 is an enlarged view of a corner portion with th e rectilinear sides of the inner boundaries of the representation of showing guided of the horizontal top and bottom sealing flanges tearing arrangement in accordance with the in- 5 and 5' v The flanges 3G produce and deflne an inner 4 is 8 View of multiple Package in 11 pocket 8 in which the fluid commodity is dis- 60- cordance with the invention showing a tearing d, h fluid commodity is contained t arrangement for opening the multiple packages in the pocket by the sealing flanges and the radii with a single tearing operation. configuration of the inner rectilinear boundaries Fig. 5 is a sectional view taken along the line of the pocket produce an even distribution of 5-5 of Fig. 4; and the stresses in the walls or the packaging ma- 66 whereas, if desired, the areas-9-l I may retain their tougher resiliency so as to serve as guard lines for the remainder of the sealing flanges,-

thereby further assisting in preventingopening of the flanges. Between the marginal guard areas 9-H and an inner reserved area I2, perforation loops l3l6 are provided as shown. These perforation loops are disposed along axes l5 and I6 which originate at the center point oi the radius I. Axes l5 and I8 intersect the points of tangency'of the radius I with respect to the inner rectilinear boundaries of the pocket 8.

The perforation loops HI-I6 permit either corner of the package to be opened along the axes A and B. The opening of the package is accomplished by tearing through the guide margin II; at a point adjacent either of the loops l3 and I 4, the loops efiecting the controlled opening of the corner defined by the radius 1. From this corner, the contained fluid may then be exuded by application of pressure to the side walls of the pocket 8. 1

The upper flange 5 of the package is provided between folded over sheets 20 and 2| comprising a cover. A transverse interdigitated heat seal is provided within the area 22 which interlocks the flange 5 with the walls of material 20 and 2!.

The walls of material 20 and 2| have side guide areas 23 and 24 which further protect the envelope guard areas 8|| to prevent opening of the sides of the package. provided with indicia such as printed instructions and/or advertising with respect to the contained commodity.

In another arrangement of the invention, the corner tearing detail shown in Fig. 3 may be provided in the package at the upper right hand corner, and outer cover sheets 28a and 2 I a may be provided with' notches 28b and 28c with an interconnecting perforated tearing guide line in the covers 20a and Ma. In this arrangement, the corner of the entire package structure can be torn off for the opening of the package envelope structure.

In the embodiment shown in Fig. 3, a pair of fluid containing envelopes 30 and 3|, is sealed between the cover sheets 28a and 2la. These envelopes 30 and 3| are of a construction similar to the inner envelope depicted in Figs. 1 and 2. As shown in Figs. 4 and 5, the inner envelopes contain dissimilar pharmaceutical commodities adapted tobe united in use. In using such dualcontained commodities, the package structure is torn off between the notches 28b and 280 and the contents of both ,of the envelopes 38 andil may be simultaneously discharged at the corners thereof, as depicted in Fig. 6, the user exerting exudation pressure through the cover sheets 28a and 2Ia.

The sheet 8 may be- Although a preferred form'ot dispensing unit has been disclosed, it will be recognized that various changes and equivalent structures can be made without departing from the scope of the invention. Therefore, no'limitation is intended except as pointed out in the appended claims.

What is claimedas new and originalto be secured by Letters Patent 0! the United States is: 1. A fluid dispensing unit comprising layers of packaging material bonded together in a sealing flange, said flange forming a substantially rectangular inner fluid pocket with round corners 1filor distributing the stresses of the contained uid. a

2. The fluid dispensing unit in accordance with claim 1 including a weakened tearing guide-linev in said sealing flange and extending across one of rounded corners for opening the walls of said material at said rounded corner to permit of the exudation oi the contained fluid commodity.

3. A fluid dispensing unit in accordance with claim '1 including cover sheets attached to both sides of said combined layers to permit the unit as a whole to be grasped and handled by said cover sheets.

4. A fluid dispensin'gunit in accordance with claim 1 including a guard sheet structure attached to said combined layers and having the edges thereof extending beyond the edges of said flange to form an encircling protective guard margin therefor.

5. A fluid dispensing unit in accordance with claim 1 in which said sealing flange is crimped but including an outer uncrimped edge margin for guarding said sealing flange.

6. A dispensing package unit comprising, layers of packaging material sealed together to form an envelope structure having sealing flanges enclosing a commodity containing pocket structure, and a guard structure for the edges of said envelope comprising sheet material attached to said envelope and having parts projecting around the edges of said sealing flanges.

7. A dispensing package comprising, a commodity containing envelope structure having a guard cover provided with a tearing guide line extending across a corner of said cover whereby the composite package including envelope structure and cover may be torn through to open said envelope structure without completely detaching the same from said cover so that the contained commodity may be exuded through the torn opening with the envelope held through said cover.

8. The dispensing package in accordance with claim 7 in which said envelope package comprises a plurality of pockets containing dissimilar commodities adapted to be conjointly combined in exudation through said torn opening.

9. A dispensing package comprising a plurality of commodity envelopes disposed one above the other within a cover having a tearing guide extending across a portion thereof whereby said plurality of envelopes can be opened by a com- 'mon tearing operation for the discharge of a

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