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Publication numberUS2125609 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 2, 1938
Filing dateApr 14, 1937
Priority dateApr 14, 1937
Publication numberUS 2125609 A, US 2125609A, US-A-2125609, US2125609 A, US2125609A
InventorsCarl W Goodwin
Original AssigneeAmerican Seal Kap Corp
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Milk bottle cap
US 2125609 A
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l c. w. GOODWIN Aug. 2, 1938.

-, v MILK BOTTLE CAP INVENTOR ORNEY a weakened spot the upper ply in a position to permit a finger-nail to be inserted `under the edge of the tab Il for splitting the tab pliesof the disc so as to form a central plug I5 and an outer Iiange 36. .The cut Il is U-shaped, as indicated in Fig. 1 so that the portion 3'!` between the ends of the cut forms a hinge about which the tab may be bent upwardly. 'I'his per-v mitsthe tab to be replaced for again sealing the bottle. 'I'he cut 33 may, however, be of any other desired shape. Although this tab provides which is readily opened, nevertheless it maintains a tight seal until opened because of the overlap of the iiange 3B, particularly if the tab is not completely split from the disc during the forming operation.

\`The bore covering portion I of the shell is likewise provided with a tab 4|! which is formed in the center thereof by a U-shaped cut or scoring 4|. The ends 42 of the cut or scoring 4i are separated to form a hinge therebetween which permits the tab 40 to be bent downwardly as shown in Fig. 6. The tab The cut 4| is' preferably made in the blank before the shell 9 is formed. In this way the forming of the waxed blank under high pressure serves to expand the tab 40 so as to practically re-seal the same. Hence both the shell and the disc are completely sealed until the tabs are opened tov permit the insertion of the straw.

The tabs 3| and the center of the disc and the shell respectively so as to facilitate the assembling of the cap. Otherwise, it would be necessary to stack the shells and discs in such a way. that the tabs would all be uniformly positioned. When `the tabs `are formed at the center of these members, however, registration is ensured, regardless g of therelative angular positions thereof.

In accordance with the above described invention, the cap is applied to the bottle and used in along the line between the two 40 is thus prevented .from falling into the contents of the bottle.

40 are preferably formed in a finger, thereby making an aperture throughwhich the straw is inserted. If desired, the straw can be later removed and the cap resealed by closing the tab 3|, the friction between the edges of the tab and the disc and the over-lapping iiange' 36 being suilicient to hold the tab closed.

It will be noted that the above described cap is particularly designed so as to be readily and safely used by small children. It is to be understood that various changes and modifications may be made therein and that the invention is not to be limited to the particular embodiment shown, but is only-to be limited in accordance with the following claims when interpreted in view of the prior art.

What is claimed is:

1. The method of making a milk bottle cap or the like from a pretreated waxed blank which comprises scoring said blank to form a tab therein and forming the cap from said blank .under pressure sufficient to expand said tab and to cause the wax to effectively re-seal tne tab to said cap.

2. A two-piece milk bottle cap or the like comprising a shell having a bore covering portion and a. pouring lip housing formed from a waxed andl pretreated blank, said shell having a cut forming a depressible tab at the center thereof,

said tab being expanded and compressed in said shell lwhereby the wax reseals the same, and a separate disc seated within said shell, said disc being partially scored to form a tab therein adapted to be raised to expose the tab in said shell, the tab in said disc being centrally located whereby it registers with said first tab in all relative angular positions of said disc and shell. CARL W. GOODWIN.

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U.S. Classification215/292, 215/310, 493/962
International ClassificationB65D47/36
Cooperative ClassificationB65D47/36, B65D2231/022, B65D2231/02, Y10S493/962
European ClassificationB65D47/36