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Publication numberUS2126087 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 9, 1938
Filing dateJan 17, 1936
Priority dateJan 17, 1936
Publication numberUS 2126087 A, US 2126087A, US-A-2126087, US2126087 A, US2126087A
InventorsJohn Berry, Wolfson Idee D
Original AssigneeJohn Berry, Wolfson Idee D
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Dispensing closure means
US 2126087 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Aug. 9, 1938. J. BERRY ET AL DISPENSING CLOSURE MEANS Original Filed July 11, 1934 60M @wwys, $33M): m

Patented Aug. 9 1938 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,126,087 I DISPENSING CLOSURE MEANS John Berry, New York, and Idee D. Wolfson,

1 Woodmere, N. Y.

Substitute for application Serial No. 734,572, July 11, 1934. This application January 17, 1936. Serial No. 59,564

1 Claim. (01. 215-78) The subject matter of this application was clear from the description which follows and from originally disclosed and claimed in our applicathe drawing in which, I tion Serial No. 734,572, filed July 11, 1934. Our Fig. 1 is a partial section of a further modifiinvention relates to dispensing closure means cation of our closure cap. v and contemplates the provision of a closure cap Fig. 2 is a rear elevation of the device shown 5 adapted to be associated with any bottle, conin Fig. 1. talner or the like in frequent intermittent and In that practical embodiment of our invention repeated use and which cap is arranged to be which we have illustrated by way of example, the substituted for the ordinary bottle or container dispensing closure device is provided with an stopper. Our invention further contemplates the elongated tubular body portion or extension neck 10 provision of a closure cap which is operated by 38, which is inserted in the neck of a bottle or merely grasping the bottle or container with container, indicated in the drawing by dotted which it is associated and raised to pouring polines, by means of the comparatively long bushsition without the necessity of releasing the hand ing I2 through which the body portion extends from the bottle which it holds and on which the and which bushing is made from a compressible 15 cap is arranged, and which does not require the or resilient substance such as cork or rubber or hand at any time to come into direct'contact with the like. The bushing is comparatively long and the closure cap. Our invention further contemis downwardly tapered, in order that the closure plates a closure cap which will automatically redevice may be adapted to be arranged on different i turn to the stopper position when the hand of bottles or containers having various sized necks 20 the user is removed from the bottle. .Our invenor openings, as for example, internal diameters tion further contemplates the provision of a 010- of one-half inch to one and one-half inches. If sure cap which prevents dirt, dust or other like desired, the elongated body portion or extension impurities from entering the bottle. Our invenneck 38 may itself be provided with a downwardly tion further contemplates the provision of means decreasing diameter and have arranged thereon for preventing the contents of the bottle from a comparatively thin compressible or resilient dripping over the neck thereof after the liquid is bushing, thereby providing a union adjustable to poured therefrom. Our invention further condifierent bottle neck diameters.


templates the provision of 'indicia means for de- In order to more adequately secure the comnoting the contents of the container with which pressible bushing to the body portion 38, an an- 30 our closure means is associated. nular bead may be arranged thereon intermediate Our invention is particularly advantageous for its ends and provides thereby an anchor which is use with bottles that are frequently used and firmly gripped by the compressible and resilient from which the contents are intermittently bushing as itis forced on the device, thereby prepoured, such as bar bottles, containing liquors, venting the body portion from being removed 35 whiskeys, and the like, utilized in the mixing of from out of the bushing, upon removal of the cocktails. A bartender, using bottles provided closure means from the container with which it with the ordinary stoppers, must remove a pluis associated. rality of such stoppers each time a cocktail or A pair of outstanding lugs 36, having the end the like is to be mixed, and place the stoppers on portions thereof inclined upwardly and provided 40 a table or support, prior to pouring out the liquid with aligned apertures adapted to receive the from the container, thereby incurring the possipivot pin 31 are disposed on the extension neck bility of their falling from the table and subse- 3B. The closure cap 39 is arranged adjacent to quent dirtying or loss. Our closure means elimiand in alignment with the downwardly and rearnates the necessity of removing the stoppers orwardly inclined upper face 40 of the extension dinarily used from their containers and replacing neck and is provided with a pair of upstanding them and thereby increases the efii'ciencyin reears 4|, having aligned apertures adapted to repeatedly pouring liquids from a number of sepaceive the pin 31 and thereby pivotally support the rate bottles into a common receptacle in which cap on the lugs 36, and which ears are assembled H J the liquids so poured are to be mixed together. on the pin adjacent to and outwardly of the up- 5 Our invention provides a closure means of this a d y inclined end Portions ofthe 88 36. a kind which is simple in construction, readily as-' The finger piece 42 is provided with the flanges sembled and adapted to be made at a compara- 43. hav l gned ap r ures arranged to receive tively low cost. the pivot pin 31, and which are assembled thereon The various objects of our invention will be adjacent to and outwardly of the upstanding ears pered wall 48 arranged centrally on'ithe outer 4|, to thereby pivotally secure the finger piece thereto. 4

The wall 44, arranged on the finger piece intermediate the flanges is provided at one end with the upwardly and outwardly beveled edge 45 and the depending flanges 43 are each provided with an outwardly and upwardly tapered wall 44.

Tension means, as the spring 41, are secured to the pivot pin to normally urge the closure cap downwardly about said pivot against the inclined face 40 and retain the closure cap in the stopper position.

In operation the finger piece is rotated downwardly about the pivot into operative position. shown in dotted lines.

Thebeveled edge 45 is thereby urged into engagement with the upwardly and outwardly tastopper position. The finger piece may then be rotated about the pivot pin adjacent to and against the closure cap into the more compact arrangement and assembly shown by the full lines in Fig. 1.

In order to securely and positively lock the closure cap on the extension neck, when the container with which the .closure means is associated, is to be shipped or stored away, a l-ip Il may be arranged at the outer end of the finger piece to engage the projecting bead II projecting from the extension neck.

Intermediate the wall 44 and the lip 50 a curvilinear wall 52 is arranged to provide a resilient and flexible connection-to permit the lip Bl to be forced upwardly over the bead SI and to thereby securely iock'the finger piece. The closure cap is thereby forced downwardly by the finger piece which engages it, and the inclined face of the extension neck is forced and extends into the compressible packing 53.

To permit the finger piece to be rotated about the pivot into operative position, the finger piece may be unlocked by forcing the lip outwardly over the bead, the wall It flexing sufllciently for this purpose. I

It will be apparent that we have disclosed a dispensing closure means which can readily be associated with containers to replace the ordinary stoppers used therewith and which may be urged into operative position by merely simultaneously grasping the motivating element and the container on which the device is arranged and which may be automatically returned on releasing the hand from the container. It will be further apparent that we have disclosed such a closure means which may be associated with containers of various sizes and which comprises few parts and may be cheaply made.

. While we have illustrated our invention as it may be applied to other types of containers, for example, such as used by a housewife in cooking, milk bottles, tooth paste tubes, automobile radiator caps and the like,

While the invention has been described in detall with specific examples, such examples are illustrative and are not given as limitations, since other modifications within the spirit and scope of the invention will be apparent to those skilled in the art. Hence the invention is to be understood as limited only as indicated, in the appended claim, in which the intent is to set forth all the novelty over the prior art.

We claim:

Closure means arranged on a container comprising a body portion, an outlet arranged thereon, a spring actuated closure element operatively secured to the body portion and normally urged against the outlet in sealing engagement therewith, a motivating element hingedly supported on the closure element and normally extending therefrom in alignment therewith whereby the said motivating element is arranged in one position to engage the closure element to raise said closure element out of sealing engagement and arranged in another position adjacent to and against the closure element and means arranged on the closure element for locking the motivating element adjacent to and against the closure means.


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