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Publication numberUS2127309 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1938
Filing dateApr 3, 1937
Priority dateApr 3, 1937
Publication numberUS 2127309 A, US 2127309A, US-A-2127309, US2127309 A, US2127309A
InventorsJoseph S Rickard
Original AssigneeGuy O Squire
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Hospital stretcher
US 2127309 A
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J. s. RICKARD HOSPITAL STRETGHER Filed April s, 1937 LI-IIIIA 5 vl f5 Aug. 16, 193s.,

IJbSegv/i SRz'c/fal'a I INVENTOR.

By u



Joseph S. Rickard, Bellflower, Calif., assignor of one-half to Guy O. Squire, Los Angeles, Calif.

Application April 3, 1937, Serial No. 134,869

2 Claims. (Cl. 5-86) This invention relates to an apparatus for conof the table by U-bolts or straps, each shaft 20 veying patients from one place to another, comhaving a bevel gear 28 on its outer end 2l that monly known as a stretcher. mesh with complementary gears 29 secured to the In employing the usual stretcher for the above upper ends of screws 30.

5 Stated purpose it is necessary to bodily lift the Jack screws 30 are threaded into nuts3l mount- 5 patient which requires the services of at least two ed in the upper ends of tubular members 32 that attendants. telescopically engage tubes 33 carried by frame The patients are often injured while being l2, it being noted that screws have threads of ophandled in this way, especially so if they have posite pitch in order that the table may be raised been operated upon. and lowered during turning of wheel 25 through 10 It is therefore the principal object of the presthe transmission above described. ent invention to provide an apparatus of the Tubes 33 are rigidly secured to fittings 34 which character stated so constructed that a patient in turn are connectedtogether by rods or tubes may be placed thereon and removed from a bed 35. Extending from nttings 34 at right angles to without being bodily lifted. tubes 35 are bars 36 that are connected to fittings 15 Another object is to provide portable stretcher 31 which are Connected together by rods 33 disconstruction arranged in such a manner that a posed ln paralllel relation to rods 35 patient may be removed and conveyed from one Swivelly Connected to fittings 34 and 31 are bed t0 another by a Smgle personh usual wheels or rollers 40 provided with resilient ,0 Other objects and advantages will be apparent tires. 20

' from the following deSCfiPtQn fafefelle being The table is provided with handles 4| and rnbhadto the'accompanymg drawing 1n Whlfh ber bumper 42 at each end thereof to prevent any Flgl 1S a t0p plan new of the Improved damage to other objects while moving the apstretcher construction. paratus :5 Fia 2 1S a front elevatlon Parts hema broken operation- Table H is adapted to be adjusted 25 away and Shown m Sectlonto a position so that it will lie in a plane slightly Ffg- 3 S a Vel'tlcal 560151011 taken 0n Ime 3 3 above the surface of the mattress as indicated in Of Fl- 2- dotted lines in Fig. 3. The apparatus is then Referring more Speclcally t0 the dfawmg '0 pushed over to the bed with the tatie portion l0 generally designates the improved apparatus extending over the mattress, the wheels 40 passing 30 Which comprises a' table or the stretcher proper underneath the bed and the table lowered until -II that is mounted for upward and downward edge la engages and Slightly depresses the matmOVemelfll'/ 01'1 a fram? Work '2 by means of gear' tress, it being noted that the downwardly curved ing heremafter descnbed portion i4 then rests in the depression usually 5 Table l S formed preferably from a smgle formed in mattress that has been used. 35

piece of metal die stamped into the shape shown, said table having a downwardly curved central upon his Side With his back facing the table is portion I4 that converges into flat end portions l5. then turned over upon it the table is then raised The forward edge of the table is. Slightly lient sufliciently to clear the mattress whereafter the 40 0 downwardly on an angle of approxlmately 30 as apparatus may be moved Where desired indicated at I6, while the opposite or rear edge I Claimt has a' downwardly extending flange n disposed l. Ahospital stretcher comprisinga frame havat right angles to the top. Removably connected mg a table top mounted thereabove, the table top to the underside of the table midway of its ends belng concaved transversely midway of its endsy is a gear bOX 01 hOllSng 's having Oppositely dis its outer longitudinal edge having a downwardly posed bearings I9 in which are rotatably mounted @X1-,ending 11p or ange, and means to manuauy horizontally disposed shafts 2B to which are seadjust the table top vertically. cured bevel gears 2| that mesh with a master 2. A hospital stretcher comprising a movable 0 gear 22. The master gear is secured to short shaft frame having a rigid table top mounted there- 50 23 rotatably mounted in a bearing 24 xed to the above, said top being curved downwardly beilange Il and secured to the outer end of this tween its ends, and gearing to adJust said top shaft is crank or hand wheel 25. The outer ends vertically. of shafts 2D are journaled in bearings 26 carried 5 by gear boxes 21 that are secured to the flange I1 JOSEPH S. RICKARD. 55

The patient who has been previously turned

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U.S. Classification5/86.1
International ClassificationA61G7/10
Cooperative ClassificationA61G7/1057, A61G7/1046, A61G7/1019
European ClassificationA61G7/10S6, A61G7/10N6, A61G7/10T8