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Publication numberUS2127794 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 23, 1938
Filing dateFeb 19, 1935
Priority dateFeb 19, 1935
Publication numberUS 2127794 A, US 2127794A, US-A-2127794, US2127794 A, US2127794A
InventorsWastman Gothard
Original AssigneeWastman Gothard
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Dispensing device
US 2127794 A
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` All@ 23, 1938- G. WASTMAN DISPENSING DEVICE Filed Feb. 19, 1935 INvENToR .G oth ad Wastman vBY TTORNEY Patented Aug. 23, 1938 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 4 Claims.

This invention relates to improvements in a fountain shoe polish brush and appertains particularly to one that is easily filled, simply operated and clean to use thus saving' the cream or other material as none is spilled or wasted, no unused surplus exposed to dry up and the hands of the user need not be soiled at all.

An object of the invention is to provide a fountain brush in which no unauthorized ejection (or more properly bleeding) of the material can occur thus eliminating both the waste `and soiling incidental thereto. y

A further object of the invention is to provide a flow or delivery controlling mechanism for a fountain brush or the like wherein the outlet valve in both operation and structure is independent of the ejecting pressure providing mechanism though they are operable and usable simultaneously.

A further object of the invention is the provision of a fountain brush with pressureapplying mechanism controlled by the users grip on the handle thereof.

A further object of the invention is the provision in a fountainshoe brush or the like of the convenient combination of a material applying dauber, brush and polishing cloth all instantly available and in a compact article.

A still further object of this invention is the provision of a fountain shoe polish brush of the nature and for the purposes set forth that is characterized by structural simplicity, durability and low cost of production whereby the same is rendered commercially desirable.

To the accomplishment of these and related objects as shall become apparent as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the construction, combination and arrangement of parts as shall be hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawing and pointed out in the claims hereunto appended.

The invention will be best understood and can be more clearly described when reference is had to the drawing forming a part of this disclosure wherein like characters indicate like parts throughout the several views.

Figure 1 is a longitudinal vertical section of the device;

Figure 2 is a vertical transverse section thereof, as taken along the line 2-2 of Figure 1, in the direction indicated by the arrows;

Figure 3 is a fragmentary side elevation of the brush body showing the mounting of the roll end of the polishing cloth; and

Figure 4 is a similar elevation of the opposite side of the brush body and the means for temporarily anchoring the free end of the cloth.

An elongated body 5 has an integral shaped handle E extended longitudinally from an end thereof. ries a brush 'I for the entire length thereof and on the underside of the body 5, near the end remote from the handle is a small dauber brush 8.

Extending longitudinally through the body 5 and handle 6 is an axial bore 9 that is opened out as an enlarged cylindrical chamber I0 for the greater part of the length of the body 5 and is lined with tubing I I having an exterior flange I2 and interior threading I3 at its outer end to receive a screw cap 'I4 with an outer flanged edge I5 that with the flange I2 of the tube lining II seats in an annular pocket I6 in the body 5 about the open end of the cylindrical chamber I0. A threaded bore I'I through this cap is normally closed by a knurled headed plug I8. The removing of this plug I8 Vor cap, I4 provides alternative sized threaded openings to receive a filler tube of cream or the like.

Into the `cylinder tubing II a valve casing I 9 is threaded that extends through an accommodating opening 20 in the body 5 and into the dauber 8. The upper rim 2| of the casing is flanged inwards to define a central opening and provide a shoulder and the lower end 22 is cup shaped with an opening 23 in the base of the pocket to retain a ball valve 24 normally seated by a compressed coil spring 25 whose upper end bears against the under side of the flanged rim 2|. It is to be noted that the ball seats low enough in the base or pocket of the casing that its exposed portion hangs substantially below the casing so that the ball can be temporarily unseated when the dauber is rubbed or pressed tightly against an object such as a shoe.

The compressing or ejecting mechanism, as distinct from the bleed or valve controlled port, comprises a plunger head formed of a leather washer 26 held by a metal disk 21 to the body 28 by a screw 29. The plunger head body 28 has a threaded stem 30 that screws into the forward end of the tubular stem 3| that is notched on its upper side for the greater part of its length to provide teeth 32 having inclined forward sides and substantially vertical rear walls. This stem extends back from the chamber ID through the bore y9, the latter being arched upwardly only in the handle 6 to give a dome shaped but narrow chamber 33. An arcuate leaf spring 34 lies along the top of this chamber, its free forward end engaging one of the teeth 32 of the plunger stem The upper side of the body proper carf while its rear end hinges on a transverse pin 35 that retains a flanged finishing collar 36 in the handle end of the bore 9. Through an opening 31 in the top of the handle 6 a button 38, carried by the leaf spring 34 projects to be engaged by the hand of the user as he grips the handle and to be reciprocated at will to operate the plunger.

To rell the cylindrical chamber I0, dressing is inserted through the cap i4 or plug I8 and the plunger withdrawn to the inner end of the cylinder, with the spring 34 pressed all the way down so that it lies inactive, by a double wire sling 39,

encircling a pin in the open end of the plungerI stem 3l, whose outer end is attached to a closure button 4I carried by the collar 36. After retracting the plunger, this sling and button can be returned to enclosed position Without further disturbing the plunger.

Along opposite sides of the body 5 are deep grooves 42 in one of which a pairof spaced brackets 43 carry a polishing cloth 44 wound on a spring roller 45. The free end of the cloth is doubled around a rod 46 Whose extended ends are adapted to be held fast by a pair of spaced hooks 4T in the groove on the opposite side of the body when the cloth is drawn around the brush 1.

From the foregoing description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, it will be manifest that a fountain shoe polish brush is provided that will fulfill all the necessary requirements of such a device but as many changes could be made in the above description and many apparently widely different embodiments of the invention may be constructed within the scope of the appended claims without departing from the spirit or scope thereof, it is intended that all matters contained in the said accompanying specification and drawings shall be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limitative or restrictive sense.

What is claimed as new is: l

1. In a pressure feeding device, a body, a chamber therein, a plunger operable Within said chamber, a notched stem therefor, a bowed leaf spring hinged at one end and engaging said notched stem at its free end and means for attening said leaf spring to extend its overall length to advance said plunger stem notch by notch.

2. In a pressure feed device, a body, a chamber therein, a plunger operable within said chamber, a handle extended longitudinally from said body having a bore therethrough axially aligned with said chamber, a notched stem for said plunger extending into said handle, a dome shaped charnber in said handle extending upwardly from said axial bore, a bowed leaf spring in said dome shaped chamber hinged at its outer end and engaging said notched stem with its free inner end, an opening through said handle from the top of said dome shaped chamber, an operating button carried by said leaf spring projecting outwardly therethrough, a plunger withdrawing sling normally telescoped within said notched stem and a button on the outer end of said sling normally closing the axial bore through said handle.

3. A plunger feeding device comprising a body, a chamber within said body, an outlet near one end of said chamber extending at right angles thereto and having a restricted outer end, an inwardly opening ball valve therein adapted to close said outlet and projecting beyond the end thereof, a spring engaging said ball valve to normally scat the same, a handle for said body continuing from the end thereof remote from said outlet; pressure applying means in said chamber acting on said normally closed valve and operating means for said pressure applying means located in said handle.

4. In a plunger feeding device, a body, a chamber therein; a plunger operable within said chamber;,a notched stem therein, a bowed leaf spring hinged at its outer end in said body and engaging said notched stem with its free end; and a reciprocating button for said spring attached to its convex side near the middle thereof and projecting through said body by means of which said spring is lengthened by flattening to advance said plunger stem notch by notch.


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