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Publication numberUS2131391 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 27, 1938
Filing dateJan 28, 1937
Priority dateJan 28, 1937
Publication numberUS 2131391 A, US 2131391A, US-A-2131391, US2131391 A, US2131391A
InventorsStrieder Schraffenberger
Original AssigneeStrieder Schraffenberger
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Display carton
US 2131391 A
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' Sept 27, 1938- s. SCHRAFFENBERGER I 2,3,1`,391 "l DISLAY CARTON y l I V Vi Vg #f1 l t s i 1,7 )NI If If I l I I *V -g I I I I I 1. 3 A5 I l' V/ ILLII i 5 f2 I I ym,' g

Patented Sept. 27, 1938 Application January as, 193i, scrigno. Iii A Il' 3.1i

y1A craint.

This invention relates to cartonsI which are adapted to serve as shipping containers for merchandise and afterwards tobe "used to display the merchandise on the counter.

Cartons of the vgeneral type to which the present invention is directed have been proposed here-k tofore. In these cartons, the carton body is cut through along a line extending across its front wall andboth its side walls leaving a line of fold in its back wall about which one section may be swung forward relative to the other tobring the parts into positions facing in the same rdirection and to expose and displayy the merchandise. When such cartons are 4used as shipping containers it is necessary to insert a-build-up within the carton and to place a sleeve around the car-i ton to prevent relative movement of the two sections of the carton. It also has been necessary to provide some means for effectively holding the two sections together while in display position.

. It is an object of the present invention to provide a carton of this general type which is so constructed that the use of inside build-ups and ex'- terior sleeves when the carton is serving asa ship. vping container is unnecessary.

It is anotherobject ofthe invention to provide a carton construction such that the two sections may be swung into their display, positions and maintained in suchpositions without special provisions for maintainingthem in such positions.

The invention will be more clearly 'understood from the following description in conjunction with the accompanying drawing: in which, 1 e

Eig. 1 illustrates a blank adapted to be folded to provide a carton embodying the invention:

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of a carton embodying the invention; and

Fig. 3 is a perspective view showing the two portions of the carton in their display positions.

Before explaining in detail the present invention it is to be understood that the invention is not limited in its application to .the details of construction and arrangement of parts illustrated in the accompanying drawing, since the invention'is capable of other embodiments and of being practiced or carried out in various ways. Also it is to be understood that the phraseology or terminology employed herein is for the purpose of description and not'of limitation, and it is not intended to limit the invention claimed herein beyond the requirements of the prior art. I

In Fig. 1 of the accompanying drawing, there is illustrated a blank which is shaped and scored so that it -may be folded to Provide pori'.ion swhich form the front, back and side walls and the end (01.206--44) v. y* *y* t -I ,n closures of the carton. *The portions." andfll` provide the carton side walls andthe portions I2- and I3 provide the front andback walls; A por. tion `I4 extends from the side .edge of the portion I3 and is adapted to engage and be secured to the kI5 I inner surface of the portion I0 when the blank across the end opening of the carton and be interl0 locked. The portions IllV and v20l ofthe blank form the carton end closures; u

The portion .Il ofthe blank is provided lwith'a line of cut I5 and the portionvl is provided with a I6 extending transversely '16 median crease' line. thereacross. The'cut I5 `is adapted' to colncide [with the crease line I 6' when the blank is'folded'to form the carton."Y A division line 25 extendsacross the walls ,I I, I2r and Il and has .a U-shaped portion 2 6 and an inverted U-shapedportion 2.1 located in the'walls I2- andlll respectively." The division line 25 issopositionedas to extend from opposite endsl of 'the crease line I6 when the-blank? is folded to form a carton. Preferably, the divi- Y sion line 25 is formed by a series of .alined longi- 25 i tudinally spaced cutsZlthrough the carton walls soas to leave uncut portions 29 between the ends Y 'oi' thecuts.

- The division line 25 deilnestWocarton 'portions 30 and 3 I.. Hinging of the cartonrportions 30 andA 30V j the crease .,line.. I8 is prevented by the uncut portions 29er the division line 25 which" k 3| about serve to hold the carton portions together'when the carton is serving as a shippingy container andf V n consequently, the use of inside build-ups and au sleeve to hold the carton together is unnecessary.

The carton portions and BI-may be readily'diy i" 'videdby severing the uncut portions 28 ofA the"di .f

vision line 25 soas to permit Vthe carton portions .I

30 and 3| to hinge intotheir display positionsffac` fm y y ing in opposite directionsandwith a sidewall of one adjacent a side wall of the other,l asshown in Y A1i; wm be noted that the ui-s'hapd portion 2s 4om: laverted' u-shaped portion :1' of the division f4@ line 25 divide the front and back walls of the carton so as'to provide 'an upwardly extending profjecti on the back wall of eachof the oppo-y sitely facing portions, and 3| when lntheirdis-l play positions and to provide a cut lawayportlon s'o I ,Il in the front wall ofeach of the carton portions if I0 and 3l when in their displaypositions as shown 7 in Fig. 3. vInasmuch as the carton portions l0 and `3l are swung about a median crease line Il in one.' 'l of the side walls of the carton to bring them into u f l display portions n and 3l of the carton.

What I claim is: i

A shipping carton convertible to form apair o i display containers `comprising af body having front, back and side walls and end closures, one of said side walls having a median crease line connecting the front' and back walls. the other of said side walls and said iront and back walls having a.- qisontinuous division line extending across thefsa'me and connecting opposite ends oi saidcrease line,

i said division line extending acrosssaid other side wall midway between its ends, the portions of said division line upon said front and back walls each defining a U-shaped margin located at one end of one walland at the opposite end of the other wall, said division line being readily severable to form two carton portions connected by said crease line and adapted to hinge about said crease line to provide twov similarly shaped oppositely facing `display containers positioned side by side with the front -wal1 of each alinedwith the back wall of the other and with their bottoms lying in a common planeA and-formedhy said'end closures,

Veach of said'containers having a cut-away front wall formedby one of said U-shaped margins and havinga back walliwhich is complementary to its 15 front wall. f

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