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Publication numberUS2131448 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 27, 1938
Filing dateJun 25, 1938
Priority dateJun 25, 1938
Publication numberUS 2131448 A, US 2131448A, US-A-2131448, US2131448 A, US2131448A
InventorsBert Lowen
Original AssigneeGordonian Printing Co Inc
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Advertising insert
US 2131448 A
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. P 1933- B. LOWEN 2,131,448

ADVERTISING i s'ERT Filed June- 25, "1933 v ZINVEN'TOR ion 47V 10 of boththe insert and the sheet, and cumbertween. The front section, on its front surface 10 Patented Sept. 2'1. was t 1 2,131,448


New! N.Y.,llsimrtoGor- Manlrinflng& 'Ine.,NewYork,N.Y.

pplication June 35, 1988, Serial No. 215,841 4- Claims. 40-125) This invention relates to advertising novelties sheetofbusiness or advertising stationery, is and more particularly to nserts adapted to be pref rably provided with at least the crease ii. incorporated within a folded sheet whereby upon It may be printed, lithographed or provided with unfolding of said sheet said insert assumes an typewritten matter and may be gotten up in the 5 erect position to attract the attention of the reusual manner cipient thereof.

The inventionischaracterlzed by its simplicity, h one l lmt a ed eins x m a y n meconomy, ease of use, and attractiveness. Whereprising a blanked member having. a front seeas prior structures entailed expensive die cutting tion II, a rear section it, and a fold I I therebe- UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE i some pasting requiring special skill and ham maybesupplied with indicia or illustrations tenddling, the device as contemplated in the present ing to attract and hold attention. It may be invention may be efl'ectively, easily, and quickl rectangular in shape or maybe die formed to used by anyone, no great-degree of skill being simulate articles of commerce, and human or is needed. other figures. In any event the section it may is folded said insert will be exposed and will as- A short distance from the fold il, each section sume an erect position in relation to the surface of the insert may be provided with a score line of the unfolded sheet. respectively i I and II, and the portion of each 5 The novel manner of forming the insert also section between said score lines and the fold I 5, forms an important feature of the invention, the respectively It and 20. is preferably provided insert comprising a simple blanked member havwith a coating of glue, paste, or cement 2i. ing a single fold, the two plies being secured to- Thus formed, the insert is ready for applicao gether at or near their free ends, and provided tionto a sheet such as it and to a crease i I therewith score lines adjacent the fold to afford bendof. The glue coating II is first moistened and the ing at said score lines after said insert is applied insert I! inserted into the crease Ii substantially and glued-to the fold of a sheet. as shown in Fig. 4 and the folded plies of the with the foregoing in mind, the invention may sheet ill pressed together to afford a good bondbest be realized from the accompanying drawing in: between the glue and the sheet". 35

which an exemplary form of the invention The foregoing is quite simple yet effective, since, is illustrated, reference to said drawing being upon unfolding of the sheet it. the insert will had in the following specification in which the bend on the score lines I! and II so that the ininvention is described. dicla-bearing section II of the insert will assume In the drawing: an upright position such as shown in Figs. 40

Fix. 1 is a perspective view of a sheet in un- 1 and 5. folded condition in which an insert, as at pres- The attractiveness of the device is quite apparent contemplated, is incorporated. ent and its simplicity and low cost clearly seen. Fig. 2 is a front view of the insert. Expensive and skillful handling is thus obviated, Fig. '3 is. an edge view thereof. and as shown in Fig. 6, the resultant piece of sta- 45 Fig. 4 is a perspective view showing the manner tionery is flat, not bul and presents no bumps of application of the insert to the fold of'a sheet. or protuherances which may interfere with postg. 5 is an edge view of an insert after apage cancelling machines, e 4 plication to the fold of a sheet, said fold being 'While the invention is quite simple and readily pen o i us ra h erect n i i n 01' said understandable from this disclosure, it does preinsert. sent a distinct improvement over prior devices for Fig. 6 is an edgeview of a folded sheet to a similar purpose. Moreover, these prior strucwhich the insert has been applied. With reference now to the drawing in greater ments entailing costly handling. Further, the 5 detail, a sheet it such as a letter head, or any instant invention may employ ordinary letter stall said portions each being coated area for union with the sheet adjacent the tionery as the base for the insert whereas prior forms invariably used heavier stock such as cardboard, or at least heavy paper. Hence, the insert here contemplated may be used stock stationery of an ofllce or firm instead of requiring special and hence expensive stationery.

Despite its simplicity, the invention may take various forms within the skill of persons familiar with the art. Hence, the prior pertinent art rather than the present specific disclosure should form the basis of interpretation of the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. A device of the character described comprising a creased sheet, an insert comprising .two sections folded and integrally joined at their lower ends, the upper ends of said sections being amxed to each other, a score line near the lower edge of each section, and a glue-coated portion on each section between each score line and the fold between the sections, said glue-coated portions being glued to portions of said crease and at both sides thereof.

2. In combination, a sheet having a crease therein, and an insert comprising a her having its fold disposed along said crease, said member havingits front and rear portions united to each other at a point remote from the fold.

provided with a glueon the regular said sheets adjacent folded memmentioned crease, and a score lineadiacent each area whereby upon unfolding said sheet at its crease said insert will assume a position transverse to the plane of said sheet.

3. In combination, a sheet having a crease therein, and an insert comprising a member having a fold along said crease, said member comprising front and rear portions joined at a point remote from said fold, each portion being provided with a glue-coated area for union with the sheet adjacent thementioned crease and at both 1 sides thereof, said glue-coated'areas each being defined by said fold and a score line on each of the front and rear portions, whereby upon unfolding said sheet at its crease said insert will assume a position transverse to the plane of said sheet.

4. In combination, a sheet having a crease therein,'and an insert comprising a member having a fold along said crease, said member comprising front and rear portions joined at a point remote from said fold, and each portion being provided with a glue-coated area for union with the sheetadjacent the mentioned crease and at both sides thereof, whereby upon unfolding said sheet at its crease said insert will assume a position transverse to the plane of said sheet, said front and rear portions each bending at the opposed edges of said glue-coated areas. I


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International ClassificationG09F23/10, G09F23/00
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