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Publication numberUS2131460 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 27, 1938
Filing dateOct 4, 1937
Publication numberUS 2131460 A, US 2131460A, US-A-2131460, US2131460 A, US2131460A
InventorsHarry O. White
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Incense burner
US 2131460 A
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Sept. 27, 1,938. H. o. WHITE, JR

INCENSE BURNER Filed oct. 4, 1937 Mil INVENTOR j BY Q ATTORN EY Patented Sept. 27, 1938 UNITED STATES INCENSE BURNER Harry 0. White, Jr., Sebastopol, Calif.

Application October 4,

2 Claims.

This invention relates generally to an incense burner and in particular relates to a combination ornamental novelty and incense burner.

The principal object of my invention is to provide an incense burner arranged in combination with electric lighting means and an enclosing hood designed to simulate the cone of a volcano or the like whereby, upon illumination of the incense smoke emanating from the hood, a very realistic and ornamental effect is obtained.

A further object of my invention is to provide an air supply or feed conduit arranged to feed air in ample quantity directly to the burning incense beneath the hood of the device; such air feed being selectively controlled by an adjustable damper.

A further object of the invention is to produce a simple and inexpensive device and yet one which will be exceedingly effective for the purpose for which it is designed.

These objects I accomplish by means of such structure and relative arrangements of parts as will fully appear by a perusal of the following specification and claims.

The iigure of the drawing is a sectional elevation of the device.

Referring now more particularly to the characters of reference on the drawing, the numeral l indicates a hollow substantially frustoconical hood having a top opening 2; the exterior of the hood being formed, and iinished, in the present instance, to simulate the cone of a volcano. The hood I removably rests on a base 3, the lower edge of the hood having a downwardly extending circular ange 4 which closely engages in a complementary groove 5 in the base. 'I'his flange and groove arrangement prevents undesired air leakage into hood I, as well as serving as a locator. The hood I and base 3 are preferably made of initially plastic material molded to shape. A cup S is formed in the base at a point in substantial alinement with opening 2, such cup being adapted to receive and support a burnable incense element 1. An electric light socket 8 is mounted on the base to one side of cup 6 and is supplied with current by means of a two wire cord 9 which enters the base on one side and is embedded therein to a point adjacent the s-ocket. A light bulb I0, preferably of ame color, is threaded into the socket and a so called flasher button II is disposed inthe socket between the end terminal of the bulb and bottom terminal of the socket. This flasher button produces intervmittent illumination of the bulb and for the reason hereinafter set forth.

1937, Serial No. 167,107 (Cl. 21--116) An air feed conduit I2 is embedded in the base and is provided with an internal upstanding air feed neck I3 which terminates substantially horizontal and on the opposite side of cup 6 from socket 8. This neck I3 terminates at such point above the cup and slightly to the side there-of so that the air from said neck will flow directly across the incense element l. The outer end of conduit extends out of the base and is provided with a manually adjustable closure member or damper I4.

In use, the above described device functions in the following manner:

The hood I is removed and an incense element I placed in cup 6 and ignited. The hood is then replaced on the base and light bulb I0 illuminated, the bulb flashing on and off due to the intermittent make and break of the circuit by asher button II. Thus, as smoke from the burning incense emanates from top opening 2 in the hood, such smoke is illuminated intermittently by the flame colored light bulb, producing a unique representation of an erupting volcano.

The provision of the air feed conduit I2 with the internal air feed neck I3 and adjustable damper, assures proper combustion of the burning incense element. As the incense receiving cup is disposed intermediate air feed neck I3 and bulb l0, air from the neck will be drawn, by the natural draft created by the heat of bulb I0, from the neck and fed directly across the burning incense element. To prevent excessive and too rapid burning of the incense, the volume of air passing through conduit I2 may be controlled by damper I4.

Though in the present embodiment of my invention the exterior surface of the hood represents a volcano, such representation may be Varied if desired in order to produce other novel effects.

From the foregoing description it will be readily seen that I have produced such a device as substantially fulfills the objects of the invention as set forth herein.

While this specification sets forth in detail the present and preferred construction of the device, still in practice such deviations from such detail may be resorted to as do not form a departure from the spirit of the invention as defined by the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and useful and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. An incense burner comprising a base, a hood mounted on the base, said hood having a top 2 f 2,131,460 Y m l opening therein, an incense receiving cup on the base, an electric bulb and socket unit mounted on base, an electric bulb and socket unit mounted on the base to one side of the cup, a conduit exthe base to one side of the cup, a conduit extendtending from exteriorly of the hood to a point ing from exteriorly of the hood to a point With- Within the hood, the inner end portion of the 5 in the hOOd adjacent the Cup and 011 the ODPOSte conduit opening toward the cup and being sub- 5 Side, the inner end 0f Said Cendut being erstantially horizontal, said portion being disposed ranged te feed air aCI'OSS the Cup- Y above bhe cup and to the side thereof opposite 2. An incense burner comprising a. heise,r a hood the bulb and socket unit,

mounted on the base, said hood having a top g 10 opening therein, an incense receiving cup on the HARRY O. WHITE, JR. 10

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