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Publication numberUS2132471 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1938
Filing dateFeb 7, 1936
Priority dateFeb 7, 1936
Publication numberUS 2132471 A, US 2132471A, US-A-2132471, US2132471 A, US2132471A
InventorsWalter C Hoffman
Original AssigneeMurray Corp
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US 2132471 A
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OCL 11, 1938. w Q HOFFMAN 2,132,471

THRESHOLD Filed Feb. 7, 1936 INVENTOR Patented Oct. 11, 1938 UNITED STAT 2,132,411 'rnnEsnoLp Walter C. Hoffman,

Ferndale, Mich., assignor to Application February 7, 1936, Serial No. 62,731

4 Claims.

This invention relates to threshold constructions for automotive vehicles. More particularly, it relates to a novel form of threshold construction which provides a resilient covering not only 5 extending -over the entire surface of the running board, but `extending inwardly of the door opening to the interior of the body.

It is a general objectof the present invention to provide a threshold construction which is relatively simple, economical of manufacture, easy of installation and which, at the same time, effects an exceedingly tight and eflicient seal with respect to the doors with which it is associated.

Yet another objectA of the present invention 15 consists in the provision of a threshold construction in which the covering for the running board extends inwardly suiciently far to mate With the iioor ccvering of the interior of the body.

. Still further the present invention contem- 20 plates the provision of a vehicle body construction in which the running board is preformed to provide a vertically disposed .wall against which the doors of the vehicle mate rather than'providing a jamb face at the lower edge of the door opening.

The present invention further contemplates the provision of a novel running board construction in which the running board is formed of an integral metal stamping which extends upwardly and over the .side sill of the vehicle body and is secured interiorly of the body in substantially the plane of .the floor thereof.

Yetl another object of the present invention 's' consists in the provision of a novel threshold construction aiording a neat exterior appearance in vehicle bodies in which no running board is used.

Many other and further objects and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the following specification when considered ,in connection 4with the accompanying drawing forming a part thereof.

In the drawing:

Fig. 1 illustrates an automobile body of the type particularly adaptable for construction in accordance with the present invention.

Fig. 2 is 'an enlarged fragmentary view partly in section, illustrating the manner in which the improved running board construction mates with one of the side sills of the vehicle and the manner in which one of the vehicle doors mates with the running board.

Fig. 3 is a reverse fragmentary perspective view of the improved running board and sill construction adjacent the central pillar showing the man- Es PATENT oFFica ner in which the resilient covering material mates interiorly of the body adjacent the central pillar structure.

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary perspective View partly in section, illustrating 1n which the central pillar of the chassis and the man detail the manner in is secured to the sill ner in which the resilbody in which no running board is used.

In the specific form of the invention illustrated in the drawing, the structure shown comprises a sill formed of a member of outwardly presenting channel section IIJ which is reinforced by a substantially which may be .secured to ,vertically disposed face plate II the channel member I by welding or other suitable means, such as are conventional in the serves to support one side tending floor I2 which, as art, may be formed of art. The sill member I0 of a horizontally exis conventional in the metal or other suitable similar material, and which serves to constitute a floor for the interior of The improved running the vehicle.

board construction comprises a sheet metal member I5 which is preferably beaded or rolled over in its outer marginal edge at I6 to provide a strength. This member horizontally inward structure of increased I5 preferably extends toward the vehicle to provide a suitable at running board surface and is inner marginal edge of then bent upwardly and then inwardly over the mating flanges of the members I0 the member and II. The I5 is then bent downwardly and horizontally 'in substantially the plane of the floor I2 to provide a securing ange I1I which may be fastened to the upper surface ofthe sill member suitable bolts I8.

I0 by means of In vehicles which have two doors on a side, it

is essential that a pillar these two door `openings erably supported at its member I0.

In order to provide a st ing for the lower end of be disposed between and this pillar i/sfpreflower end upon the sill rong, effective mountthe pillar structure, a

substantially channel-shaped boss or bracket 20 is flanged at 2| through these flanges the sill structure.

in its marginal edges and secured 2l to the face plate II of This bracket 20 provides a boss over which the lower end of a channel shaped pillar 22 ts and t of the pillar may be `or other suitable means.

o which the lower end directly secured by welding The running board I5 is provided with suitable is provided with a suitable slot or aperture which closely iits the pillar 22 and permits the mounting of the running board in place after the pillar has been secured in position. It will be apparent from the above described construction that the bracket 20 terminates at its upper end substantially ush with the upper edge of the face plate Il and consequently the pillar structure extends through the vertically disposed portion of the running board structure rather than through the horizontally disposed portion thereof.

As is conventional in the art, the vehicle body doors 25 which serve to close the door openings and these doors are preferably provided at their lower marginal edges with a resilient sealing element 26 which serves to mate with the vertically extending surface of i the running board structure in order to provide an effective and tight closure of the door and dooropening at this point.

In order to protect the running board and threshold structure from abrasive wear and provide a neat and attractive appearance, I flnd it preferable to cover the entire running board member with a resilientcovering of rubber or similar suitable material 30 which may be vulcanized thereon, or otherwise suitably secured thereto. the entire upper surface of the running board structure'except the inwardly extending iiange I1, and it will therefore be seen that the resilient covering mates neatly with the lateral edge of a carpet 3| such as is conventionally used on the oor of the vehicle body. Adjacent the pillar structure interiorly of the vehicle, the resilient covering material is extended out substantially beyond the running board structure to provide mating aps 32 and 33 which serve to cover the space overv the bracket 20 internally of the pillar 22.

It will therefore be clear that the rubber covering material may be applied to the running board structure prior to the installation of the running board on the car andthe Jilaps 32 and 33 may This resilient covering preferably covers be bent back to allow the insertion of the running board into engagement with the sill structure and permit the passage of the pillar between the two aps. After the running board is installed, the flaps may be folded down into mating engagement to provide a neat structure interiorly of the vehicle body.

What is claimed is:

1., In a vehicle body construction having a door opening therein, a sill beneath said opening, a running board secured to the top of said sill and preformed to provide a threshold for said door opening, and a resilient covering for said running board also extending through said door opening and covering said threshold.

2. In a vehicle body construction having a pair of door openings in the side thereof, a sill beneath said door openings, a pillar extending upwardly from said sill between said door openings, a running board having projecting portions extending through said doorway openings and secured to said sill, said projections being preformed to provide thresholds for said doorway openings and being covered with resilient material.

3.. A vehicle body having a door opening therein, a door for said opening, a sill at the lower side of said opening and a running board extending inwardly over the upper side of said sill and secured thereto, the lower marginal edge of said door being adapted to engage said running board when the door is in closed position. v

4. In a vehicle body having a door opening therein, a door for said opening, a sill at the lower side of said opening, a running board having its inner marginal portion extending over said sill and secured to the upper side thereof, said running 4board being oiset downwardly adjacent said sill and projecting horizontally outwardly from said downward oilset, the lower marginal edge of said door being adapted to engage the offset portion of said running board when the door is in closed position,


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