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Publication numberUS2132556 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1938
Filing dateSep 15, 1937
Priority dateSep 15, 1937
Publication numberUS 2132556 A, US 2132556A, US-A-2132556, US2132556 A, US2132556A
InventorsIna Blackshaw Jessie
Original AssigneeIna Blackshaw Jessie
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Safety harness for a child
US 2132556 A
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Oct. 11, 1938. J, BLACKSHAW 2,132,556

SAFETY HARNESS FOR A CHILD Filed Sept. 15, 1937 Patented Oct. 11, 1938 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1 Claim.

My invention relates to safety harness for a child.

The object of my invention is to provide a strong and economical construction of safety harness, which is designed so as to be worn by the child during the day-time and the night time without discomfort. The harness is equipped with means whereby when being worn by the child it may be quickly anchored to a fixed post, such as a member of the frame of a chair back or cot, the means of connections employed being such as to permit freedom of movement within limits which does not burden the child whilst at the same time ensure security of harnessing to the chair, cot or the like.

The invention accordingly provides safety harne'ss comprising a belt, a pair of brace straps engaging the belt at back and front, bands adapted to encircle fixed anchorages, and coupling devices for connecting the belt and bands together with freedom of turning movement for the child.

The'brace straps may have a series of loops for height adjustment in relation to the belt so that the harness may be alteredto fit the growing child. The girth of the belt may be also readily adjusted by reason of the buckle employed for fastening same.

The coupling devices employed include swivelspring hooks for quick attachment to and detachment from the bands, and frame members slidable along the belt, each frame member being preferably of metal and carrying a freely revoluble tube which encases one long side of the frame to give free-running movement along the belt.

5 Figure 1 of the accompanying drawing shows the preferred form of harness which consists of a buckled belt I to which a pair of brace straps 2 are attached by means of their looped ends 3, 4. The front ends- 4 of the straps 2 are provided with a number of adjoining loops to allow of height adjustment in relation to the belt I, the back ends 3 of the two straps 2 being secured together by a cross piece 5. Slidably 5 mounted on the belt I are a pair of metal frames 6, one long side of each of which is encased in a freely revoluble tube I which rotates as the frame 6 is slid along the belt I and thus minimizes wear thereof. To the eyes 8 provided on the frames 6 10 are linked swivel spring hooks 9 which are adapted to engage bands l0 which are passed around fixed posts (such as chair back or cot frame members) which serves as anchorages. Bands H) for use on chair backs may be of a different length 15 from those used on cots. The belt I, straps 2 with cross-piece 5 and bands In may be made of strong canvas webbing or of leather or other suitable materials.

Figure 2 shows a modification in which the 20 metal frames 6 are replaced by loops of canvas H from which rings l2 (equivalent to the frame eyes 8) are suspended.

I claim:-

A childs safety harness comprising a belt, a 25 pair of shoulder straps connected at their rear ends with said belt at the back thereof, said shoulder straps, at their front ends, being doubled upon themselves and having their doubled portions permanently fastened together at spaced 30 intervals to provide a series of loops to selectively have the front portion of the belt passed therethrough, thereby to vary the effective lengths of said straps, and coupling straps slidably connected with opposite side portions of said belt. v


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