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Publication numberUS2133411 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 18, 1938
Filing dateFeb 27, 1934
Priority dateFeb 27, 1934
Publication numberUS 2133411 A, US 2133411A, US-A-2133411, US2133411 A, US2133411A
InventorsZohe Ludwig Alvine
Original AssigneeZohe Ludwig Alvine
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Baby nurser
US 2133411 A
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L. A. ZOHE ABY NURSER Original Fi led Feb. 27, 1954 2 Sheets-Sheet ATTORNEYS.

J m:fl

vl/ I 1 L. A. ZOHE BABY NURSER Oct. 18, 1938.

2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Original Filed Feb. 2'7, 1934 INVENTOR.

ATTORNEYS 55 to the accompanying drawings in which like is opened by the collapsing of the nipple under Patented o r. 1s, 193s I 2,133,411


Applicatioii'February 27, 1934, Serial No. 713,141 Renewed February 9, 1937 2 Claims. (Cl. 128-252) This invention relates to baby nursers, and characters designate corresponding parts in all has for its object a nipple having an outlet which the views. I is normally closed and opened by the collapsing Figure 1 is a plan view of this baby nurser of the nipple, as when the baby bites the nipple, showing the nipple as embodying a breast por- 5 or in other words, a nipple which requires the tion.

baby to use its jaws to collapse the nipple in Figure 2 is alongitudinal, sectional view of the order to draw the liquid food out of the connipple and breast portion with a collapsible bag, tainer. the bag being shown as nearly filled with milk,

It further has for its object, a nipple with an or other food. outlet orifice which is normally closed but which Figure 3 is a view, similar to Figure l, of a 10 is opened by the collapsing action of the nipple nipple unprovided with the breast portion. in any radial direction the collapsing force is Figure 41s a view, similar to Figure 2, showing applied, a nurser without a breast portion, the. container It further has for its object, a nipple having being shown as empty and collapsed. such an orifice which consists of slits radiating Figure 5 is a cross sectional view on line 5-4, 15

from a common center in different directions, Figure 2. and at least three diilerent directions. Figure 6 is a longitudinal, sectional view of It further has for its object, a baby nurser a nurser including a nipple with a breast norincludingv a collapsible nipple having substantion, an outer solid container, and an inner tially a solid base portion and a collapsible liqcollapsible container.

uid food container, or bag, detachably mounted Figure! is a sectional view on line 1-1, Fig- 20 on the solid base portion to form an air tight ure 6. joint. Figure 8 is a fragmentary, sectional view, simi- It further has for its object, a nipple having lar to Figure 4, with a nipple unprovided with a normally closed outlet orifice opened by the a plug at its inlet end, or a check valve at its 25 collapsing action of the nipple, and means as, inlet end. for instance, a check valve at the inner end of Figure 9 is an end view looking down on the the nipplewhich permits the food to be drawn collapsible container. through the nipple by the sucking action of the l designates the nipple, and 2 the breast porbaby, or passed into the nipple by squeezing the tion, the nipple having a comparatively solid 30 collapsible container to feed babies that can not base 3 located within the breast portion 2. suck, because of an ailliction as a cleft palate, 4 is a collapsible container for liquid food,. hair lip etc., but which means prevents air from this being of collapsible, more or less, elastic mapassing from the nipple back into the container terial, as of pure or latex rubber and hence, is for the food, as when the baby collapses the capable of expanding and contracting at its upnipple by closing his jaws, and at the same time per open end over an annular shoulder 5 on the 35 blows or gulps air. base 3 of the nipple. As here shown, the con- It further has for its object, means carried by taint?! 4 s provided with a ring a 6 at s the nipple for preventing folding of the collapsiupper end. which acts S p band fashion o ble bag, or food container, to such an extent that tractthe Open end of the container around the 40 it closes t inlet of the nipp1e neck of the nipple, and over the shoulder 5.

The invention also has for its object, a nipple In order to facilitate the removal and replachavmg means for attaching a collapsible bag ing of the container on the nipple, the container thereto, and a breast portion, and also such a is provided at its upper end with flange or nipple with a breast portion having means for flanges here shown as tabs 45 h an it 35 g fi portion as open for the purpose of locating it. This er 0 5 w appear thmughout the orifice is shown as formed by radially extending Specification slits here shown as three in number intersectin The invention consists in the novel features in common center t 9 and extending i n:

and in the combinations and construct ons e ein diilerent directions, the slits here shown being inaiter set forth and claimed. in the general form of a Y. Owing to the forma- In describing this invention, reference is had tion of the orifice 8, it is normally closed, and

' the influence of the jaws of the baby, when nursing. Owing to the Y, or similar formation, it will open when collapsed regardless of in what radial direction the collapsing force is applied. That is, the orifice will open in any position the baby holds the nipple in its mouth.

Preferably, in order to prevent the passage of ,air from the nipple into the container, as when the baby is biting on the nipple and blows or gulps air, the nipple is provided with a check valve III near its entrance end. This is here shown as a flap valve composed of a thin piece of rubber mounted on the end of a plug II extending into the inner end of the nipple, and formed with a passage through which the milk, or food, flows.

In order to prevent folding of the collapsible container 4, to such an extent that it would lap over the entrance end of the nipple and hence prevent the outflow of food, stiffening means is provided, and that here shown is a comparatively rigid straight member I2 associated with the nipple, and here illustrated as projecting from the plug II. The plug II, with the stiffening strip I2, is here shown as a tube split at I3 and having a lengthwise portion, or half, removed below the plug.

In Figures 3 and 4, the nipple is shown as unprovided with the breast portion, and in Figure 8 the nipple is shown as unprovided with a check valve I0, and also unprovided with the plug II. The nipple, shown in Figure 8, is, with the exception of the outlet orifice, the usual nipple, but in addition is provided with acomparatively stifi base portion or annular flange 5.

In Figure 6, the nipple, with a collapsible container or bag, is shown as housed in an outer stiff shield, or container I6, this being usually a glass bottle, and the breast portion 20, of the nipple I00, is provided with means for interlocking with the upper open end of the bottle I6, and with a suction means for engaging the periphery of the bottle, and as here shown, the bead 40, corresponding to the bead I4 (Figure 2), is provided with an internal groove 4I facing the periphery of the bottle and preferable, this groove is divided up into arcuate sections by partitions I1, here shown as four in number, the edges of the partitions pressing against the bottle. The bottle I6 is provided with an external annular flange I8 at its open end, under which the bead 40 hooks. The groove or sections 4I are for a suction cup which causes the breast portion to adhere to the glass bottle.

The breast portion is provided with a suitable ventilating hole III to permit the air to enterthe outer container for the purpose of collapsing the inner container 4 as the food feeds outwardly therefrom, so that the food is subject to the outer atmospheric pressure through the collapsible bag,

and is not contaminated by coming in contact with the air of the .room.

In operation, the container 4 is filled, or partly filled, with milk, or other liquidfood, and the nipple I coupled in air tight relation thereto by reason of the contractile upper open end of the bag over the shoulder I of the margin. If partially filled, air in the collapsible container is first expelled by the nurse squeezing the collapsible bag until the air is exhausted. In nursing, the baby must bite the nipple to open the orifice I and suck the food out through the nipple, and as before stated, if the baby gulps wind while holding the nipple collapsed, air can not pass back from the nipple into the container 4 so that at no time is there any appreciable amount of air in the container, and the container collapses as the food is drawn therefrom. The baby can be nursed, or assisted in nursing, by squeezing the collapsible bag. Also, because of the collapsible bag, or container, the baby may manipulate the collapsible container in much the same manner that a baby manipulates the mothers breast in natural nursing. When the container is used without an outer container or bottle I6, the stiffening member I2 holds the collapsible sack from bending to such an extent as to close the inlet end of the nipple.

What I claim is:

l. A baby nurser comprising a nipple having an inlet at its inner end and an outlet at its outer end, and an automatically collapsible container, the nipple having a plug portion extending into and snugly fitting the mouth of the container, whereby the container is attached to the plug portion, and the plug portion extends partly into the container, and a projection attached to the nipple and extending therefrom lengthwise of the container within the same for preventing the container from folding over the inlet of the nipple.

2. A baby nurser comprising anipple having an inlet at its inner end and an outlet at its outer end, and an automatically collapsible container, the nipple having a plug portion extending into and snugly fitting the mouth of the container, whereby the container is attached to the plug portion, and the plug portion extends partly into the container, and a projection attached to the nipple and extending therefrom lengthwise of the container within the same for preventing the container from folding over the inlet of the nipple,

said projection comprising a tubular portion ex tending into the inner end of the nipple, the passage of the tubular portion forming the inlet for the nipple.


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