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Publication numberUS2134425 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 25, 1938
Filing dateJan 25, 1938
Priority dateJan 25, 1938
Publication numberUS 2134425 A, US 2134425A, US-A-2134425, US2134425 A, US2134425A
InventorsWest Maud E
Original AssigneeWest Maud E
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Sleeve pocket structure
US 2134425 A
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Oct. 25, 1938. M. E. WEST 2,134,425

SLEEVE POCKET STRUCTURE Filed Jan. 25, 1938 In vsnzm; W

Patented Oct. 25, 1938 UNITED STATES PATENT v OFFICE 2 Claims.

My invention relates to improvements in sleeve pocket structures as applied to a sleeve of an outer garment or overcoat or the like or to a sports garment of approved form and in which a 5 pocket structure has been incorporated and the object ofmy improvement is to produce a sleeve pocket structure in which the pocket is projected inwardly into the interior of the sleeve structure with the opening or mouth provided with a 010- 10 sure in the form of a slide fastener structure, said pocket structure being susceptible of changes in detail to conform to selected specific uses among whichmay be mentioned for containing pocket money or change, for cigarettes in packages, matches, and also for use as a tobacco pouch, the materials for the walls of the pocket structure being selected such as being suitable for the particular use, such as sateen or other fabric or leather. i

In the accompanying drawing:-

Figure 1 is a side elevation showing part of a sleeve of an overcoat embodying my invention, the sleeve being provided with a cuff that may substantially cover the slide member of the slide fastener structure when in the closing position.

Fig. 2 is a sectional view on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1 on an enlarged scale, the material of the pocket wall structure therein being fabric.

My improved sleeve pocket structure is in the form of the combination of a sleeve of an outer garment, a pocket incorporated therein, and a slide fastener structure as a closure for the opening or mouth of the pocket structure.

Such a pocket structure in use for containing cigarettes in packages if incorporated in a sports garment may be located for convenient use on the outside face of the sleeve-in a substantially exposed position.

More generally, however, a less conspicuous and exposed condition is preferred, such as shown herewith. v

The sleeve l represents a sleeve of an overcoat having a cuff I lat the bottom end.

The pocket l2 therein may be so located that slide fastener structure I4 is substantially covered and enclosed by. the material of the cufi, thus being easily accessible notwithstanding being generally hidden. Also, it is less likely to 50 catch or be cause for annoyance under usual conditions of use.

in the closed condition the slide member l3 of the It will be noted that the slide fastener is located along the seam E5 of the sleeve. The fastener structure generally replaces the seam to the extent thereof. That is to say, the seam is interrupted to correspond with the extent of the 5 mouth of the pocket ,l2 and is 'operatively replaced by the slide fastener structure. Thus the individual elements or members I6 or units are the only features that differ from the usual exposed face of the sleeve when-in closed condition. 10

An upward pull on the slide effects opening and a reverse movement effects closing.

I claim as my invention:-

1. A sleeve pocket structure comprising; in combination, a sleeve of an outer garment, a pocket structure incorporated in said sleeve and provided with a mouth that is exposed and acces-. sible from the outside, and means for closing said mouth in the form of a slide fastener structure, said sleeve having a seam the stitches of which serve to secure together opposed edges of the garment fabric, said pocket being projected inwardly within the interior of the sleeve structure, said mouth being located in alignment with said seam and with the seam interrupted to the same 5 extent substantially as the length of said mouth; and said slide fastener structure serving under. closed condition to effect operatively such securing together of the mouth edges.

2. A sleeve pocket structure comprising a sleeve, a pocket structure incorporated in said sleeve and provided with a mouth, a slide fastener structure serving as means for closing and opening said month, said sleeve having a seam, and said mouth being located in alignment with said seam and with the seam interrupted to the same extent substantially as the length of said mouth, said sleeve being provided with a cuff that projects upwardly from the free end edge, said slide fastener structure being provided with a slide member for effecting the closure and opening of the mouth by longitudinal movement along the slide fastener structure, and the parts being constructed and arranged so that such movement for effecting closure is toward said cuff and terminates under the cuff so that said slide is substantially covered by material of the cuff with the pocket mouth in the closed condition.


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U.S. Classification2/125, 2/247
International ClassificationA41D27/20
Cooperative ClassificationA41D27/20
European ClassificationA41D27/20