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Publication numberUS2134451 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 25, 1938
Filing dateMay 28, 1935
Priority dateMay 28, 1935
Publication numberUS 2134451 A, US 2134451A, US-A-2134451, US2134451 A, US2134451A
InventorsNorman Mogren
Original AssigneeNorman Mogren
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Exercising device
US 2134451 A
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Oct. 25, 1938. MQGREN 2,134,451

EXERC I S ING DEVICE Filed May 28. 1935 .offthe usersbody, orby providing [a handle i tendency to develop theparticular muscles used Patented Oct. 25, 1938 EXERCISING DEVICE Norman Mogren, St Application" May 28, 19 5, j Serial nopzasqz l 2 Claims. (or. 272557) This invention-relates broadly to exercising devices of that type in which means, such as a weight or a spring, is employed to yieldingly resist a manual pull.

Many exercising devices ofthe above type have been proposed wherein a flexible member passes over a pulley, andwherein amanual pull upon this flexible member is yieldingly resisted by a weight or spring. However, such prior devices of this character have been invariably employed by directly exerting a pullupon the flexible member, either through direct attachment of the flexible member to'thefeet, hands, or other parts directly on one end; oftheflexible member. to be a pe by jthe useri" devices or this, type having invariably been such that the me bert'o be manually pulled isada'pted to be directly engaged by orattached to some part ;of the users1bcdy: This, of course,had a inpulling. Howeven'when engaging inwork of a particular Iliindpr in a particular sport, it is often necessary to manually move. and usea particular object ina particular "way by the use of certain muscles in a' certain way, and the use of prior exercisers of the above-mentioned type y will not serve to develop the certain muscles for i use in the particular way required when using these particular objects in the kinds of work and sport mentioned.

The primary object of the present invention,

therefore, is to provide an 1mproved form of exercising device of the pull type, whereby a 35 particular muscle, used in a particular way by movement and use of a particular. object in a certain kind of work or sport, may be developed with certainty. In carrying out this object, I provide an object adapted to be manually moved and used in a certain way when engaging in a particular kind of work or sport, and means attached to such object for yieldingly resisting the movement of such object when manually moved and used in that particular way.

The exact objects and nature of the invention will become more clearly apparent from the following description when considered in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 illustrates an embodiment of the present invention for use in developing the muscles required to swing a baseball bat in the manner in which said bat is used in playing the game of baseball.

Figure 2 is a view somewhat similar to Figure 1, showing an embodiment of the invention for In fact, priorexercising baseball bat being resisted by fragmentary detail view illustrat- Figure' flats a transverse section on lined-4 oi Referring'more ingdetail to the drawing, the embodiment of the invention illustratedin gillc 1 consists ofa rope or other suitable flexible member 5 passing over a, pulley 6 attached to a suitablestationary support The flexible member 5 passes downwardly from pulley 6 and ar oundthe pulley of a pulleyblock 6b,and then extends upwardly and is attached at, One end to the mountof pulley 6 as at Go. 'Aweight 8 is suspe edf l y bl b oi flexible member 5 is attached as at 9 to the impact-receiving end of a baseball bat ll] con- S t ns. he. Ob e t a nt d e nu l movedand used in a particular. way by the use of j certain muscles in the eas cis 'rf f e 1..v e us i l grasp a swing the bat in the same manner that the same a is ordinarily swung when engaging in the sport or game of baseball, such particular swinging of the the pull exerted upon flexible member 5 by weight 8. In this way, the particularmuscles necessary to swing a baseball bat in the particular way required in playing baseball will be definitely or surely developed.

V In Figure 2, the invention is shown as adapted for developing the muscles used in a particular way in manually moving and using a tennis racket while engaged in playing the game of tennis. For this purpose, a tennis racket Illa is substituted for the baseball bat and constitutes the object used in a particular way by the use of certain muscles in a certain way. In this in:-

stance, a flexible member 5a passes around the pulley of a pulley block suspended therefrom, one portion of said flexible member passing upwardly from this pulley block and having one end attached at 66 to the mount of a pulley 6a secured to a suitable stationary and the otherjend a certain way. 'In using 6d which has a weight 8a is normally held when used. This permits free action of the bat or like object and enables the user to wield such object in about the same manner that it is ordinarily wielded in engaging in the regular sport or work. The pulley block 6b or Ed is used as indicated so that the object H] or Illa may be moved a given distance, with the weight 8 or 8:1 moving a much lesser distance so as to not strike the mount of pulley 6 or Get or the floor.

In using an exercising device of the present type, it is desirable to vary the resistance, of-

fered by the weight or its equivalent, to manual movement of the object grasped by the user, such as the baseball bat l and the tennis racket Ina. For this purpose, the point of attachment of flexible member to the object may be varied either closer to or farther from the point at which the object is grasped. The screw 9 in Figure 1 may be removed and inserted at a. difierent place for this purpose, and likewise with respect to the detachable attaching loop 9a. in the form of Figure 2. However, in the case of an exerciser employing a baseball bat, more convenient and quick adjustment may be had by attaching the flexible member 5 to a clamping band II releasably clamped upon the impact-receiving end of the baseball bat H] as shown in Figures 3 and 4. by simply loosening the clamping screw l2 of the band II, it may be adjusted to a desired point longitudinally of the bat and then tightened again.

Another means of -varying the resistance to a pull upon the flexible member. or to movement of the object attached thereto, may consist in varying the weight 8 or 8a. Accordingly, this weight may consist of a canvas bag, as shown, partly filled with sand or other suitable material whose amount can be increased or decreased as desired.

While I have merely shown two distinct embodiments of the present invention, both employing objects used in a particular way when engaging in a sporting game, it will of course be understood that the invention is equally applicable for use in'connection with objects used in other sportsand in connection with many obin a certain way, a

jects used in performing various kinds of work. Also, the member to be pulled and attached to the object used in sport or work may have the pull thereon resisted by other means than that disclosed and which will suggest themselves to persons skilled in the art. Obviously, a difierent way of using weights may be employed for this purpose, or springs may be employed instead of weights in accordance with a broadly old and well known practice.

What I claim as new is:

1. An exercising device comprising, in combination, a regulation bat capable of movement in all directions having a handle and adapted to be grasped in the hand and manually wielded in a particular way by the use of certain muscles in a certain way, a member attached to and adapted to be pulled by said bat when so moved and used, and means attached to said member for yieldingly resisting pulls thereon through use of said bat in such way, whereby definite development of said muscles used in said way is had.

2. An exercising device comprising, in combination, a regulation bat capable of movement in all directions having a handle and adapted to be grasped in the hand and manually wielded in a particular way by the use of certain muscles member attached to and adapted to be pulled by'said bat when so moved and'used, means attached to said member for yieldingly resisting pulls, thereon through use of said bat in such way, whereby definite development of said muscles used in said way is had, said member. consisting of a rope or like flexible element having said bat attached to one end thereof, and having its other end attached to a stationary support, said yieldable means comprising .a pulley block having said flexible member passed under and around the pulley thereof and a weight attached to said pulley block, and a pulley having means to mount the same upon a stationary support and over which said flexible member passes from the bat to the pulley block.


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