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Publication numberUS2135252 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 1, 1938
Filing dateNov 6, 1935
Priority dateNov 6, 1935
Publication numberUS 2135252 A, US 2135252A, US-A-2135252, US2135252 A, US2135252A
InventorsRay Grover
Original AssigneeRay Grover
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Furnace blower mounting
US 2135252 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Nov. 1, 1938. GROVER I FURNACE BLOWER MOUNTING Filed Nov. 6, 1935 ATTORNEYS Patented Nov. 1, 1938 PATENT OFFICE 2,135,252 FURNACE BLOWER MOUNTING Ray Grover, Milwaukee, Wis.

Application November 1 Claim.

My invention relates to improvements in furnace blowers.

The object of my invention is to provide improvements in means for inducing forced draft in furnaces, particularly with reference to the configuration of the blower housing or outlet portion thereof, whereby to diffuse'and break up directional air currents and to so shape said housing as to provide a mounting bracket universally adaptable to various shapes and contours of furnace ash pit doors.

In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a perspective of my blower and housing installed upon the ash pit door of a domestic furnace.

Fig. 2 is a horizontal section through my blower housing and through an ash pit door such as the one shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a section on line 33 of Fig. 2.

Like parts are designated by the same reference characters throughout the several views.

Application of forced draft beneath and into fires in furnaces is well known as a desirable means for controlling and assisting the combustion of fuels in such furnaces. However, the application of a blower and its housing including a delivery port for passage of air into the space below the grates of a furnace involves certain problems of installation and directional applica- 30 tion of the currents of air from the blower which it is a purpose of my invention to solve.

In order to facilitate the installation of a blower mechanism in conjunction with the ordinary domestic furnace, I construct my blower housing 35 for ready attachment upon the ash pit door I 0 of such a furnace H so that the entire blower mechanism and air delivery conduit may swing with the door it and thus permit removal of the ashes through the door. This simplifies the in- 40 stallation since no cutting of the frame l2 of the door or cutting of any other metal of the furnace structure is necessary.

My blower mechanism includes certain major structural elements which I shall refer to herein as the blower housing 13, impeller l4 mounted on the shaft 55 of a motor l8 and an air outlet conduit ii. The air outlet I1 in its general configuration and with its associated mounting bracket parts comprises the most important structural element involved in my invention.

It will be noted that in the vertical dimension of the conduit i! there is only slight progressive restriction from the blower housing l3 to the end of the conduit at l8 where the air from the blower M is spilled into the space [9 under the 6, 1935, Serial No. 48,488

grates of the furnace H. However, the lateral dimensions of the conduit I1 progressively increase from the blower housing l3 to the end I8 thereof. The divergence of the side walls 2|] and 21 is proportionally, as shown in Fig. 2 of the drawing, designed to diifuse the air currents passing from the housing l3.

Any marked deviation from the proportion shown in Figure 2 results in the formation of directional currents of air tending to concentrate the draft at particular points under the grates of the furnace with the result that fuel is completely consumed at such points and reduced to cold ashes while the remainder of the fuel remains in a state of slow combustion, thereby causing inefficient heating and cold spots in the radiating portion of the furnace above the fuel.

As will be noted in the drawing, I install my blower and air delivery conduit in the draft opening 22. In ash door H) such opening 22 is usually closed by a draft door (not shown) and since the openings 22 may be of various sizes and configurations, I have provided universally adaptable means for mounting my blower mechanism in such an opening. Such means includes an inner brace 23 comprising preferably a tubular member receivable through apertures at 24 and 25 in the upper and lower central portions respectively adjacent the outlet end I8 of the conduit IT.

A mask 21 of suitable sheet material such as asbestos or sheet metal is cut to receive the outlet end l8 of the conduit and to extend laterally and vertically to close the entire opening 22. mask 2! is held in position by the inner brace 23 as shown in Fig. 3.

Exteriorly of the door In I provide exterior braces 28 and 29 at either side of the conduit l1. These exterior braces likewise span the opening 22 and are adjustably drawn into position abutting the margins of the opening 22 by means of bolts 30 and 3| extending through bosses in the interior of the side margins of the side walls 20 and 2| and through said exterior braces 28 and 29. Nuts 32 upon the ends of the bolts 30 and 3|, when drawn tightly against the exterior braces, bring the interior brace 23 in pressure relationship to the interior face of the door I0, thus positively clamping my entire blower mechanism upon the door [0 despite irregular or generally curved configuration of the door ID or the margins of the draft door opening 22.

At 35 I provide an air inlet collar including a spider 36 to support a threaded shaft 31 forming The part of a plate 38 which is adjustable'with reference to the spider 36 upon the threads of threaded shaft 31 to limit" admission of air to the housing l3 as required by the particular weather or furnace fire conditions. A handle 39 facilitates the manual adjustment of the erate setting up of eddy currents has been prosaid side braces being adjustably connected with V V vided, whereby to prevent my blower from blowing'holes in a bed of Iuel and at thesame time by reason of the lateral dimensions of the outlet end l8 of my conduit I1 I am enabledto provide a particularly substantial and universally adaptable means for mounting my entire mechanism upon any furnace ash door.

I claim:

into and be supported by the margins of an opening in a plate, said conduit being apertured vertically and centrally, of a brace extended through, said aperture to spanthe opening and 10 abut one face of the plate',rand side braces at each side of the tapered conduit, and of suflicient length to abut the other face of the plate,

said conduit toclampingly engage said conduit

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