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Publication numberUS2138365 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 29, 1938
Filing dateDec 23, 1937
Priority dateDec 23, 1937
Publication numberUS 2138365 A, US 2138365A, US-A-2138365, US2138365 A, US2138365A
InventorsWilson Albert A
Original AssigneeWilson Albert A
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Culotte garment
US 2138365 A
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' Nov. 29, 1938. A. A. WILSON CULOTTE' GARMENT Filed D60. 25, 1937 D Kv iali INVENTOR AZM/LMYsa/Z.

v I ATTORNEY netted Nov. 29, 1938 I 2,138,365

UNITED? STATES BATE I l i 2,138,365 a r AlbcrtA Wilson,Ne iyo k 'fi J Applicatioh i mb r fl, Serial filo, l st I i 7 F 2 Claims. (C1 .2 7 I v f This invention relates 'to newand'usefulim; Fig, sisa horizon al sectional w a nii I provements in a culotte garment; i the line-4+1 or Fig.3, i

' The invention contemplates: characterizing iS ZQnt8-l sectionahvleiv' taken on the culotte dress by the fact that it hasia skirt ne., fle; 3. j j r j 5 portion and a waist-portion and that it is-of one Fig, 6, is .a vertical sectional view talseri onthe 5 piece or two piececonstructiom 1 1 e line,6 -ijof Fig. 4. 1 f The invention has for a further object; the con- -F 8 P r pective View Ofthe skirt shown struction oi a culotte dress which is character,- i o 3 u l 'tr w h' e ap i ized by a skirt portionconstructed in a-particular 3 e e va on V f Skin;

10 manner. r, i I portion of; a culotte dress constructediaccord- 10 The invention proposes to provide a skirt porm8 o a ie m nt of in -"f tion with a tubular body'having a crotchfand a n, g- 1, m ejculotte d esserhbod'y'ine pair of leg portions, andan opening extending th n gn q lust ated! This culottefd'r es's from the crotch to the top thereof; andan' arh W t,Db 1 t on 0 anda skirt' 'portion -"ii. rangement for'securing the leg portions together e skirt pbi'filonh'as a'tubular body ii a crotch andfor closing the saidopenings i r P al g f. "t 0ns. l'f Anjbpeninl; I'Zfexily, he invention proposes the protends along 'thef'ro'ritof thedress 'fromth crotch vision of cooperative fasteners extending along p t n {"1 s ed d, h skirt P t adjacent portions 'of the leg portions and conl a fl t t and neqtsfwitha p n tinuing along the-sides'or said opening. J l at the frohtof theweiseporti muss-of 20 Another e fthe objects of this invention is yqbperatlve fasteners'ifl3? and l3 "extencl* si n' to use a slide controlled hook fastener as-the-co- {adj c DOftiOIlS Of th' -P 1 n i tinue along the sides of theiront openings H -and operative fastening means; 'Still further it is proposed-to-arrangetheslide 3.5 4 a of thefastener in a mannefso that when iituis h ow s p'olit on 'fi s secured-t0. the top of 25 at the bottom oithe oulotteaiesstheieg portions :t sk r nc on; The iunctlonisprovided are held together and the said openingis closed. lth ;a;i be1t Th pa t m la d e s nf 'oif'the It'is proposed to so arrange the parts that the 91 IQ SPQPQ F f the hventiofriandis control slide may'be' mov'ed upwards to-the crotch i 7 i tr p o qn1x-., sa1so t ue i It is further proposed that'the slide be movable mp theJea e pg ely'a atter of fie 1 f from'the crotch portionto the top of the culotte n; i

v dress to open said opening. a i

, The oo peretiv ias ene-r'sjiai ti l'aoonipnse Still further the lnventioncproposea the proi ens see qh b s of th',-Z PPB W 85 vision of means in the vicinity of-the crotch por- ,Th etsne a e co r led. b d 3- tion of the culotteidress: to; normally limit. the 1? P5 fr 8 h .Wh 5 m upward motion of the control slide to the crotch 1% 'Fh ..b tw n o lll li st a area, only ,teners, connect with each otherr The control For further comprehension of the invention, h e Q V l P T W he crown 40 and of the objects and advantages thereof, reiarea the-188 1 ?m, ea erence will be had to the followingdescrlption other- The dress may now be worn m thls and accompanying drawing and to the appended dition. The control slide [3 may be moved claims in which the various novel features of the further upwards to the upper end of the open invention are more particularly set forth. ay the from of the skirt the from 46 -o e wa s In the accompanying drawing forming A pair of straps I'O are secured at one oftheir teflal i of this diSc10S.ure' ends to the opposite sides otthe material of the Fig. 1 1s a front elevational view of a one piece skirt along the opening '2 at crotch area b; culotte dress constructed according to this in- These straps '5 may be 'tied together so as to 50 Ventionprevent the control slide l3 from moving further 60 2 is a front, elevational View of a waist up than this particular point. These straps l6 port o o a two piece culotte dress constructed therefore limit upward motion r the control accordi g to this invention. slide l3to a position in'which the leg portions Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the skirt porare disconnected. The straps l6 prevent further 66 tion for the waist portion shown in Fig. 2. upward accidental motion of the slide which would open the front of the dress. 'I'h control slide l3 has a handle portion l3 formed with an opening I1. One of the straps i6 may be slipped through this opening ll before the straps are tied together. This securely holds the slide control. It is then necessary that the straps t8 be untied before it'is possible to move the slide control upwards or downwards.

In Figs. 27 inclusive, another embodiment of the invention has been disclosed In; these flg-' ures the culotte dress comprises a walstportion l0 and a skirt portion II. The waist portion I0 is formed separate from the skirt portion and has a crotch anchorage element l8 to hold hit down. This anchorage element comprises merely reduced portions from the front and back adapted to be releasably secured together with a button and button hole construction IS. The skirt ll" is adapted to be worn over the lower endof the waist portion Ill. 1 s v The skirt portion I I hasa waistband 14 along its top edge which is releasably secured closed by a button and button hole construction 20. The skirt II is formed with a tubular top body II, a crotch portion H", and a pair of leg' portions I IQ. An opening 12 extends from the crotch portion to the topof the skirt. Lines of cooperative fasteners l3, I3 are'extendedalong adjacent portions of the leg portions H9 and along the sides of the opening l2. In Fig. 8, the skirt is shown in the open position. In this view the crotch portion II is readily seen. In Fig. 6, the crotch portion -l I is also clearly illustrated. In other respects this form of the'invention is similar to the previous form andisimilar'parts may be identified by corresponding reference numerals. V V

In Fig.8, another embodiment of the 'inven,- tion has been disclosed in which a skirt H" is shown provided with a tubular body I l"., a crotch portion II, and leg portions l I". This view is a rear view of the skirt. This skirt hjas'an opening 12" extended from the top of the crotch portion H". to the top of the skirt. Aline of cooperative fasteners lieand l3 are extended along adjacent back portions of the legportions I I and continue along the sides of the o ning I!" to'the top fof the skirt. 'The'se cooperative fasteners- 'are controlled with a control 'slide' "151. At the crotch area there are; straps I 6 attached along; opposite sides of the opening I2"; These'straps l6 are shown tied together in a bow to prevent pulling .up of the control slide I39 above this point. The

control slide is also formed ;with an opening i1 through which one of the straps It maybe slipped for tying the' slide in'this positionfwhen desired. In other respectsthis form: of tlre invention is similar tothe previous forms and-similar parts maybe identified by corresponding reference numerals.

It is to be understood that this garment may be of any desired style and size worn by women and children. It may be formed into a bathing suit, lounging pajama and the like.

While I have illustrated and described the preferred embodiments of my invention, it is to be understood that I do not limit myself to the precise constructions herein disclosed and the right is reserved to all changes and modifications coming within the scope of the. invention as defined in theappended claims. H J

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent is:

1. In aculotte garment, a tubular body having acrotch-and a pair of leg portions and an opening extending from the crotch to the top thereof,

cooperative slide fasteners extending along portions of said leg portions andcontinuing along the sides of said opening, a control slide for said slide fasteners and movable downwards to close said slide fasteners,'and means at the junction of said legportion and said crotch for limiting upward movement of said control slide forholding said opening closed with said leg portion free from each other, comprising a strap attached to each side of said opening at said junction and said straps being extendible across said slide fasteners and engageable with each other for, arresting upward movement of said control slide and so prevent said openingfrorn being accidentally opened.

2. In a culotte garment, a tubular body having a crotch and a pair of'leg portions and an opening extending from the crotch to the top thereof, cooperative slide fasteners extending along portions of said legportions and continuing along the sides of said opening. a control slide for said slide fasteners andmovable downwards to close said slidefasteners, and. means-at the junction of said leg portion and said crotch for limiting upward movement ofsaid control slide for holding said opening closed withsaid leg portion free from each other, comprising a strapattached to each side .of said openingat said junction and said straps beingextendible across said slideiastenersand engageablewith each other for arrestan openingfthrough which one of said straps may be passed before said'straps are engaged'for also limiting downward movement of said control slide, whereby said control slide may be limited against vertical movement ineither directionfor preventing said opening from-being accidentally opened 1 and said leg portion from being accidentally closed.


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