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Publication numberUS2138596 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 29, 1938
Filing dateMay 12, 1938
Priority dateMay 12, 1938
Publication numberUS 2138596 A, US 2138596A, US-A-2138596, US2138596 A, US2138596A
InventorsKarl Fassnacht
Original AssigneeSpeidel Corp
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Jewelry structure
US 2138596 A
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Nev. 29, 1938. K. FASSNACHT JEWELRY STRUCTURE Filed May 12, 1938 Ja /W;

INVENTOR Patented Nov. 29, 1938 Y a UNITED STATES PATENT -wFFiE JEWELRY STRUCTURE Karl Fassnacht, C'ranston, It. 1., assignor to Speidel Corporation, Providence, R. 1., a corporation of Rhode Island Application May 12, 1938, Serial No. 207,479

Claims. (01. 6323) This invention relates to a jewelry structure, desired character to provide an ornamental chain such as a bracelet or the like, including an o-rnastructure. The bracelet chain, I is provided at mental device adapted for use as a charm or one end with an open link or loop member 2, to jewelry ornament, which may be suspended from whichmay be secured a latch link 3 of suitable 5 a chain, pin or bracelet and serve as an auxiliary character carried by the opposite end of the to a chain or bracelet structure. bracelet chain.

One object of the invention is the provision of A plurality of ornamental devices 5 may be a jewelry structure of this character comprising supported from and carried by the bracelet chain a plurality of ornamental devices and forming an 5 through attaching links 6 carried by or form- 10 ornamental bracelet structure. ing a part of the bracelet chain. These orna- A further object of the invention is the provimental devices or structures 5 may be of rectan- 10 sion of an ornamental device of this character gular shape and so formed as to simulate a cigaformed of separate parts, each capable of being rette package of any desired or well-known brand. readily constructed as separate elements and Each of the ornamental devices may also be pro- 5 which maybe easily assembled to provide a finvided with a cigarette simultating element or eleished article which is inexpensive to manufacmerits capable of and adapted to project from ture. one end of the ornament to give the appearance Another object of the invention is the proviof a partially open cigarette package from which sion of an ornament formed to simulate a cigaa portion of the contents are projected.

rette package, and which is made up of separately Each of the Ornamental devices 5 y 00111- 20 constructed elements capable of being readily aspr s a p ended tubular portion Which is in sembled and adapted to interfit with each other the form of a rectangular tube and Which y be to present the appearance of being of integral formed from any suitable or desired material, construction throughout. such as metal, and be capable of being plated Other objects and advantages of the invention with precious metal or embossed or ornamented relate to various improved details of construction to present the appearance of any desired form of 25 and novel arrangements of the parts as will be ciga p more fully set forth in the detailed description The tubular portion 8 is provided with a latto follow: eral opening 9 adjacent to one end to provide Referring to the drawing: means whereby the ornament 5 may be secured Fig. 1 is a plan view showing a portion of a to the chain I by means of the attaching link 6. 30 bracelet chain having one or more ornamental The tubular portion 8 may be shaped to comprise devices suspended therefrom, oppositely positioned relatively narrow side faces Fig. 2 is an enlarged perspective view of the ill, and oppositely positioned relatively wide side ornament showing the same in such position that ac I 0 100th of which Side faces H y a portion of the cigarette simulating element is be embossed, enameled or otherwise decorated to 35 partially projected, simulate the appearance of any desired form of Fig. 3 is an enlarged View of the ornament cig p showing one side thereof removed and illustrat- A frame member M which comprises a base I5,

ing the form and location of the elements housed an upr t end is located adjacent o e re ty within the tubular shell of the ornament, thereof and an upright end I! adjacent the other 40 Fig. 4 is a perspective iew of the internal extremity together With a side 18 substantially frame and cigarette simulating member showing parallel with the base I5, i Shaped t0 fit W i the same in slightly separated relation and in the open ended tubular portion 8 in such a mansubstantially their normal positions, removed her that the uprigh end 55 Will fit os y Within from the tubular outer frame portion of the ornaand form a substantially complete closure for one 45 ment, and, end of the tubular member 8, while the upright Fig. 5 is a detail sectional view through the end end i 1 fits Within and forms a partial end closure section it showing the shape of the end eXtenfor the opp end of the b a ember 8 sions 24, taken substantially along the line 5-5 of W e the Parts are in assembledposition- Fig.3. A cigarette simulating element 20 which may In the embodiment of the invention illustrated be of substantially rectangular form, is adapted herewith l designates a bracelet chain such as to be mounted on the side I8 of the frame memmay be formed of separate links suitably joined her I4 and is. provided with a lateral projection together and which may be of any suitable or 2| which fits slidably within a slot 22 formed in the side l8 to allow the cigarette simulating element 29 to slide to a limited extent longitudinally of the side I8 whereby its end portion may be projected outwardly to a limited extent through 2:; may be undercut to grip engaging portions of the end member i6 and hold the parts of the frame member l4 securely in position relative to each other when positioned within the hollow tubular member 8.

The framemember I4 is provided with spaced openings 26 and 21 formed in the base 15 and end portion i? which are separated by a bridge 28. is passed through the openings ZB and 21 and the opening 9 in the tubular member 8 to embrace the bridge 28, thereby holding the frame M from sliding movement relative to the tubular memher 8, so that the parts of the ornament are secured firmly against separation.

What I claim is:

1. An ornamental charm for bracelets or the like in simulation of a cigarette package comprising, a rectangular tubular member, a frame slidably mounted within said tubular member and having a portion serving asa closure for one end of said tubular member, and a cigarette simulating element mounted in said tubular member and supported by said frame.

2. An ornamental charm for bracelets or the like in simulation of a cigarette package comprising, a rectangular tubular member, a frame fitting within said tubular member and having opposed end portions serving as ends for said When the paris are assembled the ring iiv tubular member, a cigarette simulating element movably mounted in said tubular member, and means located Within said tubular member limiting the degree of movement of said element.

3. An ornamental charm for bracelets or the like shaped to simulate a cigarette package comprising, a rectangular tubular member, a frame member mounted within said tubular member andhaving oposed end portions fitting between the end edges of said tubular member to form a substantially complete and partial closure respectively for the ends of said tubular member, a cigarette simulating element mounted in said tubular member and having a portion movable into position outwardly thereof through the partially closed end of said tubular member.

l. In an ornamental charm, a rectangular tubular casing member having open ends, a frame member telescopingly mounted Within said casing member and having opposed end portions fitting within the opposite end edges of said tubular member, means retaining said members against relative movement, a cigarette simulating element movably mounted within said casing member, and means carried by said element and one of said members for limiting the movement of said element relative to said members.

5. In an ornamental bracelet structure a series of connected bracelet links, an ornamental charm shaped to simulate the appearance of a cigarette package and comprising a rectangular tubular member, a frame fitting within the said tubular member and having a portion serving as a closure for one end of said tubular member and a portion serving as a suport for a cigarette simulatingelement, a cigarette simulating elementmounted in said tubular member and supported by said frame, and means carried by one of said bracelet links engaging said tubular member for supporting the charm relative to said bracelet.


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