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Publication numberUS2139150 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 6, 1938
Filing dateFeb 12, 1936
Priority dateFeb 12, 1936
Publication numberUS 2139150 A, US 2139150A, US-A-2139150, US2139150 A, US2139150A
InventorsBoland Clair L, Curtis Rolland G
Original AssigneeBoland Clair L, Curtis Rolland G
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Display board
US 2139150 A
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Dec. 6, 1938.

R. G. cum-is ET AL 2,139,150

DISPLAY BOARD Filed Feb. 12, 1936 Pollmnd c n INVENTOR,

Clair L. olcmd:


Patented Dec. 6, 1938 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFlCE Application February 12, 1936, Serial No. 63,561

3 Claims.

The instant invention relates to display boards and more particularly to boards or trays which are especially adapted for displaying coins, curios, stamps, medals or other like articles of value.

The primary objects of the present invention are to provide a display board having a plurality of bores or other shaped openings adapted to receive fitted articles within the bores or openings; to provide such a display board whose fitted articles on display may be retained within their respective bores or openings; to provide such a board whose fitted articles on display may be viewed from their respective opposite sides and without the necessity of their removal with consequent handling; to provide such a board whose fitted articles on display may be protected from handling; to provide such a board having means adapted to receive designating labels whereby the several articles displayed on a given board may be identified; and, to provide such a board which is attractive in appearance, utilitarian in use and economical in manufacture.

An illustrative embodiment of the invention is shown in the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Figure 1 is a top plan perspective View of the novel display board or tray here shown as adapted for the showing of coins such as commemorative half dollars;

Figure 2 is an enlarged fragmentary perspective or top plan view of the board;

Figure 3 is a sectional view thereof on line 33 of Figure 2;

Figure 4 is a sectional view on line l4 of Figure 2; and

Figure 5 is an enlarged sectional view on line 5-i of Figure 2.

Referring to this drawing in which like parts of the display board here disclosed are designated by the same numerals in the several views,.the tray portion per se is here shown as of a flat or plane character and rectangular in form. The board may, of course, be fashioned from wood or it may be fabricated from metal or composition material.

As here shown the board ill is provided with a plurality of circular openings ll of the same diameter, the openings being recessed to form an annular ledge 52. transparent disc E3 of Celluloid, glass or the like and of substantially the same diameter as the several circular openings I I is adapted for disposition within any of the circular openings and upon the annular ledge l2 thereof.

A coin I4 or other suitable device such as a medal, curio or the like, of substantially the same diameter as the enlarged portion of the circular opening H is inserted therein and a second transparent disc 15, of slightly larger diameter than the enlarged portion of the circular opening, is springably fitted therein in spaced relation to the transparent disc 13 and upon the opposite side of the coin, medal or curio M whereby the article I4 is disposed between and interjacent the pair of transparent discs l3, l5 and may be viewed from its opposite sides.

It will be understood of course, that articles or irregular shape and of a shape other than circular such as hexagonal and the like may likewise be similarly displayed by providing a board with openings corresponding in size and shape to the articles which it is desired to display. It will likewise be understood that the openings need not necessarily be recessed in which instance both discs of the pair may be diametrically slightly larger than the display openings and springably fitted in said openings.

Means-designating and identifying articles thus displayed on the board or tray 5 l are preferably provided and as here shown comprise an elongated transversely fiexible transparent U-shaped member l6 whose respective longitudinal edges are adapted to detachably fit within a pair of spaced parallel grooves ll disposed below each of the openings H and of substantially the same length as that of the U-shaped member. A transparent cover is thus formed for the label I8 which identifies the article displayed above.

It will thus be seen that the novel board or tray herein shown and described is particularly well adapted for displaying coins, curios, stamps, medals and the like, that the articles thus displayed need not be handled in order to view them from their opposite sides and that means are provided for designating and identifying the displayed artioles.

While but one specific embodiment of this invention has been herein shown and described, it will be understood that numerous details of the construction shown may be altered or omitted without departing from the spirit of this invention as defined by the following claims.

We claim:

1. A display board having an opening therethrough, and a pair of transparent members slightly larger than the opening adapted to springably fit therein in spaced relation to each other whereby an article may be disposed be tween the two transparent members for display on its opposite sides.

2. A display board having an Opening therethrough, said opening being of a greater width inwardly from one face of the board than the width thereof inwardly from the opposite face of the board to form a ledge, a transparent flat member adapted for disposition within the enlarged portion of said opening and upon said ledge, and a, second transparent fiat member slightly larger than the enlarged portion of said opening adapted to springably fit therein in spaced relation to the other transparent member whereby an article may be disposed between the two transparent members for display on its opposite sides.

3. A display board having an opening for receiving a medal or the like and the hereinafter mentioned member thereover, and a thin transparent member of normally flat form having a peripheral edge, said member being too wide in its flat form to be inserted flatwise into said opening, but being springable from fiat form to a slightly cup-shaped form wherein it may be thus inserted, and by its return spring movement to fiat form in said opening being adapted to holdingly contact at its said edge the side of said 10 ROLLAND G. CURTIS. CLAIR L. BOLAND.

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International ClassificationA47F7/02
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European ClassificationA47F7/02