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Publication numberUS2142764 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1939
Filing dateNov 16, 1938
Priority dateNov 16, 1938
Publication numberUS 2142764 A, US 2142764A, US-A-2142764, US2142764 A, US2142764A
InventorsHerman Kluger
Original AssigneeFulford Mfg Company
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Bag closing device
US 2142764 A
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Jan. 3, 1939. H. KITUGER BAG CLOSING DEVICE Fiied Nov. le, 1938 2 sheets-sheet 1 gef/mofa N V EN TUR. /Iagef A TTORNEYS.

Jan. 3, l H' KLUGER BAG CLOSING DEVICE y Filed Nov. 16, 1938 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Hwa/www A TTORNEYS.

Psienfed Jan. 3, `192.9 o 2,142,764

UNITED STATESPATENT OFFICE 'BAG CLOSING DEVICE- Herman Ringer, WhitePlains, N. Y., assignor to Fulford Manufacturing Company, a. corporation of Rhode Island Application November 16, 1938, Serial No. 240.617

3 Claims. (Cl. 150-10) This invention relates to a closing device for a is held closed without locks or similar devices and bag formed of flexible material which has a which may be opened by merely pulling on the mouth opening; and has for one of its objects to opposite sides thereof, and which may be closed .provide a. very simple operation for opening the by merely pressing on the opposite sides such as 6 bag such as by merely pulling on the opposite pushing these opposite sides towards each other, sides thereof and closing the bag by merely and which will stay closed without any locks or pushing on the opposite sides thereof, the arlatches; and in order to provide a bag which may rangement being such that the bag will stay open vfunction in this manner I have a device at the or closed without locks or additional fastening mouth opening of the bag, which has two arms l devices. which are hinged together with a hinge so aril' Another object of the invention is to* provide a ranged that it may be biased to cause the 'arms device which will tend to move to closed position to spread apart when in open position or'biased when in a position approximating its closed posiso as to cause the arms to move towards each tion and yet will, when moved to an extreme open other for a closed position; and the lollowing is 16 position, remain open. a more detailed description of the present embedr 1 Another object of the invention is to provide a iment of this invention, illustrating the preferred closure device for bagshaving a variety of shapes means by which these advantageous results may other than in a straight line across their mouth be accomplished: opening. With reference to the drawings, II designates 20 A further object of the invention is to provide generally the bag having a pouch material I2 20 a single resilient means which will function to with a mouth opening I3 at the upper part of the hold the bag either open or closed. pouch material with the plane or planes of the With these and other `objectsin view, the inedges of the mouth opening extending generally vention consists of certain novel features of conacross the bag.V Pockets formed by spaced walls struction, as Will be more fully described, and I4 and I5 of the material are formed along the 25 particularly pointed out in the appended claims. opposite edges of the opening I4 of the pouch In the accompanying drawings: material, Members designated generally IE are Fig. 1 is an elevation of a. bag equipped with arranged at least at one end of the opening, and the improved closure device; as hereshown are at each end of the openings I3. Fig. 2 is atop plan view of the bag; 'I'hese members each consist of a pair of arms 3o Fig. 3 is a fragmental perspective view illusl1, I1' which are of flexible ribbon-like stock trating the bag in open position with parts about although they have some stiiness which extend its mouth opening broken away to show the strucalong the lips of the mouth opening a. major ture of the closure means; portion of the length thereof and, which are Fig. 4 is a section online 4-4 of Fig. 3; connected together by a hinge designated gen- 35 Fig. 5 is a top plan view of one of the closure erally I8. members in closed position; This hinge consists of a sheet metal part I9 Fig. 6 is a sectional view of the closure memfolded at right angles as at 20 and provided with ber in open position; ears 2l and 2l' also bent up at right angles along 40 Fig. 7 is a perspective view of one of the hinge the sides of the sheet stock I9 and against which .to Pari/S; the right angular end 2B may rest. These ears Fig. 8 is a perspective view of another of the are provided with openings 22, 22. The other hinge Dart-S; 'part of the hinge consists of a piece of sheet Fig. 9 is a perspective view of the end of one stock 23 which is rolled to form suitable eyes 24 of the arms; and which may be continuous across the strip or in 45 Fig. 10 is a perspective view of a spring for spaced sections. These eyes align with the openbiasing the hinge parts in one direction or the ings 22 in the ears 2i and a pintle pin 25 is passed other; and o through these ears and eyes and riveted over as Fig. 11 is a fragmental side elevation of a at 26 to hold the same against endwise movem-Odfled form Uf'bag; ment. These two sheet metal parts I9 and 23 5o Fig. 12 is a fragmentalvslde elevation of are suitably secured to the arms I1 and I'l' by modified form of bag; and l rivets passing through openings 21 and 28. At

Fig. 13 is a section on line I3-i3 of Fig. 12. the time of assembly of the sheet metal hinge In the use of'bags, sch for example as ladies part 23 with the arm l1' a spring 29 is also rivhandbags, it is desirable to provide a. bag which eted in place by means of its openings 30 register- '5g- 2 2,142,7454 Wing `with the openings 28. 'I'his spring extends over and engages the cam edge 3| of the end 20 of the hinge part I9 and when in the position shown in Fig. 3 so engages the spring with reference to the pivot 25 as to tend to swing the hinge parts open and spread the arms I1, I1. However, when the hinges are swung toward each other and the end wall has its cam surface 3l engaging the spring 29 at the position illustrated in Fig. 5,v the point of engagement of this cam with relation to the pivot is such as to" tend to swing the arms I1, Il toward each other and thus close the mouth opening of the bag, as illustrated in Fig. 2.

In order that the bag may be easily opened, handles 32, 32 are positioned on the opposite sides of the bag so that a pull on these handles will open the bag. In closing the bag it is merely necessary to squeeze the mouth opening, in this case at each end of the mouth opening, and the mouth opening will snap to its closed position.

This arrangment of two separate members at the opposite ends of the mouth opening of the bag affords an opportunity for arranging the bag as illustrated'in Figs. ll and l2 in a shape other than straight across the mouth opening. For instance, the bag designated generally I2 has the cdges of its mouth opening 35 inclined in V-shape the outside of the edge of the bag opening where no pockets need be formed but merely some sort of reinforcement 3'!v provided. In this case the arms Il will have prongs or spurs 38 to fasten them -to the reinforcement 31. The outer surface of these arms will be embellished or formed in some ornamental appearance. The hinges also will be made of an attractive shape and construction but will serve equally well to perform their desired closing or opening function.

In the forms of device illustrated in all three arrangements, as shown in Figs. l, ll and 12, ornaments may be secured along-the edge with the arm serving to assist in holding the ornament such as a washer or backing in Figs. l and 1l for bett-cr supporting t-he ornament on the bag.

The foregoing description is directed solely towards the construction illustrated, but I desire it to be understood that I reserve the privilege of resorting to all the mechanical changes to which the device is susceptible, the invention being deiined and limited only by the terms of the appended claims.

I claim:

1; In a bag of flexible material having a mouth opening, a closure member comprising a hinge connected to the bag and located at one end of the mouth opening and a pair of elongated arms connected by said hinge and extending along the lips of the mouth of the bag from the hinge, the distance of the length of said arms from the hinge to their freev ends being less than the length o1' Y vertex of the V at the hinge end of the opening.

2. In a bag of flexible material having a mouth opening, a pair of individual and separate closure members connected to'the bag and located one at each end of the mouth opening, each member comprising a pair of elongated arms and a hinge connecting said arms together at one end, said arms extending toward each other from said hinge connection along the lips of the mouth opening a major portion thereof, said hinge containing means to yieldingly bias said arms toward eachother when said arms are placed in one position to hold the bag mouth fully closed and away from each other when said arms are placed in another position, and means to limit the opening of said arms of each member to hold the bag mouth open in the shape of a pair of opposed Vs in the plane of the mouth opening.

3. In a bag of exible material having an elongated mouth opening, four arms, hinge means connected to the bag and located at one end of the opening joining the ends of two of said arms, and hinge means connected to the bag and located at the other end of thev opening joining the ends of the other two of said arms, said pairs of connected arms extending toward each other from their hinge means with the extent of the arms along the lips of said opening less than the length of the opening but extending a major portion ofthe length of the opening, said hinge containing means to yieldingly bias said arms toward each other when said arms are placed in one position and away from each other when said arms are placed in another position whereby to hold the bag mouth fully closed or open in the shape oi' a pair of opposed Vs in the plane of the mouth opening. t i


.a V in the plane of the mouth opening with the

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