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Publication numberUS2143483 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 10, 1939
Filing dateJul 12, 1937
Priority dateJul 12, 1937
Publication numberUS 2143483 A, US 2143483A, US-A-2143483, US2143483 A, US2143483A
InventorsSamuel Iglauer
Original AssigneeSamuel Iglauer
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Protective device for baseball players or the like
US 2143483 A
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8. IGLAUER Jan. 10, 1939.



Patented Jan. 10, 1939 2,143,483

UNITED STATES ATENT OFFICE PROTECTIVE DEVICE FOR BASEBALL PLAY- E-RS OR THE LIKE Samuel Iglauer, Cincinnati, Ohio Application July 12, 1937, Serial No. 153,090 1 Claim. (01. 2--3) My invention relates to a protective device to The preferred material of my invention is porbe worn by baseball players, particularly those ous or sponge rubber, for the reason that I have engaged in batting. It also has a certain applifound that it is most eifective as a shock resistcability to various other sports, as will be apant agent, and at the same time, in order to pro- 5 parent from the ensuing description. vide a sufficiently thick band to insure the de- One of the objects of my invention has been sired protection, it is not necessary that the to provide a skull protective device to be worn by band of this material be unduly heavy in weight, baseball players, particularly those engaged in or cumbersome in size. It is apparent that there the act of batting, in order to protect the wearer may be many other materials, however, which from injury, or even death, from balls thrown by would also be eifective in accomplishing the stated 10 the pitcher. objects of my invention. If desired for reasons A second object of my invention has been to of appearance, the rubber or other material may provide a protective device of the type described be coated over on the outside in order to provide which, although effective for the purpose contema smooth and trim appearing surface.

plated, can be discarded readily by the player Although for the purposes of baseball, I believe 15 after he has completed his turn at bat and taken that it is preferable to provide a band which is up other duties incident to the game. readily detachable from the head or from the top A third object of my invention has been to of the cap, if desired it is possible to constitute provide a protective instrumentality of the genthe band as a component part of the particieral character disclosed, which may be useful in pants cap, and when so constituted the band may 20 protecting participants in various other forms be thicker on the exposed side of the cap. Or, of athletic activity, such as lacrosse, polo, and otherwise if desired, the band may be fitted only other games in which the players are exposed with a visor, and serve as a cap as well as a to blows from balls thrown or struck by other protector. participants in the game. It should be noted that the band is not designed 25 Referring now to the drawing, Figure 1 is an to extend to and cover the top of the players elevation of the side of the head of a baseball head. The great majority of injuries incurred player or other athletic participant, showing the by thrown baseballs are due to the impact of the device of my invention, placed in position over the ball at some point in the approximate area over cap and along the side of and around the head. which the band extends, as illustrated in Fig- 30 Figure 2 is a perspective view, showing the cap ure 1. The temporal region of the human skull is with the protector in position. thin and susceptible to skull fractures and other Figure 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3--3, cranial injuries. On the other hand, should the of Figure 2. baseball player be struck at or near the top of the In general, my invention contemplates a prohead, in the area as indicated at 6, the blow 35 tective band of resilient, shock-absorbent mais usually a gla and the Shock of terial, formed to fit over the cap and around the course, correspondingly lessened. The skull also sides of the head of a baseball player or other is somewhat thicker at this point and over the athlete. The band, indicated at 5, embodies areas below the lower surface ofthe band, illussufficient material effectually to absorb the shock trated in Figure 1. An injury occurring as the 40 of a thrown baseball, but the band is not thick result of a blow at some point on this area is enough to be too cumbersome for practical use. not apt to be as serious as one which occurs at The band may consist of a single unitary piece some point in the area protected by the band. of material, or, depending upon the exact nature In the case of baseball players, the device of of the material used, may be segmented. It also my invention not only provides a very effective 45 may be fastened and unfastened at some connectprotective means, but in addition, is not at all ing point, or may be a unitary piece which is cumbersome to handle. The player customarily fitted over the top of the head, or the cap, or visor places the device over the top of his cap when thereof. In the case of a baseball player who about to take his turn at bat. As soon as his regularly bats from one side of the plate, it is turn at bat is completed, regardless of whether 50 preferable to have the material thicker at the he becomes a base runner or returns to the bench, side on which contact from a thrown ball is he can immediately remove the device. If the likely to come. If desired, the other side may device is a component part of the cap, it can be be correspondingly thinner. The band may be so designed as to be readily detachable therefrom,

configurated also to afford protection to the ear. or if desired can be worn constantly. On very 55 said band adapted to encircle and grip the head and of sufiicient width to protect the temporal region of the head, said band having a portion which is of relatively greater thickness than the rest, said band adjustable so that the wearer may place the thick portion on the side of the head toward that from which the blow is most apt to come.


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International ClassificationA63B71/08, A63B71/10, A42B1/04, A42B1/08
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