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Publication numberUS2143592 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 10, 1939
Filing dateMar 3, 1936
Priority dateSep 11, 1935
Also published asDE650336C
Publication numberUS 2143592 A, US 2143592A, US-A-2143592, US2143592 A, US2143592A
InventorsEmile Baldeck
Original AssigneeEmile Baldeck
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Display stand
US 2143592 A
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Filed March 3, 1936 Patented Jan. 10, 1939 r 2,143,592

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DISPLAY STAND Emile Baldeck, Fully-Port, Lausanne, Switzerland Application March 3, 1936, Serial No. 66,916 In Switzerland September 11, 1935 1 Claim. (Cl. 211-134) My invention relates to improvements in dis- I is the foot-plate of the stand, consisting of a play-stands commonly used in show-windows casting 3 with a sheet-iron covering 2. A pipe and shops and in whichin an otherwise well- 4-forming the column proper-is attached to known manner--boards for the display of goods said foot-plate l and is provided with notches,

5 are interchangeably and at difierent elevations grooves or incisions 5 at different elevations and attached to a column which latter is provided staggered in horizontal planes about its circumwith a footing. ference. Said notches extend up to, or even be- Whereas in those designs of such columns which yond, the axis of said column so that the remainare known to the art the boards are fastened by ing part of the cross-sectional area of the latter way and means of a rod passing through the at these points of grooving allows a slight spring- 1 lo edges of said boards and through said column, like and yielding action of the top and bottom which latter consists of individual parts between walls of said column. consecutive boards, said boards in the present Boards 6 now may be slid or introduced into invention are held between the two walls of slits said grooves in an accurately fitting way and accurately fitting, with the latter being armanner and will be held there without the help 15 ranged at different elevations in planes at right of screws, clamps and the like. angles to the axis of said column and staggered It is understood that the cross-section of said with relation to each other. column, instead of being circular, may have any The said arrangement results in the advantage form or shape and that the form of the footthat no screws have to be loosened for the displate is adapted to the cross-section of the column. location of said boards and thus no tools will be The stand shown and described especially is required and, furthermore, there will not be any adapted for the display of objects in show-winpossibility that any parts of the stand become dows. It may, however, also be. used in housemislaid or lost. holds for displaying pots of flowers and the like.

In order now to afford a sure grip of said Anelectric lamp may be attached to the upper 25 boards in said slits of the column, it is of course end of column 4 for illuminating the articles necessary that a material be used for the manudisplayed on the boards 6, whereby the wiring facturing of the latter and the boards which does suitably is conducted inside the hollow column 4.

not deform under the influence of changes of I claim:

temperature and of the humidity of the atmos- A display stand including a hollow column, 30 phere. Such materials are metals and the varthe otherwise uninterrupted annular wall of ious artificial resins. which is formed with a series of channels opening Since said arrangement of boards and column through the surface thereof and off-set relative does away with the use of screws, clamps and to each other vertically of the column, the chanthe like, said boards may be removed, internels being formed by incisions through the annu- 35 changed and attached in a very simple and rapid lar wall of the column to a depth approximating manner. The slight spring-like, yielding action one-half the circumferential length of the annuof the column in the cross-sectional area remainlar wall of the column, each of the channels having back of the notches or grooves required for ing a depth in such relation to the transverse the insertion of said boards is sufficient for exdimension of the column'as to permit a slight 0 erting a clamping effect on the boards thus yielding of that portion of the column above a assuring a sufiicient grip or hold for the latter. particular channel under pressure against the In the accompanying drawing an execution of upper and lower walls of the channel, whereby design is illustrated in the way of an example the channel may yield slightly to receive an eleshowingment and clamp the element in the channel with- 4 Figure 1, a side-view; out additional fastening. Fig. 2, a plan-view; and Fig. 3, a perspective view of the stand. EMILE BALDECK.

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U.S. Classification211/134, D30/160, D06/681.3
International ClassificationA47F5/04
Cooperative ClassificationA47F5/04
European ClassificationA47F5/04