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Publication numberUS2144071 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 17, 1939
Filing dateApr 19, 1937
Priority dateApr 19, 1937
Publication numberUS 2144071 A, US 2144071A, US-A-2144071, US2144071 A, US2144071A
InventorsLoth Gaylord
Original AssigneeHinde & Dauch Paper Co
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Mailing package
US 2144071 A
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Jan. 17, 1939. G LOTH 2,144,071

MAILING PACKAGE Filed April 19, 1937 Patented Jan. 17, 1939 2,144,071.

U D STATES PATENT OFFICE MAILING PACKAGE Gaylord Loth, Sandusky, Ohio, assignor to The Hinde & Dauch Paper Company, Sandusky, Ohio, a corporation of Ohio Application April 19, 1937, Serial No. 137,707 2 Claims. (Cl. 206-62) This invention relates to packages for protectas shown in Fig. 2, when closed ready for shiping articles against both external damage and merit. shifting in the package in mail, express or other Preferably the panels 1 spring from the bottom shipment, and is particularly designed for the car- 5 at a slight elevation I 0, which elevation is equal 5 riage of electrotype plates and other flat objects, toor somewhat less than the height of the elec- 5 although not limited thereto. trotypc or other packed object l2, so that the One of the principal objects is to provide a panels "I will bear down upon l2 with a spring package in which the article contained will be. action but without breaking, but at the same time held by a combined clamping and cushioning achold the object firmly in place against sliding in tion, effective upon objects of the character in any direction. Inasmuch as the gripping and 10 question-through a considerable size range, thus cushioning action is by pressure and not by an avoiding the necessity of fitting the box to the exact fit of the parts, it will be apparent that a. contents, or carrying in stock a large assortment considerable variation in length, width and thick of box sizes. ness of the object packed can be accommodated Further purposes are the provision of such a within any given size of box. Thus the edges of 15 box which is simple to manufacture, assemble, the object may be borne upon by the resilient packand close, and which is susceptible of re-use. clamping action of the panel 1 anywhere from More particularly my invention comprises an near the rise In to near the fold line IS. The outer casing, and an inner element which serves natural resiliency of the material tends to spring the several purposes of inner container; spacer, the clamping flaps 6 up into the partially open 20 clamp, cushion, and added protection for the conposition illustrated in Fig. 1, so that in eifect the tained object when the outer covering is closed. fold line l5 becomes a compression spring in the To the accomplishment of the foregoing and closed container, Fig. 2 tending to cause a spread related ends, said invention, then, consists of the between the panels 1 and wings 8, and thus giving means hereinafter fully described and particularly both a clamping and a cushioningaetion. 25 pointed out in the claims. Inasmuch as the bottom 5 of the inner con- The annexed drawing and the following detainer forms an inner pad, it will be observed. scription set forth in detail certain structure emthat the contained object I2 is not only firmly held bodying the invention, such disclosed means conin position, but also protected by a double layer stituting, however, but one of various structural 0f. t corrugated board other b t i on 30 forms in which the principle of the invention may side, and spaced away from t outer com be used. tainer wall on the other side, so that any injury In the accompanying drawing: to the outer container will not readily be carried Fig. 1 1s a perspective of my improved package, on to the object z 1 cmlpletibut Open and empty; u h Fig. 2 showsa section across the nar- 35 2 1s a transverse vertical median sectlon rower dimension of the container of Fig. 1, it will through the packed and closed containerbe apparent that the action of the end clamping The embodiment of the invention here shown comprises a rectangular outer container consisting preferably of a single blank folded along lines to define bottom I sides 2 and cover flaps 3, and a preferably unitary container folded along lines to define bottom 5 and clamping flaps 6, all constructed of stiff but somewhat resilient material,

5 of which corrugated board is the most satisflaps is the same as of the side clamping flaps.

It will also be evident from the foregoing description that although a complete measure of security'is aiforded by'having clamping flaps both at sides and at ends, the principles of the invention could be applied by the use of only two clamping flaps. It will also be apparent that although the box illustrated as an embodiment of ig g gii gg flaps comprise h my invention is of conventional rectangular form, wardly directed panels 1 and the top wings 8 that the principles are susceptible of application nected thereto along fold lines l5. The ends of to other polygonal Shape? the panels and wings are diagonally cut in such a modes 9 applyma the prmclple my 50 manner as to fall into abutting or nearly abutting mventlon may be employed Instead of the one relation, and not overlap when the inner con- Plained, change being made as regards the struc tainer is enfolded by the outer. The parts are so ture herein disclosed, p v the means Stated proportioned that the outer edges of the wings 8 y a y of t following Claims the equivalent fit against the side walls 2 of the outer container, of such stated means be employed. 55

I therefore particularly point out and distinctly claim as my invention:

1. A package consisting of inner and outer containers, the inner comprising a plurality of elements Z-shaped in cross section, with a bottom common to all the Z-shaped elements composed of the bottom bar of each Z, opposite panels inclined inwardly over said bottom, and top flanges outwardly directed over said inclined panels, and an outer container of internal base area to receive said inner container snugly and of internal heightgreater than three times the thickness of the inner container material and less than the width of an inclined panel.

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U.S. Classification206/455, 206/424
International ClassificationB65D81/03
Cooperative ClassificationB65D81/03
European ClassificationB65D81/03