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Publication numberUS2144602 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 24, 1939
Filing dateSep 28, 1935
Priority dateSep 28, 1935
Publication numberUS 2144602 A, US 2144602A, US-A-2144602, US2144602 A, US2144602A
InventorsBalmer John H
Original AssigneeBalmer John H
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Wall bracket
US 2144602 A
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Jan. 24, 1939. J. H, BALMER l WALL BRAQKET Filed Sept. 28, 1935 INVENTOR. dwf/v /7. 9AM/VER,

ATTORNEYS es with the above recited general objects in view, moved downwardly with reference thereto. 25

Patented Jan. 24, 1939 UNITED STATES PATENT GFFICE WALL BRACKET John H. Balmer, Maplewood, N. J.

Application September 28, 1935, Serial No. 42,565

4 Claims. (01.248-223) rlf'nis invention has general referencey to wall ever, is yonly illustrative of the many other varbrackets for attaching various types of fixtures ous types f ViiXtllreS Which the invention iS apto walls, particularly bath room or kitchen X- Plieable t0 and iS nOt intended in ani7 Way t0 tures, such as shelves, towel bars, soap dishes, limit the SOODe 0f the inventiOn- The base 5 tumbler holders and the like. has a recessed rear surface formed with an un- 5 The invention ccmprehends an improved wall dereut beveled pOrtiOn 8 adjacent the upper end bracket including a base having a recessed rear ereOf and Whiell iS Preferably 0f COnCaVe arCu'- surface adapted to receive, cover and conceal ate formation. Within the recessed rear surface a slide member rigidly attached to the wall, with ci the base 5, a pair Of vertically eXtending guide l0 interengaging detachable meansv of connection beads 9 iS provided tO COnStitute a guideWay Il l0 provided respectively on the base and slide memvertical alignment With the undercut beveled ber. portion 8.

The invention also resides in an improved A Slide member i9 iS adapted t0 be rigidly means of connection between the shank and SeCured tO the Wall B by IneanS Of SOreWS 0r l5 has@ of the bracket which faciutates the asequivalent fastening means l|,the heads of which i5 sembly and disassembly of said parts and per- SCreWS are diSDOSed flush Or belOW the Outer mits oi the production of a wide range of styles surface of the Slide member. The upper end 0f and types of separate Xture Shanks and bases tlle Slide rnelnber iS beveled at l2 and iS prefwhich may be assembled in various combinations. erabiy Of COnveX alCuate fOlInatiOn t0 COODeiate S AS a further feature the invention contemplates with the arcuate undercut beveled portion 3 of 20 a wall bracket including spring detent means for the base '5, While the side faces I3 of the slide certain types of xtures, such as shelves, by virmember are designed tO snugly it between the tue of which the nxture is retained on the bracket guide beads 9, when the recessed rear surface against accidental or unintentional displacement. Of the baSe is applied Over the Slide member and other more detail aims will be apparent in the In order to lock and retain the base of the following description and accompanying drawing, bracket in assembled relation with the slide, a while the claims cover variations and modica- Screw ld is threadedly engaged in a threaded tions falling within the scope of the invention. Opening l5 in the lower marginal Wall l5 0f the no In the drawing: base, its upper terminal freely engaging within Fig. 1 is a side view illustrating a wall bracket a socket il in the lower end oi the slide, the constructed in accordance with the invention. head i8 Of the S'CreW being @unter-sunk in the Fig. 2 is a rear face View of the bracket rewall IS. Obviously, upon downward retraction moved from the slide member. of the screw, upward movement of the base is Fig. 3 is an enlarged vertical sectional view permitted to disensage the Cooperating beveled 35 taken approximately on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2, portions of the slide and base for detaching the including the slide member and mounted on the bracket and fixture from the wall. wall. In order to facilitate the manufacture of the Fig. 4 is an enlarged transverse sectional view baSe and Shank aS Separate units and tO fa- 46 on the line ll-d of Fig. 2, including the slide ciltate their assembly and disassembly, the base 40 member. is provided with a boss 20 protruding from its Fig. 5 is a fragmentary rear face view similar forward face and the bossed DOrtiOn iS fOrIned to Fig. 2, with parts removed to disclose the with an opening 2| having One O1 InOre radial underlying structure. keyways 22, while the shank is provided with a Fig. 6 is a perspective view of a modified form reduced rear terminal 23 having one or more 45 of slide member. radial keys Z4 adapted respectively to t within Referring to the drawing by characters of refthe opening 2i and keyways 22. The juncture erence, the wall xture disclosed by way of ilof the terminal 23 with the remainder of the lustration is .shown as a shelf A which is supshank e provides a shoulder 25 adapted to t 5o ported from the wall B by a bracket designated ag inst the outer face of the boss 2D. `A screw '50 generally by the reference character C. The having a threaded shank 26 is threadedly enbracket includes a base 5 and a shank 6, the gaged in a threaded bore 21 in the terminal 23 latter being provided at its free outer end with and said screw is 'formed with an enlarged kerfed a hooked terminal 'I adapted to embrace the head 2S of greater diameter than the opening outer edge of the shelf. This embodiment, how- 2l to retain the shank and base in assembled re- 55 lation, access to the screw being gained through the recessed rear surface.

In the particular adaptation of the invention illustrated, namely, where the fixture is a shelf, detent means may be provided in the form of a lug 3D which is carried by a resilient finger 3| projecting radially from an apertured disc 32 fitted over the screw shank 26 and clamped between the screw head 28 and the inner surface of the forward wall of the base 5 and inner surface of the terminal 23 of the shank 6. In order to provide clearance for the spring finger, the slide member is grooved as at 33 and the forward wall of the base is formed with an aperture 34 through which the detent lug 30 projects for exerting a pressure on the rear edge of the shelf A so as to prevent accidental or unintentional displacement thereof. The detent means is desirable on this type of fixture for the reason that the shelves A are usually of plate glass which rest upon and are supported by the Shanks 5 and have a tendency to become accidentally displaced by raising the same adjacent the rear edges. In order to overcome this tendency and to frictionally retain the shelf against accidental or unintentional displacement, the spring pressed lug 30 is utilized to exert a frictional pressure on the rear edge. Obviously, in types of fixtures which do not require the detent means, the same may be eliminated as well as the slot 33 in the slide member I0.

In the modified form of slide member illustrated in Fig. 6 of the drawing, the base 35I is provided with a rearwardly projectingr anchoring shank 3B adapted to be set in a recess in the wall and secured in place by a plastic material such as cement. The base 35 is of a larger area than the shank 3B so as to cover the plastic material or cement and prevent the same from reaching the forward face 3l of the base. In this instance, the forward face 31 of the base is provided with an upper lug 38 having a beveled upper edge 39 of convex arcuate formation to cooperate with the arcuate undercut beveled portion 8 of the fixture` base 5, and a vertical groove 40 to afford a clearance for the detent spring 3|. A lower lug or boss 4| is also provided on the forward face 31 of the base 35 and the boss portion is formed with a socket 42 opening through the lower edge thereof to receive the locking screw I4 of the fixture base, said lower lug being adapted to t between the guides 9 of the fixture base.

What is claimed is:

1. A bracket for wall fixtures including a shank and a base having a recessed rear surface formed with an undercut beveled portion adjacent the upper end and a pair of vertically extending guides within said recess, a slide member adapted to be rigidly secured to the wall having side faces adapted to t between said pair of guides and a beveled upper end adapted to intert the said undercut beveled portion, and means extending through the lower part of the base and engaging the lower portion of the slide member for detachably securing the base upon the slide member within said recess.

2. A bracket for wall fixtures including a shank and a base having a recessed rear surface formed with an arcuate undercut beveled portion adjacent one end thereof and a pair of vertically extending guides within said recess, a slide member adapted to be rigidly secured to the wall having side faces adapted to t between said pair of guides and an arcuate beveled end adapted to interiit with said undercut beveled portion and means extending through the base and engaging the opposite end of the slide member for detachably securing the base on the slide member within said recess.

3. In a bracket for wall xtures including a base having a recessed rear face and formed with a non-circular aperture constituting a socket, a shank having an inner reduced terminal corresponding in cross section to the shape and size of said socket and adapted to fit within said socket and an outer hooked terminal, a resilient detent located within the recessed fixture base and having a portion protruding forwardly therethrough and projecting outwardly therefrom adapted to cooperate with said outer terminal to retain an article supported by the bracket, and a common means located within the recessed fixture base engaging the fixture bracket shank and the detent for securing the shank and base in assembled relation and anchoring the detent within the base.

4. A bracket for wall xtures including a shank and a base having a recessed rear surface formed with an undercut beveled portion adjacent one end thereof and vertically extending guides within said recess, a slide member including a base and a rearwardly directed shank adapted to be embedded in the wall with the rear surface of the base flush therewith, said slide member having a lower lug on its forward face adapted to fit between the guides and a lug adjacent its upper end having a beveled portion adapted to interfit with said undercut beveled portion of the fixture base, and means extending through the fixture base and engaging the lower lug of the slide member for detachably securing the slide member within said recess.


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