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Publication numberUS2144632 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 24, 1939
Filing dateDec 2, 1935
Priority dateDec 2, 1935
Publication numberUS 2144632 A, US 2144632A, US-A-2144632, US2144632 A, US2144632A
InventorsMelton Henry E
Original AssigneeC E Jamieson & Company
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Deodorant powder
US 2144632 A
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Patented Jan. 24, loss I 32 UNITED. s'rA'rss PATENT OFFICE ai issz Henry a. Melton, Detroit, Mich, assignor to c. a.

Jamieson & Company, Detroit, Mich, a corpo ration of Michigan No Drawing. Application December 2, 1935,

. Serial No. 52,615

7 Claims. (Cl. 187-92) The invention relates to deodorant compounds creased less zinc oxide would be required. Also, and has for its object the obtaining of a dethe zinc peroxide after liberating its oxygen beodorant powder which may be applied by sprinkcomes zinc oxide and performs the function of ling, and which in addition to its deodorant this material. The quantity oil talcum. and

a characteristic has other valuable properties which chalk may be varied through a relatively large 5 adapt it for use on bandages, pads, etc. .To this range, but I have found that for practical pur-- end, the invention consists in the compound as poses the specific proportions above given are hereinafter set forth. very effective. v

a It is known that certain materials and par- In use, the material may be applied to'a band- 10 ticularly certain peroxides actas deodorants, due age, pad or napkin by sprinkling the desired 10 e no is composed as follows:

- lowingmaterials substantially in the proportions Kaolin-9 lbs. 7 oils. (1.8%) Zinc peroxide-90 lbs. 3 cos. (13.3%) m Zinc oxide-430 m. (9.3%) 1 talcum-o lbs. (3 .1%) Kaolin a Precipitatedchalk medium-1'15 lbs; (33.3%) Zinc peroxide The speciiic proportions above given are notsi g 33.1 essential as the ingredients do not chemically "o is the zinc peroxide; the absorptive material is 6. A deodorant powder comprising essentially x to the fact that its oxygen is liberated when such quantity thereon. It will then operate to not a substance comes in contact with body secreonly deodorizabut also to absorb and prevent tions and excretions. It is, however, necessary the ilow and penetration of secretions and exto control the action of such materials and in cretions through the fabric.

16 addition to destroying the odor to provide an WhatIclaim as my invention is: 165 absorptive medium which will prevent penetra- 1. A deodorant powder, comprising time per-- tion through fabrics. Further, if the'material oxide, a moisture absorptive material and a is used as a sprinkling compound it must be of neutral body material, all of said materials being such character as to-permit of sifting through in powder form intimately commingied.

small apertures. My improved material has 2. A deodorant powder comprising sinc Per 9 these desirable characteristics and consists es- I oxide, kaolin, zinc oxide-and a neutral body masentially in the combination with the deodorant terial. material, of a material having the property of 3. A deodorant powder comprising 81110 P absorbing' and holding moisture. 'Also, a mateoxide, kaolin,lzinc oxide, talcum and precipigs rial in the nature of an astringent or coagulant tated chalk. and a neutral body material through which the 4. A deodorant powder comprising li D othermaterials are distributed and which preoxide (15% to 20%). kaolin (1% to 5%). 8111.0 vents thecaking of the same. Y oxide (5%to 15%), talcum (20% to 40%), an

A specific example of my improved compound precipitated chalk (25% to I 5.Adeodorantpowdercomprlsingtbefol-so combine with each other. The active deodorant mutual the kaoline; the zinc oxide functions as an zinc Peroxide and kaolin. astringent or coagulant: the talcum and pre- A 6mm? D m m m 9 cipitated chalk form a neutralbody and also serve oxide from 15 to 20%, kaolin from i to 5%, and to prevent caking and facilitate free flow through the balance a neutral body. u a sprinkler. If the quantity oi'kaolinl'is in- HENRY]. MILTON. 4|

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U.S. Classification424/67, 450/93
International ClassificationA61Q15/00, A61K8/27, A61K8/19
Cooperative ClassificationA61Q15/00
European ClassificationA61Q15/00, A61K8/27