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Publication numberUS2145166 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 24, 1939
Filing dateAug 23, 1935
Priority dateAug 23, 1935
Publication numberUS 2145166 A, US 2145166A, US-A-2145166, US2145166 A, US2145166A
InventorsDouglas Harry A
Original AssigneeKingston Products Corp
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Electrical connection means
US 2145166 A
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Jan. 24, 1939. I H. A. DOUGLAS 2,145,166

ELECTRTCAL CONNECTTON MEANS Filed Aug. 23, 1935 M; 4g 4; if 30 *fl l .2! 58 an"! Him: 5 A.Dou51a.$

INVLNTQ ArroRuua e My invention lreletesfito electrical. connection t and forming a partofthis-epplicationj'I have principal object of myinve'nti'on-is to providfnew and improved: electrical feonneetionfm eensi or; t

Figure 2 is anenleirged longitudinal-seotion ;ofj' 18a.

bodiment of my invention horizontal wall ll,x-the latter 'wall'serving -a's.a

with--thewerticalwall lliand extending "at right fOIll'liDgfthEjllPDGlfiDd of the compositewaperture lli;v and a generally'rectangnlar aperture l1," ex-a:

,. Kingston:

means, and more particula'rly to meansdr reeeiv- Q; Bronson',- Mich; sissigno'r to Redeem- Corporation; afcorporation ing conductor terminallsoI-the' snap W1 and the these typesq'i V In" the drawing aceomp'anyingthisspecincetion shown;for purposesotillustrdtion; several 1' e t Figure. '1 'is a perspective viewof one 'ernbodi 'ine'nt of. 'rny inve'ntion; Yi

ed to'coOp'etateth'erfewith,

U Figure 3 is a. perspectiveviewmf the exnhodi ment shbwnin' Figure lltakenfet a different 'angle,

e and showing the parts whereof g 'ini'disessernbledi relatlon, t l c Figure 4 isfa p'erspective vi'ew of a; difierent'em bodirnentofmy invention? and? Figure-5 is a' perspective view; of another erh Referring to Figures: 1:, 2-,fand 3 ofthe drawin there is here l shown. a; terminalpost- 0; 'suitalblymounted on 'a 'bhse I lgfthebaseebeingfiiig mentarilyshownfi The terminal post l0 c'om 1 prises albody portion l2, hereishown as being formed of anslnglepiece or channelstock bent into a. generally right Jangnlar-jformation; and includ-F ing agenerally vertical wall-l3and a generally s foot for "the body portion 1!, andv being-integral angles therefrom 'at the lower 'end' -thereofh The vertical-wall I3. is provided with a composite aperture il 5': which i includes" T anyarcuate recess ;I B,

tending from thearcuaterecess l6 to -arplane-in-m cluding the lower surface; ofthehorizontal. wall II, The generally rectangular l tapertureJ1 iszofzr .gneater. width than? the-twidthzor "diameter of the l 5 amuate recess l6,and,:at tsupper part, asviewed'i in. Figure l, is provide 7 with curved-.lmarginelz Substantially circumscribing the. recess; l6 isi' a- 50,: v e inner surface continuous-with-itherecess 16;; .I'hefiq 1 flange ISQmay bepformed 'bytdrawing ,out -the .arcuaterecess-IG; i

laterally extending arcuateiflange) l9 :having its 1 metal theretofore torming paljtsot the wertlcalg 7 wall, H which hadbeenremoved-rto forxn iithew bight .26 -and-m a'y. begiorrned as relatively narroww sl l;

and; -"-3 0-;is; substantiallyvequal-l to the thickness 'theblghtlfi engaging theYcurved'ma-rginah walls:

t n 'cqm rsi i ne wret dwo nr s aa "g6 portion 'genera;l1 of; U-shape,a;nd;:,of 1..a width greater; than thehthi ckness of {the well 'I 3 so that when .the:: .detentmeans; 25 a'relg in position,- wlthn respeotl tol theobodmportion l2, portions-thereof will be disposed oniopposite sides lotiitheIbody portion. ,The body; porti'on. ofrtheidetent rnenr'is v 25; inc1udes.,a; bight 126;;jo1nedatopb slte margins E achz,ofthe legs;:2|1end"28 is'providedqwlth pairsmfspaced fingers and 30, the flngersj 8 :beingpositi'oned, adj acent the ends of the" legs: :1, 2a, endnl formed; byga longitudinal i slot 3 I eaeh vleg, "and :bent outwardly at" right angles ;to the longitudinal extent? offleach leg 2]; 28. The ,flngers 30 are.-1ocated fadjaeent@the' projections-cutie transversezwidth of thel-ldete'nt meansg-Zi, the-fingers :being bent a'tvright angles -1 to -th transverse extent lofgythexdetent:means 25; 'I'he-lspape-betweenxeach :pair; of fingers 1 29-129 3.

;vertioal-,wal1; 1 3;. Thegbight izfiw'of thedetent megns- 25,15- provided withga substantially sem spherical protuberance 32, 'here "showmas beinggstruck ioutn irom he metal ormin the tze n I v t j:

The detent means 25are .adapted to be qslidably v I disposed-intheeompositeslot l5,-a nd.whei1 sojdis- Y posed thefldetent-means arel-normally positioned.-

jacent the recess-l6; with the protuberance "32. v extending intof-zthe recessfllig; and the surfaces of 6 1 'l 8: of; the?compositer'ecesm;l n thi'sposition the s detent means fig. are thereby-limited in: upward movementx; Thevfingersdai: and j30= straddle thew f1 thicknessi iofwi 'thepwalli l3 adjacentthe; composite. u

' to the body portion I2, and include a leaf-spring like member 33shaped double-ogee in longitudinal section; The spring member 33 comprises substantially plane ends 34'and 35, and loops 36,

31; and 33, Eaclr of theloops: 36, 31,33, and the free portion of the ends 34 and 35-dis providedwith a relatively narrow central slot 39 of a width to freely pass the thickness of the wall I3. The p end 35, shown in Figure lnto be the upper end;

' means are slidably inserted into the composite stantially semi-spherical protuberance 540,, here shown to be struck out from the end, inter-,

mediate'the loop'38 and the free portion of the end 35. The spring member 33 is ofgreater --width than the thickness o f the wall I3, so that when the biasing means are in positlonwithirespect to the body portion I2, portions thereof willibe'disposed onopposite sides of-thefwallltji *To-gasserhbleihe terminal post I II, the detent aperture I 5; the transverse slot 23 in the horifzontal; wall I 4 {permitting such insertion; until the adjacent surfaces of thebight-lfi abutth curved marginal; walls-I3. The biasing means [are -then insert'ed in the composite aperture 15,

the leg being inserted ilrst; 'intd abutting 81.517: 7 gagement with 'the-lowerlsurfaces of the fingers 23- formed onthe flegs 21; .23l' In this position,"

the protuberance 4o Jormd in' the the 35 rdg jects within the "space defined by the-inner surface oi the detentfmea'ns 25; and the lower sur-i face ofthe leg 34- lies "generally in 'aplane' inf, eluding I the lo'wer surface of the horizontal 'wall The fastening screw22 is then inserted through the ape'rture IIfandits screw-threaded endis engaged with a 'screw-threa'ded aperture v "formed inthe' b'a'se' II; The parts comprising the terminal post are then securely held [in assembled relation byreason ot the iact'that both means 33 the bodyportion I2 andthebiasing are-supported bythebaseiLr-i 1 It ;willxbe-zappreciated that the parts tionsjof-the vertical .wall 13.

generallyqcylindricalsurface 42. fo'rme'd .with an annular. furrow 43." -The ;plugconductor terminal w4I =iszformedf with -a -frustro=coriical end 44, and .the plug terminal may be fastened to a conductor disposedttherein, as" by swedging; indiconical. end 44.; .i v v. e T.o 'engageithe plug conductor terminal 4i with the upper terminal receiving aperture, the frus cated by the "swedgeindentations in the'fru'strotr'oeconical 'end is inserted into the I5,

causing the suriace of thej frustro-conical end to v earn "the detent imeans'li 25 downwardly,

" viewed in-Flgu're' l to provide for, the accommodation: oi the cylindrical portion '42; the: detent 5 means inkturn forcing the :end 235 of the springs member .331 downwardly and therebyl'compressmg; the sp n *member; the 51 -51 being pf sumcient e th to. permit transverse spreading 1 the sprinemember; "'JFurther insertin -x v of the 'detent-.,means 25 and; spring member '33 extending from the right hand surfacei of'the' vertical wall au as, viewed in Figure 2', are substantially disposedwithin the conflnes-.oi'. the'channel porgaged in the'lcwer terxninal receiving aperture, 1

and this engagement effected by inserting the frustro conical endj 44' intoifthe space. defined by-theinner, surface 'of the detentvlneans 25.

the detent means being held against upward; movement by reasonof the abutment of the outer surface of-thebight 26 with the curved marginal of the spring member 33 is formed with a sub- V ment 'of the-plug 'conductor' 'terminal 4| causes; v the protuberance 32 of the detent means 25 to snaprinto the annular furrow 43 and thereby walls" I8 of the generally rectangular aperture snap into the annular furrow 43. It will be understood that the terminal post I 0 may receiverand hold a eonductoragterminal in either a terminal receiving recesan or i p 9 .9 inbotl of them equally well I Ref rri g"to Figure 4,; the embodiment .therein shown comprises. a- -,terminal :1 posts 46 suitably: mounted on a base 41. The terminal .post 45 includes a body 43 shaped, similarly to the body I2 ofjthe terinil filgb st It, butin this instance the vertical wall- 49- is of lesser, extent,than;-,the

vertical wallij. A composite aperture 50 1s i provided in the wall 43, "and includes an arcuate, I recessV 5I;vsimilar;;to the recess Iiroi' the pqst ill, and a rectangular aperture-3510f 'greaterf width than the width o -(diameter; of the recess 5| a ommun in lm iewith ;at.=i PP t, end. The; rectangular gapfi f llfe 52 forms :shoul- 1- 1 ders 53 with the recess 5l adjacent the points of communication therewith a Biasin g means are provided toicooperate I with v thefbody gportion 48 and include :a leaf-spring like member 54 'similar to the spring member 33 of the-post IIl, with-.ithe'exceptionthat the spring member 54,is, provided; with 1;,on1yf two;

springdoops-and is therefore s-shaped. An

end 55 carries a substantiallysemi-spherical attent 56 extending upwardly from the surface of the end 55,- as viewed in lfigure i and projecting into theuspaceideflnedby thekrecess 5|. ;'It will 7 be notedfthat in this -embodiment,, ;detent means similarr to the detent means 25. are; omitted; Slots similar toftheslots 33'of ,the spring member;

33 are formed in thegspringmeinber 54,-1the slots in this' instance closelybutslidably fitting the marginal walls of the rectangular aperture 53'.

To assemble, the terminal post 45, the" spring;

member 54 :is: inserted into the-composite aper-d ture '5ll,"a transverse slot in the horizontal wallsimilarito the-transverse slot "providing for t such inserticn runtil the end 55 of the .:spring"= member 154 abuts-the shoulders 53;; In this -po-;' sition the opposite end of the spring member-will be-substa'ntially in the planeinclu'ding the lower surfacebfn-the :ho'rizontal walk-and falsteningi means, "similar to the fastening in'eans'ii: may:

the base 4l.""As in the'e'mbodiment disclosed in' Figures 1, 2',=iand 3, portions of the spring t ember 54 are disposed on' iopposite sides of the ver I tical wall 43; x p

A- plug; conductor fma'y: be engaged by i the terminal post46, the frustro'econical end-10f; the

plug g ndu tonqupom'insertingj movement intothere'cess 5|; cam the end 15119591198 12,146,166 when the latter is in proper relation with respect ,to the protuberanceiin -:1

In the embodiment shown in' Figure 5 ,*a.-ter"- minalgpost 51includes a body portionbr'suitamy mounted on a abase:59. "lhebodyportiomifl in this instance, -is-formed-- of planeissheet metal bent/t0 h angular formation to ifprovide a vertical wall 0 and a; horizontal wall '16 I The vertical wall; fimisiformed with a composite apere tine-J2;scomprisingyan arcuate' recess 63 l and a rectangular, aperture '64, the latter 'beingof- -a greater width; than i the. recess a, 63, and formin'g shoulders 65. therewith.


I ,ject of my invention. It further will beobvious to those skilled in the embodiment of my invention may be variously Biasing means are h provided for?" cooperation with the. bodyzportion ,:58,. and :comprise a: leafspring-Jike member '68; shapedsimilar to the spring-;rnember,--33 of the terminal post 10, but in this instance both ends are plane'in extent: The T spring :;member -66 -may be assembled with the V, ody by inserting-the spring member? into the composite slot 62 untilan endithereof abuts the, shoulders65'. "The terminal post ST may tnem'be; secured to thefbasezis' by fastening 'means siinilar to the fastening screw '22 of the'terminal post A plug conductor terminal may be engaged'by frustro corii'cahiend thereof being inserted into the'recess "831to'cain the plane surface of the adjacent end of the p the; terminal post 51, :the

spring member E6 downwardly, thereby compressing the latter. Further inserting movement 7 brings the annular furrow in alignment with the marginal walls of the recess it and'the spring,

member snaps the annular furrow intoengagefment with the marginal .walls to thereby yieldably hold the plug conductor terminal in with respect to the terminal post-51.

From the foregoing it will be'apparent to those skilled in the art'that 'the illustrated embodiment of my invention provides a new. and ;,improved electrical contact and connection means, eco-,

nomical in construction andassemb'lyand ac-' accomplishes at least the principal obart that the illustrated changed and modified without departing from the spirit of my invention, or sacrificing allot the j advantages thereof, .andthat accordingly, the

disclosure herein isillustrative only, andmy invention is not limited thereto. r


1. Receptacle means,,comprising: abodyporthan, having a'recess'for receiving a conductor terminal, and also having an elongated aperture communicating with said recess; and biasing means cooperable with'said body portion recess toprovide means for yieldably holding a. conductor terminal in operative position in said recess,

said biasing means including a looped leaf'Yspring' a in the loops and extremiprovided with recesses ties thereof, said recesses cooperating-with margins of said elongated aperture to provide i'or guiding of said biasing means.

, 2. Receptacle means, comprising: a. body i-L tion, having a recess, for receiving a conductor terminal, and also having an elongated aperture communicating with said recess; biasing means, including alooped leaf spring provided with recesses in the loops and extremities thereof, said recesses cooperating with said elongated aperture to provide fory guiding of said biasing means; and

, said 1 recess and thereby yieldably surfaces off-said"w ll tor terminal end having a recess-in marginal surfaces 01' i detent means, having portions engageable with marginal surfaces 01 isaidelongated aperture to provide for guiding of said detent n eanaxsaid detent, means being cooperative I position=with respect ito :said:;body portion r ecess;and-"said biasingme'ans having a l'ii nfi' ev r means" reces 7 3: Receptacle means, comprising: a all; tion,having a rcess -for receiving 'a'conductor terminal-,- and comprising a; loopedf 'leaf" spring} providedfwith recesses' cooperable"{with marginaltsurfaces' of erable with said bodyrecessandfngageable with a: conductor; teri'riinal disposed in said recess to bias the' condu'ctor. terminal toward a" margin of ductoii terminalin operative position a 24-2 -Receptacle meansi-eompnsmg-a waillhaving an "'eloriated'iaprture extending from one end ,of said wall toward the" other end, and "at; this other eridhavinga marginalrecessjjorfre ceiving a conductor terminal; a memberjdijsposed I vwithintheconfines ofsaifd elongated aperture,

ngnngers engaging oppositeflateral" having guidi to hold *saidniember for sndinimovement aib havinga portionfldirected toward said'rec'ess, a

other end bearing against said member, and urging said member to yieldably engage a comma? able irelation with "saidjdetent wa an e n iatd" flaring communicating-:- withsaid recess; biasingmeans, r

1d hejcon;

ng, said wall: said mem r 'facted upombysaid biasing means and movedto said-elongatedgaperture soastoguidesaidfBiaS} disposed'wit'hin said wall recesasald end being positionedadjacent said'member recess, and being constructed andarrang'ed to yieldably engage aconducto terminal disposed in said member recess. 1

5. Receptacle means, comprising: a" pair .of

angularly disposed walls, one being provided with 7 an elongated aperture extending from the other,

wall, and at this end having a recess in its margin for receiving a conductor terminal, and said wall toward the end of said one slotcor'nmunicating with said elongated aperture,

"and being adapted to. be secured to a support} and biasing means, comprising a looped leafspringhaving' slots in its loops and extremities, the marginal surfaces of said-slots slidably engaging the marginal surfaces of said elongated aperture; the slot in said other wall permitting assembly of said leaf-spring so that parts of said spring are disposed on opposite sides of said one wall, said leaf-spring having one end urged to- 7 ward the recess in saidelongated aperture, and its other-end being adapted, to bear against the .support to whichjsaid other wall is secured.

6. Receptacle "means, comprising: apair of other wall having a;

angularly disposed walls, one being provided with an elongated aperture extending from the other wall toward the endoi said one wall, and at this its margin for receiving a conductor terminal, and said other wall having a slot communicatingv with said elongated aper I ture, and being adapted to be securedjto a support; detent means, having a recessforreceiving aconductor'terminal, anda portion cooperating with said wall recess, for holding a conductor terminalin position in said wall recess, said'detent means, having also guiding portions engaging marginalsurfaces of said elongated aperture, to i hold said -'detentmeans to sliding movement along said mail; and biasing means, comprising aiooped leaf-spring having slots initsploops and extremities, the margins surfaces of ;said;slots slidably engagingthemarginal surfaces oI-said elongated v aperture; the slot in-said other wallspe'rmitting assembly of said detent means-anddsaidi leaf- 'spring ,aso thatparts oi; saidadetentr means and. said spring are disposed on opposite sides. of. said cess, and the other end OfflSflidjSDliDE being adapted vto bear: against the support which said otherwallis secured Receptac1e means, comprisingi, al vvallrhaving an aperture, one margin of said -;aperture being formed with a recessjor receivinga conductor termina'i, saidr eeessbeing reduced in size with, respect to said margin; to form shoulders;

and spring means, comprising relatively movable portions, one end portion being heldagainst movenient w'ithrespect to said wall, and the other end portion having projections slidably engaging opposite lateraisurfaces of said wall to holdlsaid other end portionv to "slidable. movement along aid waliand towardand awavfrom said-recess;

mimics said: other Lend portion being "biased toward said recess, and "abutting said shoulders" to': limit movement towardsaid .recess.

8;:Receptac1e means, comprisingi -a .vrall, hav- A ,aperture,; onef margin of said aperture beingyiormed-with arecess for receivin'g 'a conductor terminal, :said recess 'being reduced-in size I with respect: tosaid margin; to form shoulders;

recessed-detent means; having projections engag ing opposite lateral surfaces ofssaidwail adjacent said*aperture,-to hold said detent means 'to s1idingmovement aiong said-wall; and-toward and away ..-fromsaid recess; and looped "leaf-spring Ineansyi comprising -:re1ative1y movable portions, 7 siottedin theloops' andfends tosiidably fit around i the marginal surfaces 'of 'said aperture' so. as to hold s'aid spring means to movement along'said wall; one endportion of said sp'ringmeans being held againstrnovement with respect to said wall,

and the. other end portion bearing: against said detentmeans, and biasingsaid detent m'eans to V 'abutmentwithsaid shoulders, said detentmeans] r I being ;in position to-yieldabi'ylengage 'a conductor terminal ldisposed in said'wall recess;' and'sai'd 7 other endportion being constructed and arranged toyieldablv engage a conductor terminal disposed in said detent means recess.- 1 v

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