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Publication numberUS2145306 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 31, 1939
Filing dateApr 14, 1937
Priority dateApr 14, 1937
Publication numberUS 2145306 A, US 2145306A, US-A-2145306, US2145306 A, US2145306A
InventorsHunneman John R
Original AssigneeHunneman John R
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Portable drinking fountain
US 2145306 A
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31, W39. .1. R. HUNNEMAN 2,145,3W5

PORTABLE DRINKING FOUNTAIN Filed April 14, 1937 72 wm%m $Wvw J Maw & [Z i 'i mwrmgy Patented Jan. 31, 1939 UNETED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1 Claim.

My present invention is a novel and improved portable drinking fountain designed particularly for cooperation with a water faucet of any size or style.

An important object of the invention is to improve and perfect the type of drinking fountain illustrated, described, and claimed in my prior and copending application on Faucet drinking attachment, Ser. No. 132,982, filed March 25, 1937.

In my present development of fountain drinking device for cooperation with or attachment to the usual type of water faucet in kitchens, bathrooms, or lavatories I have discovered and devised an extremely eiiicient liquid conducting conduit, together with means to attach the same to or hold said conduit in operative or inoperative position with the delivery opening of the faucet with which it is used, whereby a proportional part of the liquid flowing from the faucet may be deferred into fountain drinking position; and, furthermore, my invention enables the use of the conduit with every faucet irrespective of size because of this proportional feature, whereby the conduit does not have to be of the same dimensions, diameter, or contour as that of the faucet with which it is used.

In my present development of this drinking fountain device I provide a portable drinking fountain attachment which can be instantly applied to and preferably register with the delivery portion of a faucet and held in position to operate as a drinking fountain, and thereupon removed and carried by the operator in his pocket or hung on a hook or support adjacent the faucet.

This improved portable attachable and detachable fountain drinking device is, furthermore, suitable for use where the water faucets, as in some wash basins or lavatories, are extremely close to the edge of the basins. Also the device is equally applicable Whether the faucet with which it is desired to be used as a drinking fountain attachment is either at the right or left side of the basin.

Simple means for holding and supporting the portable drinking fountain are provided and consist preferably of a projecting stem or handle with holding means at the end opposite to the conduit.

As shown in the drawing illustrating a preferred embodiment of the present invention,

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my improved portable drinking fountain attachment and holding means;

Fig. 2 is a diagrammatic plan view illustrating the holding of the drinking fountain attachment by the operator in position under the delivery end of the faucet;

Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional view on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2 illustrating the fountain in use.

Fig. 4 is a diagrammatic view illustrating the capacity of the fountain to cooperate with either a righ or left-hand faucet, and

Fig. 5 is a diagrammatic view illustrating a use of my portable drinking fountain attachment with a typical movable faucet showing capacity for cooperative use of the attachment in any position to which the movable faucet is employed.

Referring to the drawing, l illustrates a typical form of my liquid conducting conduit wherein the 13 same is substantially in the form of a semicircular section of a tubing, having openings 22, either of which may be the receiving or delivery opening, the openings 2-2 being spaced apart or otherwise constructed to provide a central recess 20 3, which is of suitable size to register with the usual rim 5 of a water faucet 6 so that the conduit i may thus hold steadily in cooperative position with the faucet by positioning the conduit against the rim 5. Any suitable holding means is provided, that as herein shown being a wire handle i9 secured to the conduit l at one end, and having at the opposite end a curved portion l2 for better holding by the operator when positioning the portable drinking fountain under the rim of the faucet, as illustrated diagrammatically in Fig. 2.

The recess 3 enables the drinking fountain to be fitted to and steadied thereby at any position on the rim 5 around the delivery opening of the 35 faucet E.

It is immaterial whether or not the recess 3 between the openings 22 in the conduit i correctly fits the rim 5 or not since this will, nevertheless, enable the conduit i to be applied to and 40 steadied on the delivery opening of the faucet during its use.

I find that a semi-circular conduit is quite eiiicient for this portable drinking fountain device, enabling either end to be utilized as the receiving or delivery end, although I may if desired utilize a special form of'conduit, such for example as shown in my said copending application Ser. No. 132,982, wherein the receiving end is somewhat larger than the delivery mouth 5 or opening to produce a slight nozzle-like effect to project the liquid at a greater distance and to have the same more compact in the delivery path of flow. Either form, or others, may be equally applicable, the present semi-circular type being 55 found properly efficient and effective, substantially as illustrated in Fig. 3.

In Fig. 4 I have shown a typical washbasin !5, having a right-hand faucet I6 and left-hand faucet I1, with the delivery spout or portion 6 overhanging the edge H! of the basin very closely, leaving but scant room for any attachment, as is sometimes the installation employed. However, with my portable drinking fountain device I can position the same for cooperative use even with such installations, and at either the right or left as indicated in full line position at the righthand faucet H5, or in the dotted line position at the left-hand faucet H.

In Fig. 5 I have illustrated a modified form of kitchen sink or laundry tub 20, having a fixture comprising the two faucets 2i and 22 for hot and cold water, with the connecting fixture 23 and a movable spout or faucet 25 cooperating therewith and adapted to swing from one side to the other for delivery into the basin 26 or 21, as desired. Such movable faucet 26, irrespective of its position, can be instantly utilized with my portable drinking fountain, as clearly shown in both full and dotted line position, and as will be readily understood.

I claim:

A portable sanitary drinking device of the kind described, comprising a substantially semi-circular conduit to utilize a liquid flow of water in one direction, and direct the same therefrom upwardly as a drinking fountain, said curved conduit having the inner curved surface of suitable size to fit, automatically and adjustably, the rim portion of a faucet, pipe, or the like from which liquid flows, in combination with an extending handle secured to the conduit intermediate the receiving and delivery openings, and extending substantially at a right angle to the line of fiow thru said conduit, said delivery and receiving openings being equal to permit interchangeable use of either as the liquid-receiving and fountaindelivery portions.


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