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Publication numberUS2146190 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 7, 1939
Filing dateAug 1, 1936
Priority dateAug 1, 1936
Publication numberUS 2146190 A, US 2146190A, US-A-2146190, US2146190 A, US2146190A
InventorsLuke John W
Original AssigneeLuke John W
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Means for securing covers to receptacles
US 2146190 A
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Feb. 7, 1939. J. w. LUKE MEANS FQR SECURING COVERS TO RECEPTAQLES Filed Aug. 1, 1936 John L 0X":

Patented Feb. 7, 1939 PATENT OFFICE MEANS FOR SECURING COVERS T RECEPTACIES John W. Luke, St. Augustine, Fla. Application August 1, 1936, Serial No. 93,748 3 Claims. (01. 24-256) This invention relates to means for retaining closures on receptacles and is more particularly directed to fastening elements for securing a cover to a receptacle. I

The invention contemplates a detachable clip for securing a pliable skirted cover, such as paper over the open end of a receptacle and retaining the cover in tight engagement with the walls of said receptacle.

An object of the invention is to provide a flexible metallic clip having a non-metallic covering thereon and adapted to grip the walls of any container in order to hold a cover for the same in proper position. I

Another object of the invention is to provide a flexible rubber covered clip'having portions for engaging the overhanging portions of a closure in order to retain the same in contact with the receptacle.

A further object of the invention is to provide a clip so constructed as to enable the clip to be manufactured in large quantities at a minimum expense.

A still further object resides in the provision of a retaining means in the form of a plurality of clips resiliently connected together as a unit.

A still further object of the invention is the provision of a temporary and inexpensive closure for a receptacle including a cover of sheet pliable material such as paper capable of conforming to the configuration of a receptacle and held in position by resilient members.

Further objects and advantages are within the scope of this invention such as relate to the arrangement, operation and function of the related elements of the structure, to various details of construction and to combinations of parts, elements per se, and to economies of manufacture and numerous other features as will be apparent from a consideration of the specification and drawing of a form of the invention, which may be preferred, in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a receptacle showing the invention as used in connection therewith;

Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view taken sub stantially on the line 2-2 of Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a perspective view of one of the retaining elements forming a part of the invention and showing the resilient connecting band to which the clips may be secured;

Figure 4 is a sectional detafl view taken substantially on a line 4-4 of Figure 3 Figure 5 is a sectional detail view of another form of clip or retaining means.

Although the invention has been shown as utilized in securing a cover to a receptacle, it is to be understood that the invention may be used wherever it is found to have utility.

Referring to the drawing in detail and particu- 5 larly to Figure 1, the invention has been illustrated as applied to a receptacle or bowl 6, the open end 8 of the same being covered or enclosed by means of a cover or closure l0 formed of pliable sheet material such as paper or the 10 like and of a suitable size to provide depending portions adapted to contact with the wall of the receptacle. The cover ill may be folded or crimped as at H around the periphery ii of the open end 8 of the receptacle in order to provide means for retaining it in place. A plurality of clips I 3 serve to hold in tight engagement with the walls of the receptacle the crimped portion ll of the cover l0 gripping the walls I thereby securing the cover over the open end 8 of the receptacle as particularly shown in Figure 2. As the clips l3 are preferably of the same construction, it is only necessary to describe one in detail. The clip l3 as particularly shown in Figure 4 includes a flexible metallic strip l5 covered or coated by a suitable yieldable material such as rubber fabric or other non-metallic material l6. The cover material I6 may be applied in any convenient manner, and if rubber is used, it may be vulcanized thereon or secured thereby by suitable cement. The use of latex, lacquer, enamel or other suitable material which will render the metal member non-oxidizable is also contem plated as covering for the strip l 5 as the same has been found very satisfactory for such purposes. 5

Clips l3 are preferably of a substantially U- shaped configuration formed by bending the strip l5 upon itself providing leg portions l1 and I9. Leg portion l9 extends beyond leg portion I7 and has an enlarged portion 20 particularly 40 shown in Figure 3 preferably formed of the same material as that of the lining or cover l6 projecting outwardly on each side of leg l9. Leg portion i1 is bent inwardly toward leg portion is for the purpose of increasing the gripping action of the clip. Clips l3 are preferably made of flexible material and are capable of being bent or com-: pressed so that upon their application to the receptacle, the cover i0 is held in tight engagement by the clips against the walls of the receptacle and due to the flexibility of the construction the clips are capable of being used with receptacles having walls of various degrees of thickness.

As illustrated in Figures 1 to 4, inclusive, a resilient band 2| of elastic or stretchable material 66 may be secured to one face 22 of the enlarged portion 20 of each clip, and as particularly shown in Figures 1 and 2 the clips when attached to the band II in this manner may be applied to the receptacle 8 as a unit, in which case the elastic will stretch around the circumference of the receptacle or bowl. By such arrangement the depending portions of the skirt 2' of cover II are held in engagement with the outer surface of the bowl by band 2| thus providing ,a seal against the ingress of air and moisture to the interior of the bowl itself.

The device is particularly adaptable for use with receptacles such as bowls, pans and Jars for containing food. I have found it desirable to provide a cover for such containers in order to maintain the food in proper condition and to prevent the odor of one food from permeating another, which frequently occurs when the food is placed in refrigerators or the like, and in this connection I have found wax paper, Cellophane and othertranslucent cellulose derivatives serve the purpose very effectively permitting visibility of the contents of the container without necessity of removing the closure. The device herein described has many advantages in that it will fit any container due to the elasticity of the band 2i and as any paper may be utilized, the necessity of having specially shaped closures particularly adapted for each container is entirely eliminated.

Another construction of the clip is illustrated in Figure 5 in which the metallic strip it extends the full length of the rubber or fabric coating i6. In this form of the invention, the yieldable cover for the metallic strip it may be preformed and provided with an opening to facilitate that strip It be inserted therein and later the opening being permanently sealed.

Although the clips it have been shown connected by the elastic band 2i for retaining the skirt portion 25, it is to be understood that the clips may be used independently of the band for securing the cover ill in proper position. Due to the construction of the clips and particularly the metallic strip 15 of the same, the clips may be used repeatedly without noticeable wear or loss of gripping strength or effect.

The cover retaining means or clips I! in the form of the invention shown have been illustrated as having a metallic member i5 provided with an outer cover of resilient material. However, I have found it very effective to omit the use of rubber covering and have the metalic member il coated with a lacquer or enamel, or other material which will render the clips non-oxidizable. This type of construction will materially reduce the cost without interferring materially with the retaining action of the clips I 3.

I have found the following process for rubber coating the metal strip in forming the completed clip very effective and comparatively inexpensive as the same eliminates the use of heavy and exauaioo pensive machinery. This process resides in the use of a hot plate having a plurality of moulds or sectional dies having recesses of the proper desired configuration for the finished clip. A second plate adapted to be locked to the first plate, is employed carrying the cooperating section of the dies which are provided with suitably spaced projections, acting as a matrix and adapted to conform to the recess carried by the heated plate. A strip of rubber formed to fit into each recess is positioned thereon and a strip of metal placed on top of each rubber strip. The second plate having the projections is then placed over the first plate and pressure applied thereon which, to cause an intimate contact of the metal strip and rubber strip. The second plate is then removed and another strip of rubber placed over the metal strip in each recess. The second plate is again placed over the hot plate and locked in place, this pressure and heat is applied to obtain the proper vulcanization of the rubber strips thus forming a closed envelope for the metal strips.

It is'apparent that, within the scope of the invention, modifications and different arrangements may be made other than is herein disclosed, and the present disclosure is illustrative merely, the invention comprehending all variations thereof.

What I claim is: r

1. A detachable retaining means for securing a pliable cover over the open end of a receptacle including a stretchable band for engaging the outer surface of said receptacle and holding the cover thereto; a plurality of clips attached to said stretchable band, said clips comprising a metallic bendable element having a yieldable covering formed to a U-shaped configuration with one leg portion extending beyond the other for frictionally holding the pliable cover by gripping the walls of the receptacle.

2. A detachable means for securing a pliable cover over the open end of a receptacle including a plurality of clips for gripping the side walls of said receptacle; said clips comprising a metallic deformable element having a rubber coating formed to a substantially U-shaped configuration having an enlarged leg portion which extends beyond the other and the clips being adapted to be shaped to conform with the lip of the receptacle for retaining the cover in position.

3. A detachable retaining means for securing a pliable skirted cover over the open end of a receptacle including a band formed of elastic material for securing the skirt portion of the cover in engagement with the outer wall of the receptacle; a plurality of bendable clips of substantially U- shaped configuration with a leg portion which extends beyond the other by which the clips are secured to said band, said clips made of deformable material for gripping the cover around portions of the inner and outer walls of the lip of the container.


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