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Publication numberUS2146455 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 7, 1939
Filing dateNov 27, 1936
Priority dateNov 27, 1936
Publication numberUS 2146455 A, US 2146455A, US-A-2146455, US2146455 A, US2146455A
InventorsJacob H Tepper
Original AssigneeJacob H Tepper
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Tooth brush
US 2146455 A
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Feb. 17,- 1939. J. H. TEPPER t I 2,146,455

TOOTH BRUSH Filed Nov. 27, 1936 Patented Feb. 7, 1939 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1 Claim.

The principal objects of this invention are to provide a tooth brush which not only performs the functions of cleaning teeth but also stimulates the saliva glands, creating an overflow of natural moisture which in itself is antiseptic and which dissolves the dental powder, thereby creating a mixture which neutralizes acidity, immunizing the blood; to provide a tooth brush which will aid with the help of the tooth powder in healing infections and resisting germs in the mouth and on the gums; to provide means whereby the powder will penetrate the fissures, cracks, and indentations, literally reaching the interior and remote places in the gums and teeth, protect healthy gums and teeth .and harden the tooth enamel thus insuring strong and beautiful teeth; to provide a brush which will undermine tartar, cleanse fllm and foreign matter from the teeth and gums and also refresh the mouth and gums, giving the gums a virtual massage; to provide a brush which will form a perfect saliva testing instrument for dental and medical clinics; to provide a brush which polishes and bleaohes the enamel to a pearl white luster; to provide a brush which will yield at all points; to provide a structure having means in the body thereof for receiving the handle, detachably, and to provide a brush which can be manufactured at comparatively low cost.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will appear hereinafter.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawing, in which Fig. 1 is a side view of a preferred embodiment of this invention, shown partly in section;

Fig. 2 is a back view of the brush with the handle separated therefrom;

Fig. 3 is a front View of the brush complete, and

Fig. 4 is a sectional view on line 4-4 of Fig. 1. I

The invention is shown in a form in which a brush head Ill is formed of sterilized and heat resisting soft rubber It is provided with a back 5 9, in which is a socket II for receiving the end of a handle l2. This handle may be of pyroxiline or any other suitable material. It is tapered, especially at its extreme end, to flt the socket H. In use the handle and head act as one but the 50 handle can be taken out by the simple operation of drawing it away from the head.

The back 9 is provided with two laterally projecting connections [3 integral with it. At the ends of these-two parts is the brush proper l4,

also integral. The brush proper extends in a single piece from one end to the other and is provided with sharp teeth I5, shown in this case as comprising two outer rows extending peripherally round the brush and meeting at the rear 5 end. Also between these two rows are shown two other rows separated from each other at the center at least, leaving a space l6. Therefore, there are four rows of teeth and they are all separated at the extreme front end so as to pro- 10 vide additional flexibility. Under the teeth there is a long opening ll, which extends from one connection I3 to the other and provide for the extreme flexibility of the whole brush. This constitutes a hollow center whereby at least the 1;; central teeth can bend to lit the teeth of the individual who is using it. It will be seen that this brush will act effectively on the teeth and in the mouth and yield, especially at the center, to provide for projecting teeth and can yield 20 at the end to enable it to get into the finest crevices in and between the teeth. It is intended to be used with dental powder with antiseptic properties and will force that powder into the crevices of the teeth. It also causes it to mas- 5 sage the gums and assist the circulation of the blood therein and thereby keep the gums in good condition. It can be used with a gentle motion and each tooth is self-adjusted to the shape of the human teeth. When it is desired the 30 brush can be removed and a new one applied to the handle which will adhere to the brush and form an effective and lasting joint. Also if the handle is injured, that can be replaced with the same results. 35

Having thus described my invention and the advantages thereof, I do not wish to be limited to the details herein disclosed, otherwise than as set forth in the claim, but what I claim is:

As an article of manufacture, a soft rubber 40 tooth brush having on the front a plurality of separated longitudinal rows of pointed integral teeth, an integral back, extending longitudinally, means along the back to receive a removable harder handle, a recess under the teeth extend- I ing crosswise all the way through from side to side and open at both sides and extending longitudinally of the brush a substantial distance sufficient to add tothe flexibility of the rows of teeth, and transverse integral members at both ends of the recess to provide the integral connection between the back and teeth, for the purpose described.


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U.S. Classification15/188, 601/141, 15/167.1
International ClassificationA46B9/04
Cooperative ClassificationA46B9/005, A46B2200/1066
European ClassificationA46B9/00E