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Publication numberUS2146637 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 7, 1939
Filing dateMar 24, 1937
Priority dateMar 24, 1937
Publication numberUS 2146637 A, US 2146637A, US-A-2146637, US2146637 A, US2146637A
InventorsGlenn E Macfadden
Original AssigneeMarkel Electric Products Inc
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Electric lighting fixture
US 2146637 A
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Fehzma @,E'MMFAD'DEN -2,146,.637


Filed March 24, 19457 `INVENTOR i wenn 6. Wmcdden ATTORNEY Patented Feb. 7, 1939 f l UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE ELECTRIC LIGHTING FIXTURE:

Glenn E. MacFadden, Bualo, N. Y., assigner to Markel Electric Products, Inc., Buffalo, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application March 24, 1937, Serial No. 132,797

1 Claim. (Cl. 24U- 128) This invention relates to electric lighting xformedor provided with legs 20 which are suittur-es of the kind which utilize a diffuser for ably secured to the body 1 of the holder. Each modifying the light emitted by the lamp and of the said clips is formed with a finger 2| which more particularly involves improvements in the extends into the neck I8 of the diiuser, the outer means by which the said diffuser is attached to end of the said nger being curved as indicated 5 the xture. at 22 and engaging an internal shoulder 23 pro- One object of the invention is to provide for vided at the juncture of the flange and neck of facility in attaching and detaching the diffuser. the diffuser. The fingers 2| are parts of open A further object is to provide an electric lightresilient loops 24 which are located in openings 10 ing fixture which is so designed that the lamp and 25 formed in the body 'l of the holder. The 10 diffuser may be located in cl-ose proximity to the clips I9 are so designed that the curved ends of Wall upon which the fixture is mounted. lthe ngers 2l hold the diiuser rmly seated A stili further object is to provide a fixture against the shoulder 8. The resiliency 0f the which is pleasing and attractive in appearance. loops 24, however, enables the diffuser t0l be de- A still further object is a xture in which protached simply by pulling it away from its \seat, 15 vision is made for preventing accidental release the iingers 2| moving toward one another as of the diffuser. they are Withdrawn from the neck of the diffuser. The invention is illustrated in the accompany- The attachment of the diffuser to the holder isv ing drawing in which: preferably accomplished by inserting one side of Figure l is a section through a fixture emthe neck I8 behind the finger of one of the clips 20 bodying the features of the invention. before any attempt is made to insert the -other Figure 2 is a horizontal section taken along side of the neck behind the nger of the other line 2-2 of Figure -1. clip. 'Thereafter the finger of the last mentioned Figure 3 is a fragmentary section taken along clip is forced inward-ly far enough to permit its 1in@ 3 3 0f Figure 2. curved end to enter the neck of the diffuser. The 25 The fixture, as illustrated, includes a circular assembling operation is then completed by pressholder, or pan, 5 which is adapted to be arranged ing the diiuser toits seated position, the curved over a suitable electrical outlet and which is end of the riger moving beneath theshoulder formed with a marginal flange 6 and a central 23 during the nal part of such movement to co- V depressed body 1. The portion of the holder operate with the finger of the companion clip in 30 which connects the said flange and body provides holding the diffuser in such position until it is an annular shoulder 8, the said body being formed again removed in the manner described. The With a Central Opening 9 fOr accommodating a diffuser, therefore, may be detached and attached threaded post IIJ which is suitably anchored to with facility as occasion may demand. At the the wall against which the fixture is mounted. same time its accidental release is prevented. A nut H which is screwed upon the post I0 co- The fixture described is pleasing and attractive operates with the body 'I to secure the holder in appearance, being enhanced in these respects against the said Wall. When the holder 5 is by the concealment of the means by which the mounted as shown the flange 6 thereof engages diffuser is atached to the holder. A further ad- 0 the Wall to space the body 6 apredetermined disvantage obtained is that the lamp and diffuser 40 tance from it. The Wires I2 from the electrical may be located in clo'se proximity to the wall outlet pass from under the body 1 through an upon which the fixture is mounted, the xture in opening I3 and are connected to the socket I4 of this aspect resembling and having in substantial the lamp I5 of the fixture, the said socket being degree the advantages of iixtures of the built-in mounted upon the said body by a bracket I6. type. 45

'Ifhe light emitted by the lamp I 5 is modified by 1 Claim as my invention; a diffuser I1 of glass 0r any other suitable trans- In an eleetrie lighting iixture, the combination lucent mateI'aL Il; iS O f the general Shape Of of a holder which is adapted to be mounted a bowl and 1S fOrmed at lts Open end With an inagainst a Wall over an electrical outlet, said hold- Waldly d-IeCled ange lla Which fits against the er having a body which is provided With diame- 50 l shoulder 8 0f the holder, the Said flange tertrically opposed openings and being formed with mrlallng in a Heek I8 WhiCh eXendS IlO 'the dea marginal ange for spacing said body from' said DreSSOH delimited by the Said ShOllldel- The Wall, the portion of the holder connecting said diffuser is held in the position sh-oWn by clips I9. body and ange providing a shoulder, a lamp, The latter are diametrally Opposed and are means for mounting said lamp on said body, a.

diiuser which ts over said lamp, said diuser being' formed at its open end with an inwardly directed ange which overlies saidv shoulder and fingers carried by said body which extend into the open end of said diuser to engage its ange at substantially diametrically opposed points, said ngers being parts of resilient loops which are located in said openings and being yieldable oo release said diffuser when it is pulled for the purpose described.


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