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Publication numberUS214810 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 29, 1879
Filing dateFeb 24, 1879
Publication numberUS 214810 A, US 214810A, US-A-214810, US214810 A, US214810A
InventorsB. Miller
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Improvement in advertising-cases
US 214810 A
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LR.V CARNEY. VAdvvltising Gase.

No. 214,810. Patented April 29', 18794.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent N0. 214,810, dated April 29, 1879; 4application filed February 24, 1879. f

To all whom it may conce/rn.-

Be it known that I, JAMES R. GARNEY, of Indianapolis, in the --county of Marion and State of Indiana, have invented a new and y useful Improvement in Advertising and Directory Gases, of which the following is a description, reference being had to the acconr panying drawings..

My invention relates'to a revolving advertising and directory oase.

The object of my invention is to furnish a revolving device for hotels and public buildings, in which directory cards and advertise ments are conspicuously displayed.

My invention consists, mainly, in the new construction, arrangement, and application of devices; also, in th'e new combination of old elements which are deemed essential in my newly-organized revolving directory and advertising case, as will be hereinafter fully described and set forth.

In the accompanying drawings, in which like letters of reference in the different figures indicate like parts, Figure 1 represents a side elevation of my improved device. Fig. 2 is a vertical section of the same.

A represents the base, formed with inclined tapering sides, which are divided into one or more spaces, P P, to receive advertising-cards.

The bar E extends across the base A, and forms a support for the upright spindle K, which is secured to the bar, and extends i upward through a hole in the top of the base sufliciently far to form a support for the revolvin g part B to operate on.

The revolving case B is provided at the top with a glass plate, R, which rests upon the top of the spindle K, on which said case revolves. The outer surfaces of the revolving case are subdivided by rabbeted bars H, H', J, and O and by the upright partitions into various sizes of spacessuch as C, C, C2, and D.

The rabbeted bars H H J are provided with miter-j oints wherever they join with otherbars, and are held in position by screws and washers G, as shown.

The glasses 'v are held in position by the rabbeted cross-bars H H J.

The spaces C C, at the vertical center of each side of the revolving case, are designed `as directory cases or spaces, in which the lower space would indicate the rooms, offices, and occupants of the lower floor of a public building, &c., and so on with the other spaces C until aperfect directory of all rooms, oflices, and principal ofcers in a building are represented. The other spaces are designed foradvertising purposes, and may be subdivided in any manner required.

If it is desired to insert cards in spaces D D, a screw is removed from the hole a at one end of the bar O, and said bar can be removed, together with the glass above and below, which .can be replaced after' the cards have been inserted.

If cards are required in all the spaces D D D' D', the screw from the center joint of all the bars 0 O O 0 is removed, and access to all said spaces is obtained. In like manner all the spaces are accessible, and cards can be readily inserted or removed when desired.

At the basfx of the revolving case B are inserted rollers m m m, the lower parts of which rest lightly on the top of the base A, and form friction-rollers to steady the Arevolving top. By means of these friction-rollers and the spindle K the top case is allowed to revolve freely on the glass plate R, and permits all advertisements and directorycards to be readily inspected 'from 011e point of view.

The case A may be mounted on casters, and the whole device made portable, if 'desired.

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

A revolving directory and advertising device, consisting of a base, A, with advertising-spaces P P and spindle K, in combination with a revolving case, B, with advertising and directory spaces C C1, friction-rollers m m, and glass bearing B, in the manner and for the purpose substantially as shown and de; scribed.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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