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Publication numberUS2148687 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 28, 1939
Filing dateMay 28, 1938
Priority dateMay 28, 1938
Publication numberUS 2148687 A, US 2148687A, US-A-2148687, US2148687 A, US2148687A
InventorsEnglish Henry W
Original AssigneeEnglish Henry W
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Convertible skate
US 2148687 A
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28, 1939. H w ENGUSH 2,148,6$7

CONVERTIBLE SKATE Filed May 28, 1938 Invenior emaz W133 325/?) Patented Feb. 28, 1939 v f I 2,148,687

UNITED STATES PATENT, OFFICE CONVERTIBLE SKATE Henry W. English, Jacksonville, 111. Application May 28, 1938, Serial No. 210,739

2 Claims. (01. 280-713) My invention relates to improvements in con- 2| and 22 in the shank 2, the bolt I! having a vertible skates for use either as roller, or ice washer 23 riveted on the lower end thereof and skates as desired. comprising a guide stud, and the bolt 20 having The invention is designed with the particular a wing nut 24 threaded on the lower end thereof 5 purpose in view of equipping a roller skate infor clamping the plate II in position. The plate expensively and quickly for use as an ice skate l8 has suitably afllxed to opposite sides thereof a of the type having double runners wherebybepair of toe straps 25 adapted to be laced toginners and those with weak ankles may skate gether by the lacing 25. with ease and sufier no untoward after effects. The described roller skate is converted into an 10 Other and subordinate objects are also comice skate by means of a pair of plate-like side 10 prehended by my-invention all of which together runners 26 having adjacent their upper edges with the precise nature of my improvements will front and rear circular apertures 21 adapted to be readily understood when the succeeding defit over the heads H and nuts ill of the front scription and claims are read with reference to and rear spindles 5 and 8, and a pair of front the drawing accompanying and forming part and rear bolts 28 and 29 extended through said 15 of thi speciflcafign, runners in front of the front and rear rollers I In said drawing: d r vely, and having Wing nuts 30 Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of a skate hereon, Said olts 28, 28 and wing nuts 30 embodying my improvements, clamping the r nners 26 against the outer edges Figure 2 i n in b tt lan, of the rollers l and 8, and the heads II and nuts 20 Figure 3 is a view in vertical transverse sec- 0 coastin with the edges f h apertures 21 tion taken on the line 3-3 of Figure 1 looking in to support the rollers l and 8 above the lower the direction indicated by the arrows, and edges of the runners 26. Preferably the runners Figure 4 is a view in perspective of one of the 25 are pr vided w h upwa ly n f w r y n- 25 runners. clined front ends 28 and similarly shaped rear 25 Referring to the drawing by numerals, the ds 9- skate which is rendered convertible by my in- A w ll w be l a my vention provides a vention comprises a carriage or truck I having P Of Side llmnelfi for pp t g a roller straight flat shank 2, a pair of laterally spaced Skate by means of the front and rear roller spin- 0 cars 3 depending from the shank 2 at the toe (1165, t runners being la ped ag inst the sides 30 end of the skate, and a similar pair of ears 4 of the front and rear rollers thereby p v t depending from aid h nk t th h l d of said rollers from turning, said rollers acting as said skate, said pairs of cars 3 and 4 having exsp rs maintaining Said runners in parallelism tended therethrough the front and rear roller and bracing the same under side thrust and spindles 5 and 6 on the ends of which are mountagainst stresses and strains incident to turning. 35 ed the pairs of front and rear rollers i and 8. As will also be readily apparent the skate may Intermediate each pair of ears 3 and 4 is a spacbe converted from an ice skate into a roller ing sleeve 9 surrounding the spindles. The spinskate quickly and easily by merely unscrewing dies 5, 6 have the form of headed bolts passing the wing nuts 30 and removing the runners from through the related rollers and ears from one off the heads H and nuts Ill. 40 side of the skate and having nuts Ill threaded The foregoing constitutes a detailed description thereon. The heads ll of the spindles 5 and 6 of a preferred embodiment of my invention and and the nuts Ill extend beyond the outer edges will, it is believed, suflice to impart a clear unof the rollers I and 8. The carriage or truck I derstanding thereof. However, it is to be unsupports a heel plate l2 rendered adjustable on derstood that the present disclosure is illus- 45 said carriage or truck by means of a bolt l3 trative rather than restrictive and that right passing therethrough and through a slot H in is herein reserved to modifications in the inventhe shank 2, said bolt having a wing nut l5 tion as described falling within the scope of the threaded on the lower end thereof. The heel subjoined claims.

plate I! has the heel flange l6 arising therefrom What I laim i 50 to which is attached, in the usual manner, the 1. In a convertible skate, a carriage having ankle strap ll. On the front of the carriage r front and rear roller spindles thereon, and front truck I is a foot or toe P a e 8 adjustable thereand rear pairs of rollers on the ends of said spinon through the medium of front and rear bolts dies, respectively, the spindles having heads on I9 and 20 passing hrough front and rear slots one end and nuts on the other end, the heads 88 amass? and nuts extending beyond the outer edges 0! said rollers, a pair of side runners having apertures therein fitting over said heads and nuts and supporting the carriage and rollers thereby in elevated position, and detachable devices on said runners clamping the same against the outer edges of said rollers comprising a pair 0! bolts extending through said runners in front of said pairs of rollers, respectively, and wing nuts threaded onto said bolts.


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U.S. Classification280/7.13, D21/763, 280/841, D21/761
International ClassificationA63C17/00, A63C17/18
Cooperative ClassificationA63C17/18
European ClassificationA63C17/18