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Publication numberUS2149087 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 28, 1939
Filing dateFeb 15, 1938
Priority dateFeb 15, 1938
Publication numberUS 2149087 A, US 2149087A, US-A-2149087, US2149087 A, US2149087A
InventorsFisher John H
Original AssigneeFisher John H
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Protective rod and reel case
US 2149087 A
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Feb. 28, 1939. J. H. FISHER PROTECTIVE ROD AND REEL-CASE Filed Feb. 15, 1938 INVENTOR.


Patented Feb. 28, 1939' UNITED] srArss PATENT OFFICE 5Claims.

My invention relates to a protective rod and reel case and it more especially consists of the features pointed out in the claims.

The purpose of my invention is to provide a protective carrying case for an assembled rod, the handle and attached reel; that avoids the necessity of separating the rod from the handle and the reel from the handle and storing each one in a separate container; that enables one to safely put the protective case with its contents in an auto along with other dunnage, without any risk of damage to the parts in the case; and that enables a fisherman to instantly take. advantage of any promising fishing spot without going through the tedium of getting the parts out of their cases and assembling the rod on the handle, the reel on the handle and threading the line through the line guides. With my lay-out all of this is avoided. When a separate case for each part is not provided, these are frequently put into cloth sacks, where dust, dirt and sand will accumulate to the great annoyance of the fisherman when the line is tangled, and the reel does not work properly due to an unwonted presence of sand.

With these and other ends in view I illustrate on the accompanying drawing-such instances of adaptation as will disclose the broad features of the invention without limiting myself to the details described herein.

Fig. 1 is a side elevation of an assembled and closed case.

Fig. 2 is a top plan view of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a front end elevation 'of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is aside elevation of Fig. 1 with the under part of the case lowered to permit the assembled handle, reel and rod to be withdrawn for instant use.

Fig. 5 is an outer end elevation of the rod tube with the end cap removed.

Fig. 6 is an enlarged elevation of the inner end of the rod in its relation to the case.

Fig. 7 is a modification of the inner end of the 'rod tube. I

Fig. 8 is an inside catch for holding the two parts of the case closed against accidental opening which might follow should an outside catch be provided.

In practicing my invention I may use whatever equivalents of structure or modifications of parts that the exigencies of varying conditions may demand without departing i'rom the broad spirit of the invention.

The case may be formed of sheet metal, stamped into the required shape and then chrome plated, or it may be made with a stainless steel base and any desired plating or die casting, or it may be made of any conventional synthetic resin products or other plastics. It comprises an upper part I and a lower part 2. These are hinged to- 5 gether by a long hinge 3. A projection 4 from the underside of the lower part 2 forms ari enclosure of the finger grip of the handle. A rod tube 5 encloses the rod with its attached line. This tube is pivoted to the lower part 2 of the 10 case by ahinge 6 operating on a horizontal plane same as the long hinge 3, but at approximately right angles to the latter.

The outer end of the tube 5 is closed by a cap I and the inner end is flared out at 8 (Fig. 7) so as to make it easy to insert the rod into the tube 5. This may be conical as shown in Fig.

' 6 or bell shaped as shown in Fig. 7. When the case is closed and it is held in italosed position by. means of an inner or concealed spring catch 9 the tube end 8 is firmly held by the two halves of the case, thus relieving the hinge 6 from any undue strains.

As' ordinarily used a rod III with its line guides II has its large end I! seated in an opening of the rod support It oi the handle I as shown in Fig. 6. The portion I! of the handle supports the reel iii in any desired manner. A limit screw ll serves to position the reel on the part II so that it will be in the proper place before the case is closed. The usual finger grip l8 projects downward from the bridge I5 and is protected by the projection l.

The inside of the tube 5 may have any desired kind of lining l9 and the inside of the casing 35 may be lined by velvet or other material 20 and in order to hold the reel against wobbling in the case, felt or other pads 2| may be provided as shown in Figs. 1, 3 and 6.

The casing in two halves surrounds the inner 40 end 8 of the rod at 22 and the handle I at 23. The reel wind 24 is positioned between the side extensions 25 of the casing, in which the hidden catch 9 is located.

A line 26 from the reel l6 passes through the tube 5 and the line guides ll of the rod [0 to the outer end of the rod, and the slack ofthe bait end is brought back to the reel and secured in any desired manner.

The operation 01'. my protective case is simple indeed. The catch 9 is pressed and the upper part I is released from the lower part 2 when it is turned upward and to the left; as shown in the dotted lines of Fig. 3. This exposes the reel and the handle connections to the rod ll.

With the parts in this position the handle, reel and rod cannot yet be withdrawn from the case and the tube, however this is done by lowering the lower part 2 on the hinge 6. In assembling the rod, etc., after an enjoyable fishing experience it is inserted in the tube, the lower part 2 is raised to engage the handle and the top part I is closed thus immediately protecting an expensive line, rod, reel and handle from any injury.

The closed empty case with its tube may be used with the tube to feel the condition or the bottom of the stream and steady the fisherman as he guardedly moves from place to place.

What I claim is:

1. In a protective rod and reel case, a tube to cover the rod, a two part case comprising an upper and a lower portion for enclosing the reel, the handle and the entry end of the tube, a hinge connecting the two. parts for horizontal movement, a hinge connecting the lower part! the case with the tube to permit a withdrawal oi! the reel from the case or its insertion therein, and means for holding the two parts against accidenta1 opening.

2. A protective casing for enclosing a fishing rod with its attached reel comprising, a protective tube adapted to receivethe rod, a protective case divided into an upper and a lower portion, the lower portion being adapted to contain the reel, handle and the entrance end of the rod, and the upper portion serving as a cover, a hinge connecting the two parts on approximately the same plane as the axis of the rod tube, a second hinge connecting the tube and the lower part of the case on a plane approximately at right angle to the other hinge.

3. A unitary casing to protect an assembled fishing rod its handle and an attached reel, which comprises a two part casing the parts being hinged together, a separate hinge at approximately right angles with the first hinge connecting one part of. the casing to a tube adapted to enclose the fishing rod, and means for holding the casing closed to completely surround the reel, the reel portion 01 the handle and the entrance end of the tube.

4. A protective enclosing casing and associated tube for guarding a fishing rod its handle and attached reel against damage, which consists in forming the casing of two parts the lower part being connected to the tube by a hinge, a second hinge connecting the two parts positioned approximately at right angles to the tube hinge, and means for holding the casing closed against accidental opening.

5. A protective casing for enclosing a fishing rod its handle and an attached reel comprising a member having a recess therein to accommodate the reel portion of the handle and the reel adapted to prevent the reel and handle being withdrawn unless this member is moved away from in front of the reel, a tube attached to the recessed casing by means of a hinge, a casing cover hinged at approximately right angles to the tube hinge adapted to enclose the reel and handle, a flared or conical entrance end to the tube, a closure at the outer end of the tube, and enclosing portions of the two parts 01' the casing being adapted to engage the enlarged end of the tube to relieve the tube hinge from stresses while carrying the casing by means or thetube.


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