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Publication numberUS2149635 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 7, 1939
Filing dateAug 27, 1936
Priority dateAug 27, 1936
Publication numberUS 2149635 A, US 2149635A, US-A-2149635, US2149635 A, US2149635A
InventorsHowald Arthur M, Shepard Whiting N
Original AssigneePlaskon Co Inc
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Lighting fixture
US 2149635 A
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March 7, 1939 w. SHEPARIYD ET AL 7 2,149,635

LIGHTING FIXTURE F iled Aug. 27, 1956 INVENTORS ATTORNEY Patented Mar; 7, 1939 UNITED STATES LIGHTING FIXTURE Whiting N. Shepard 'and Arthur'M. Howald, Toledo, Ohio, assignors to Plaskon Company, Incorporated; Toledo, Ohio, a corporation of Delaware Application August 27, 1936, Serial No. 98,1l6


This invention relates to lighting fixtures and particularly to so-called dome lights used in automobiles.

One of its objects is the provision of 'an' imistics which is of pleasing appearance and is economical to manufacture.

Other objects and advantages will be apparent from the following description, in which referonce is had to the accompanying drawing illustrating a preferred embodiment of our invention and wherein similar reference numerals designate similar parts throughout the several views.

In the drawing:

Figure I is a bottom plan view of the lighting fixtureof our invention;

Figure II is a sectional ele'vational view taken substantially on the line IIII of Figure I; and

Figure III is an enlarged cross-sectional view taken substantially on the line III-III of Figure II.

Referring to the drawing in detail, the frame of the lighting fixture consists of a sheet metal plate I having an upwardly embossed, trayshaped portion 2 and a pair of downwardly bent leaves 3 each of which is provided with a stamped protuberance 4. The lower ends of the leaves 3 are slightly curved inwardly toward each other and the material of the frame I is sufficiently resilient so that the leaves 3 if bent toward each other will spring back, when released, to their former positions.

The edge of the frame I is surrounded by an ornamental head 5 which may be plated with chromium or nickel, or lacquered or otherwise finished.

Fixed to one of the sloping ends of the trayshaped portion 2 of the frame I is a lamp socket 6, of common form, which is connected to a source of current by means of wires I and which supports an incandescent lamp 8, also of common form.

The translucent lamp cover 9 which forms an element of the lighting fixture of our invention isboat shaped, with a transverse partition I0 adjacent each end, each transverse partition having an opening to receive one of the protuberances 4 of a spring leaf 3 when the lamp cover is in place on the frame I (see Figure II), When it is desired to remove thelamp cover for access to the lamp 8 or for cleaning or other purpose, a

screw driver or other bladed tool is inserted between the bead 5 and the edge of the lamp cover 9 and the lamp cover 9 pried away from the frame I, the springleaves 3 yielding sufficiently to permit the protuberances 4 to slip out of the open- 5 ings in the partitions II). To replace the lamp cover, it is so held that the inwardly bent ends of the spring leaves 3 engage inside the partitions l0, and pushed upwardly. As the partitions l0 move upwardly the spring leaves 3 bend 10 toward each other and the partitions l0 slide upwardly along the protuberances 4 until the protuberances snap into the openings in the partitions, whereupon the lamp cover is held in place until it is purposefully removed. 16

The lamp coverv 9 may be made of any translucent material but preferably is molded of light colored synthetic thermosetting plastic material, such as ureaformaldehyde molding composition. The exterior of the lamp cover may be ornament- 20 ed as indicated by the numeral H on the drawing, or otherwise, and its shape may be varied to suit the fancy of the designer.

The invention herein shown and described is to be regarded as illustrative only, and it is to be 5 understood that the invention is susceptible to variation, modification and change within the spirit and scope of the subjoined claims.

Having described our invention, we claim:

1. In a lighting fixture, in combination, an in- 30 tegral sheet metal frame having a resilient leaf projecting therefrom, means on said frame for supporting a lamp, and a translucent lamp cover having a partition adapted to be engaged by said resilient leaf, there being a cooperating protuber- 35 ance and recess on said partition and'leaf and means cooperating with said partition and resilient leaf to removably secure said lamp cover to said sheet metal frame, said partition and leaf and said cooperating means being concealed with- 40' leaves projecting therefrom, means on said frame for supporting a lamp, and a translucent lamp cover having partitions engageable by said resilient leaves, there being cooperating protuberances and recesses onsaid partitions and leaves, said partitions and leaves being adapted, when said protuberances are received in said recesses,

to secure said translucent lamp cover and said sheet metal frame together with said partitions 5 and leaves concealed within said translucent lamp cover.

3. In a lamp cover, in combination, a frame having resilient leaves depending therefrom, means on said frame for supporting a lamp, and a translucent boat-shaped lamp cover having partitions adapted to engage said resilient leaves, said partitions and leaves being provided with interlocking elements.

4. In a lighting fixture, in combination, an integral sheet metal frame having a pair of depending resilient leaves, means on said frame for supporting a lamp, and a translucent lamp cover having partitions adapted to be yie ldably engaged by said resilient leaves, said leaves and partitions being provided with interlocking means, the edge of said lamp cover engaging said frame.

5. In a lighting fixture, in combination, a frame consisting of a plate having an upwardly embossed, tray-shaped portion and a pair of delamp cover having a pair of partitions adapted tobe resiliently engaged by said leaves, there being openings in said partitions to receive said protuberances, said boat-shaped lamp cover being molded of heat-hardened synthetic plastic material. 1


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