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Publication numberUS2149970 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 7, 1939
Filing dateDec 16, 1937
Priority dateDec 16, 1937
Also published asUS2149971
Publication numberUS 2149970 A, US 2149970A, US-A-2149970, US2149970 A, US2149970A
InventorsLiebmann Moses
Original AssigneeLiebmann Moses
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Blanket fastener
US 2149970 A
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March 7, 1939 M. L IEBMANN BLANKET FASTENER Filed Dec. 16, 1937 INVENTOR. /70s5 U'ebma/m.


Patented Mar. 7, 1939 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFIQE 1 Claim.

This invention relates to clamping means for holding blankets, sheets and the like in place against the mattress, and has for one of its objects the provision of a device of this character which will effectively prevent the blankets or sheets from being kicked or thrown off the bed and leave the body exposed and unprotected.

Another object of the invention is the provision of a device of the nature referred to which is especially adapted to be applied to roll edge mattresses for holding the blankets, quilts or sheets there-against.

Another object is to produce a device of the character described in which the maximum simplicity of construction and operation is secured.

Other objects and advantages will appear as the nature of the improvements is better understood, the invention consisting substantially in the novel arrangement and co-relation of parts herein fully described and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein similar reference characters are used to describe corresponding parts throughout the several views, and then finally pointed out and specifically defined and indicated in the appended claim.

The disclosure made the basis of exemplifying the present inventive concept suggests a practical embodiment thereof, but the invention is not to be restricted to the exact details of this disclosure, and the latter, therefore, is to be understood from an illustrative, rather than a restrictive standpoint.

In the accompanying drawing Figure l is a fragmental end view partly in section of a roll edge mattress showing one form of my improved blanket holding or clamping device as applied thereto;

Figure 2 is a top plan view of the clamping device;

Figure 3 is a sectional view through one clamping lip of the device, the undersurface of the said lip being provided with a padding;

Figure 4 is a fragmental end View of a mattress showing another form of my invention, the mattress and blanket being shown in dot and dash lines, and

Figure 5 is a side view thereof looking from the right of Figure 4.

Referring now to Figures 1 and 2 of the drawing in detail, I indicates a roll edge of a mattress superposed upon the said mattress is a sheet, quilt or blanket l2 which may be held in place on the mattress by means of a plurality of holding or clamping devices l3 only one of such devices being shown in the drawing.

The clamping device l3 comprises an upper member i4 and a lower member l held under tension by means of a cylindrical spring IS. The members [4 and [5 each comprise a flat ledge or lip H, a circular or arcuate portion l8 and a finger extension l9 which protrudes through a slot in the spring Hi.

In Figure 1 of the drawing, I have shown the blanket or other cover as extending over the roll edge in and held in place on the fiat portions of the mattress by the ledges or lips I! and against the roll edge ID by means of the arcuate portions I8 of the holding members l4 and I5. The clamping device l3 may be removed from the mattress by pressing the finger extensions Hi together until the fiat ledges I! are far enough apart to clear the roll edge It). The ledges I1, if desirable may be provided at their undersurfaces with a soft, pliable or resilient lining 2| as shown in Figure 3.

In Figures 4 and 5 of the drawing, I have shown a modified form of the invention wherein the blanket or other covering [2 may be clampingly held against the top and bottom surfaces of the mattress II. In this form of the invention, the holding device comprises an upper member and a lower member 26 each provided with a fiat horizontal ledge 21 and an arcuate portion 28. The upper member 25 may be provided with a depending wall 29 to which is adjustably secured an apron by means of screws 3| passing through elongated slots 32 in the apron 30. Wing nuts 33 may be provided for the screws 3|. The lower member 26 is provided with a wall 34 having a horizontal flange 35 which extends parallel to a similar flange 36 on the apron 30. The said flanges 35 and 35 are clampingly held together by means of a clamp 38 comprising an upper plate 39, a lower plate 40 and a cylindrical spring 4| exerting a tension against the plates 39 and 45. The clamping device may be opened by pressing against the finger extensions 42 extending outwardly from the said plates through slots 43 in the spring 4|.

In this modified form of my invention, the upper and lower members 25 and 26 are placed in position on the mattress and over the covering l2 and maintained in clamped position by the clamping device 38. It will be seen that due to the adjustability of the upper portion of the device, the same may be used with various thicknesses of mattresses. It will further be seen that although the device is shown as used in combination with'a roll edge mattress, it may just as readily be used with mattresses without the roll edges. V

o I desire it understood that all of the various parts of my device may be made of any suitable material, shape and size and that I may employ one or more of such, devices at the edges of the mattress.

From the foregoing, will be seen that I have provided a simple, inexpensive yet highly efficient device for clamplngly holding bed 'coverings to the mattress, so that the said coverings cannot be kicked or thrown off the bed andthus A device for clampingly holding the bed covering on the bed mattress against accidental displacement, the said device comprising an upper member, a horizontal ledge on the said member to hold the covering against the top of the mattress, a lower member, a horizontal ledge on' the other of said walls, and a spring clamp for,

clampingly engaging the said flanges to exert a pressure against the top and bottom of the covering and mattress.


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U.S. Classification24/72.5, 24/565, 24/564
International ClassificationA47C21/02
Cooperative ClassificationA47C21/022
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