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Publication numberUS2151069 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 21, 1939
Filing dateJan 13, 1937
Priority dateJan 13, 1937
Publication numberUS 2151069 A, US 2151069A, US-A-2151069, US2151069 A, US2151069A
InventorsWilliam F Bahr
Original AssigneeWilliam F Bahr
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Fuel pump
US 2151069 A
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March 21, 1939. w.i F. BAHR.

FUEL PUMP Original Fild Jan. 1:5, 1957 V 15 readily dispense the: fuel or oil from the barrel, ber l9 adjacent the point of connection between 15 2 vide a readily detachable dispensing means in the provided with a lever or operating member 23. 20

In the drawing, wherein like symbols refer to terposed between the flange 26 and the boss l3 Patented Mar. 21, 1939 I UNITED, STATES PATENT OFFICE William F. Bahr, Glen Ullin, N. Dak.

'- Application January 13, 1937, Serial No. 120,447

r Renewed August 16, 1938 1 Claim. (Cl. 22177) This invention relates to liquid dispensing-debarrel I0 with the barrel standing on end, I have vices and more particularly to a liquid dispensing provided a dispensing means comprising a pipe means of the-pressure type adapted for dispensl4 which is adapted to extend downwardly in'gfuel, oil, or the like 1 through the boss l3 and into the interior of the '5 Anobject'of this invention is to provide a barrel I 0. This pipe l4 at its inner end is pro- 5 pressure operated means which may be engaged vided with a nipple 5 having a Strainer with a conventional liquid holding receptacle so cured therein andpreferably the lower end of the that the: liquid in the receptacle may be disnipple I5 is notched, as at IT, so that the nipple pensed, as maybe desired, by ,means of a liquid l5 may contact directly with the inner surface 10 dispensing valve or nozzle. of the bottom l8 of the barrel ID. in 4 Another object of this invention is to provide A flexible hose l9 has one end thereof secured, a pump of this'character which may be threadas by a clamping device 20, to the upper or outer ably 'engaged with a barrel or like receptacle in end of the discharge pipe 14 and a relatively stiff which' fuel or oil is're'ceived "so that a person may wire 2| is wound about the hose or flexible memthe fuel being under air pressure so 'thatthe'fuel this hose l9 and the upper end of the pipe l4 so or liquid will beio'rced into thedispensing hose as to prevent kinking of the hose l9. A discharge and outth'rough' the dispensing valve or nozzle. valve 22 of conventional construction is secured A further object of this invention isv'to protothe opposite or outer end of the hose I9 and is form of an air pump and a. liquid dispensing line An air pressure casing 24 is disposed loosely which may be detachably engaged with different about the pipe l4 and at its lower end is prosizes of containers or barrels so that a person revided with stepped threaded portions 25 of difsiding on the farm or the like may buy fuel or ferent diameters so that the lower end of the 25 oil in different sized containers and conveniently casing 24 may be threaded into the outlet open- 25 dispense the fuel or oil directly to a tractor or ings of barrels which are of different diameters. the like, thus eliminating the necessity of taking In this manner, it is not necessary to provide a the liquid out of the container into a smaller special coupling means for barrels of different container and then pouring the liquid into the sizes and which may be provided with a particuvehicle or tank, as may be the case. lar outlet opening in each size. 30 With the foregoing and other objects in view, The lower end of the casing or housing 24' is the invention will be more fully described hereinprovided with an annular flange 26 whichv is after, and will be more particularly pointed out adapted to engage the outer edge of the boss IS in the claim appended hereto. and a gasket or like sealing member may be in- 5 a like or corresponding parts throughout the sevso as to properly seal the housing 24 on to the era] views, 7 barrel ID. The opposite or outer end of the hous- Figure 1 is a detail side elevation partly broken ing 24 is provided with a seat 21 against which a I away and in section of a'barrel having a liquid sealing e ber or ga t 8 is a p ed to enga dispensingmeans constructed according to an A nut 29, having opposed ears 30, is threaded into 40 embodiment of this invention mounted thereon. the upper end of the casing 24 and is adapted to Figure 2 is a fragmentary vertical section of press the gasket 28 against thetapered seat 21 so the dispensing means. that this gasket 28 will hold the pipe l4 against Referring to the drawing, the numeral l0 desmovement relative to the casing 24 and also seal ,ignates generally a barrel of suitable capacity, the pipe l4 in the casing 24. As shown in Fig- 45 such as is commonly used for holding liquid fuel ure 2, the lower end of the casing 24 is provided or oil and which is provided in one end thereof with a relatively large bore 3| which is disposed with athreaded boss 43 and a threaded plug H. loosely about the pipe l4 so that air from the cas- 'The boss I3 is adapted-to be used for removing ing 24 may flow downwardly into the interior of the liquid from the barrel l0 and the plug. is the barrel Ill. preferably inserted in the intake opening of the A pump cylinder 32 is threaded, as at 33, into barrel l0. t a side of the air chamber or housing 24' and is In order'to provide a means whereby the fuel provided with a plunger 34 having a rod 35 seor liquid l2 positioned within the barrel I!) may cured thereto which extends outwardly through be conveniently and quickly removed from the the outer end 36 and is provided with an operating handle 31. The end 36 is provided with an inlet opening 38 so that air may readily enter the cylinder 32 on the outer side of the plunger 34.

v The inner end 39 of the pump cylinder 32 is pro:

vided with an axial opening 40 which is closed by an inwardly opening check valve 4|. The valve 4| is provided. with a pair of opposed arms 42 which loosely engage guide members 43 carried by the inner end 39. An air relief valve 44 is threadedinto the casing 24 and is adapted to be opened when it is desired to relieve the air pressure within the interior of the barrel l0. v

The discharge nozzle 22 may be held in inoperative position by means of a supporting device comprising a U-shaped clip 45 secured to a standard 46 which is provided with a clamp 41 which is clamped about the pipe I4. It will be understood that either the nozzle 22 or the hose I9 may be engaged in this supporting clip 45 so as to hold the nozzle 22 in a manner to prevent the nozzle from coming into contact with 'dirt or the like.

In the use and operation of this dispensing means, the pipe 14 is inserted into the barrel 19 until the inner end l5 thereof contacts with the bottom i8. At this time, the nut 29 is relatively loose in the upper end of the housing 24 so that the housing 24 may then be moved downwardly with respect to the pipe I4for threaded engagement with the threaded boss l3. By means of. the nut 29, the device hereinbefore described may be used with barrels of different heights, this; being possible by the slidable mounting of the pipe l4 in the-housing 24 so that the pipe l4 may be readily adjusted tofit into any size of barrel with the inner end I5 engaging the bottom of the barrel and then the nut 29 tightened so as to seal the pipe I4 relative to the housing 24. The housing 24 may then be tightly threaded into the boss I3 whereupon the nut 29 may be specifically described embodiment of this invention without departing from'the spirit thereof, such changes and modifications being restricted only by the scope of the following claim. a h

I claim:

A liquid dispensing means for use with a res ceptacle containing liquid, comprising a housing,

a threaded nipple carried by one end of said housing and constituting means to secure the housing onto saidreceptacle, a liquid discharge pipe extending vertically through said housing and said nipple, the exterior surface of said pipe being disposed in spaced relation to the interior surface of. said nipple, a gland threadably engaging the opposite end of the housing and engaging about said pipe in a manner to seal said pipe in the upper portion of said housing and to support said pipe from said housing, an air pump secured to said housing intermediate the ends thereof, said air pump including a cylinder, an inner wall carried by said cylinder having an opening therethroughj, a check valve for said opening carried by said end wall, saidfcheck valve opening inwardly of said housing, a plunger slidable in said cylinder, (operating means for said plunger, and a relief valve secured to :said housing. WILLIAM F. BAHR.

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U.S. Classification222/397, 222/530
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