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Publication numberUS2151115 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 21, 1939
Filing dateFeb 4, 1938
Priority dateFeb 4, 1938
Publication numberUS 2151115 A, US 2151115A, US-A-2151115, US2151115 A, US2151115A
InventorsJohnson Harry H
Original AssigneeJohnson Harry H
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Dispensing device
US 2151115 A
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March 21, 1939. H. H. JOHNSON DISPENSING DEVICE Filed Feb. 4, 1938 4 Sheets-Sheet 1 Inventor Jaw/7600 Attorneys March 21, 1939. H. JOHNSON DISPENSING DEVICE Filed Feb. 4, 1938 4 Sheets-Sheet 2 Inventor Attorneys March 21, 1939.

H. H. JOH-NSON 2,151,115

" DISPENSING DEVICE Filed Feb. 4, 1938 4 Sheets-Sheet 3' Afiorneg/s March 21, 1939. H. H. JOHNSON 1 11 DISPENS ING DEVICE Filed Feb. 4, 1938 4 Sheets-Sheet 4 Inventor Patented Mar. 21, 1939 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 3 Claims.

This invention embodies an electric lamp and receptacle for containing and dispensing beverages, and more particularly for dispensing wine and liquor.

An object of the invention is to provide a de- Vice of the character above set out which will be practical, ornamental and useful.

The invention together with its objects and advantages will be best understood from a study of the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings wherein:

Figure l is an elevational view of my combined lamp and dispenser,

Figure 2 is a sectional view taken substantially on the line 2-2 of Figure 1,

Figure 3 is a vertical sectional view through the lamp with certain parts omitted,

Figure 4 is a bottom plan view of the lamp, and dispenser,

Figure 5 is a top plan view of the base of the lamp and dispenser, and

Figure 6 is a detailed view partly in section and partly in elevation showing a combination incandescent lamp socket and cap.

Referring to the drawings by reference numerals it will be seen that in the preferred embodiment thereof my device comprises a relatively shallow pan-like base 5 mounted on legs 6 formed of metal or other suitable material.

The base 5 internally thereof is provided with a shoulder "I on which rests a gasket 8 that is preferably formed of a tubular strip of rubber and is cemented or otherwise secured to the shoulder 1.

In the bottom thereof and at the center of the base 5 the same is also provided with a fitting 9 to the lower end of which is suitably connected an L Hi to which in turn is connected a nipple II., On the outer end of the nipple I I is a valved spigot or dispensing nozzle I2 equipped with an operating handle 13.

A container M of any suitable design, but which, preferably, and as shown, is in the form of a jug made of glass or other suitable material, is provided at the bottom or base I5 thereof with an outstanding circular flange it that fits within the base 5 and rests on the gasket 8 in a manner clearly shown in Figure 3.

The flange I6 is preferably formed through the medium of a circular disk of glass or other suitable material fused,. welded, or otherwise secured as at IT to the aforementioned bottom I5 of the container i4,

Extending through the bottom 15 and flangeforming plate It of the container is an outlet nippie or tube 18 that is secured in position through the medium of nuts l9 and a washer 20 as clearly shown in Figure 3.

The lower end of the outlet nipple l8 fits downwardly within a circular gasket 2| seated within 5 a recess provided therefor in the upper end of the socket 9, the gasket at its upper end being provided with an outstanding flange also clearly shown in Figure 3.

At the upper end or shoulder portion thereof 10 the container I4 is provided with a filling neck 22 equipped with a cap 23.

The container or receptacle I4 is also provided with an integral neck 24 that is externally screwthreaded to receive a threaded closure cap 25.

Further in accordance with the present invention there is mounted on the cap 25 a substantially conventional switch-equipped incandescent lamp socket 2B, and in accordance with the present invention the socket 26 is provided with 2 a socketed boss 21 that receives a bolt 28 accommodated in an opening provided in the crown of the cap 25, and in a manner clearly shown in Figure 6 and through the medium of which the socket 2B is detachably mounted on the cap 25. 25

The socket 26 is adapted to accommodate an incandescent bulb 29 in the usual manner and provision may be made for supporting a shade (not shown) in proper operative position with respect to the lamp 29. 30

The electric lamp cord suitably connected with the switch-contained socket 26 is indicated by the reference numeral 30 and at its free end will of course be equipped with the usual plug so as to be readily plugged into a suitable outlet fixture that may be provided therefor.

In order to secure the base 5 and container 4 in assembled relation the rim of the base 5 is provided at intervals with internal lugs 3| and to accommodate the lugs 3| the flange-forming disk I6 is provided in its peripheral edge with notches 32. Obviously when the flange-forming disk 16 is positioned within the base 5 the container i4 is given a turn in a suitable direction to move the notches 32 out of alignment with the lugs 3| so that the latter will then serve in conjunction with the disk It to secure the parts mentioned against casual separation.

From the above it will be seen that with a device of this character the liquid contents of the receptacle i4 is dispensed through the outlet nipple I8, L 50, and nozzle I2, the device serving aptly both as a table lamp and a beverage dispenser.

Also by substituting for the socket-equipped cap 25 any other suitable threaded cap the device may be used solely as a beverage dispenser.

It is thought that a clear understanding of the construction, manner of assembly, and utility and advantages of an invention of this character will be had without a more detailed description thereof.

Having thus described the invention what is claimed as new is:

1. A device of the class described comprising a base of substantially cup-shape, a tubular part extending upwardly from the center of the base, an outlet pipe having its upper end connected with the lower end of the tubular member, a con trol valve in the outlet pipe, a container having a base seated in an intermediate part of the firstmentioned base, a tubular member carried by the bottom of the container and passing through said bottom and having its lower end extending into the tubular member of the first-mentioned base, and latching means for latching the base of the container in the first-mentioned base, said latch-- ing means being moved to inoperative and operative position by partial turningmovement of the container and its base in the first-mentioned base.

the container in the first-mentioned base, a'ndf permitting the container base to be removed when the said container base is rotated to a position where the notches will come opposite the lugs.

3. In a device of the class described, a supporting member having an upstanding tubular member at the center thereof, an outlet conduit connected with the lower part of the tubular member, a container supported by said support ing member, a tubular member carried by and passing through the bottom of the container and having the lower end entering the tubular member of the supporting member, and argasket in the top of the first mentioned tubular member in which the second-mentioned tubular member fits.


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