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Publication numberUS2152274 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 28, 1939
Filing dateAug 26, 1936
Priority dateAug 26, 1936
Publication numberUS 2152274 A, US 2152274A, US-A-2152274, US2152274 A, US2152274A
InventorsPapazian Martin S
Original AssigneePapazian Martin S
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Stencil attachment for spray guns
US 2152274 A
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a March 28, 1939. M. s. PAPAZIAN 2,152, 2'7 4 STENCIL ATTACHMENT FOR SPRAY GUNS, 7

Filed Aug. 26, 1956 H umu. 40

MA'ET/N 6. Pn nz/nm Patented Mar. 28, 1939 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE",

STENCIL ATTACHMENT ron SPRAY ons Martin S. Papazian, Worcester, Mass. Application August 2c, 1936, Serial No. 93,029

' '7 Claims. (Cl. 101-114) This invention relates to means adapted to facilitate the use of a stencil or similar markin means with a spray gun. Difliculty has been experienced in effectively rs numbering or marking billets or other hard surface objectsso that a permanent mark is obtained. The usual present day practice is to mark them by the use of a steel die. However, the impression made by the die is both small and in shallow so that it is rendered illegible by rust.

The object of this invention is to provide sten-' cil means adapted for use with an ordinary spray gun, whereby billets and the like may be quickly and efiectively marked with stenciled identifical tions.

The above and other objects will be apparent as the description proceeds and by reference to the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure l is an elevation, partly in section, of one embodiment of my invention.

Figure 2 is a cross-section and plan taken on line II-II of Figure 1. a

In the particular embodiment of my invention illustrated in the accom drawing the numeral 2 indicates a standard spray gun. The gun 2' receives compressed air through a tube t and paint through a tube 6. The tubes t and 6 are held together by clamps l0 and iiand can be used as handles for the gun 2. The tubes d and 6 are connected to sources (notshown) of air and paint, respectively, by suitable lengths of flexible conduit (not shown) so that the gun 2 can be placed in any desired position. Couplings 8 connect the tubes 4 and 6 to the gun 2 in order to allow the gun 2 to be readily removed from the tubes 4 and 8 so that the gun 2 can be cleaned or replaced.

The gun 2 is a standard spray gun and has standard equipment including a spray control i4, 09. handle it, a trigger l8 and a nozzle 20. In operation, of course, when the trigger l 8 is pulled towards the gun 2 ablast of air, carrying paint. is projected out of the nozzle 20. The spray control I4 should be set so that the air expanding through the nozzle 20 is rich in paint in order that only a small volume of air "need be expelled to coat the exposed surface with paint. 4 The gun 2 has a plate 24, preferably rectangular, welded to it between the nozzle 20 and the 0 handle It. The plate 24 has apertures 25 spaced around its periphery.- A-hood 28 made of sheet or other light metal and resembling a trustum o! a rectangular pyramid is carried by the gun 2.

The hood 26 has integral inwardly extending right 1 55 angle flanges on 'lts'upper end. The flanges 0t the hood 26 have tapped apertures 21 therethrough which aline with the apertures 25 when w the gun 2 is placed upon the hood 26 so that screws 28 can be placed in the apertures 25 and screwed into the apertures 21 to secure the hood 5 hood 26 'can be of any desired shape or length so long as it is adapted to be'removably secured 4 to the plate 2d.

A plate 32 having apertures 34 therethrough 16 fitsin the bottom of the hood 2B and is secured to it by any convenient, quickly releasable, means such' as hooks 35. The apertures 3i and plate 32 can be designed to act as a stencil, or the apertures M can receive stencils-36 therein. It 2i) is preferable, however, to have. changeable stenoils which fit in the plate 32 in place of a variety of plates which have difie'rent shaped apertures therethrough, but whichever form is deemed convenient can be used. The stencils 36 may be 25 wedged or fastened in the apertures 36, but preferably merely rest on the plate 32 by means of supporting flanges. This facilitates changing the stencils 36 so that any desired stencil can readily be placed in the plate 32. u

For automatically operating the apparatus an extension arm to is welded or otherwise secured to the trigger It so that when the hood '26 is placed down against the object to be marked the arm ll! strikes the object to be marked and 5 be moved around in order to mark the billets or,

if they are passing along on a conveyer the spraying apparatus can be positioned in one place and rapidly mark them as they pass by.

' It will be appreciated that the invention is not limited to the specific form illustrated and described but is actually defined in the appended.


I claim: i V 1. In combination with a spraygun, a nozzle said nozzleand extending at substantially'right angles to said nozzle, a sheet metal hood substantially frusto-pyramidal in shape removably secured at its smaller end to said plate, a cowl secured to the inside or said hood and receiving the nozzle therethrough, a stencil carried by. said hood and being removable therefrom, and

means for automatically operating said gun whensaid hood is marked.

on said gun, a plate secured to said gun, a sheet metal hood substantially irusto-p'yramidal in shape removably secured at its smaller end to said plate; a cowl secured to the inside of said' hood and receiving the nozzle therethrough, a stencil carried by said hood and being removable therefrom, and means for automatically operating said gun when said hood is adjacent a body to be marked.

3. In combination with a spray gun, a nozzle on said gun, a plate secured to said gun, a hood removablysecured to said plate, a cowl secured to the inside of said hood and receiving the nozzle therethrough, a stencil carried by said hood, and means for automatically operating said gun when said hood is adjacent a body. to

be marked.

4. In combination with a spray gun, a nozzle associated with said gun, a hood removably carried by and extending from said nozzle, a stencil associated with the extended end 01 said hood, said hood'having means associated therewith. to prevent i'ouling 01 said nozzle by the spraying medium, and a trigger carried by said gun, said placed against a body to be 2. In combination with a spray gun, a nozzle 2,152,974 on said gun, a plate secured to said gun behind trigger having an extension arm thereon, said extension arm adapted to be depressed by the object to be stenciled to actuate said trigger -when the stencil is placed adjacent the object.

5. In combination with a spray gun, a nozzle on said gun, means for removably attaching a sheet metal hood to said gun, a cowl secured to the inside of said hood and receiving the nozzle therethrough, astencil plate,-quickly removable means iorsecurin'g said stencil plate to the end oi' said hood, means carried'by said plate for receiving stencilsand means for automatically Pperating said gun when said stencil plate is placed againsta body tobe marked.

6. In combination with a spray gun, a nozzle on said gun, a sheet metal hood, means for removably attaching said hood to said gun, a stencil plate, a plurality of hook portions carried by said stencil .plate adapted to cooperate with the end of said hood to removably hold said stencil plate on the end thereof, means carried by said stencil-plate, quickly releasable means for secur-' ing said stencil plate to the larger end of said hood, means carried by said. plate for receiving stencils, and means for automatically operating said gun-when said plate is placed against an object to be marked.


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