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Publication numberUS2155057 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 18, 1939
Filing dateJul 14, 1936
Priority dateJul 14, 1936
Publication numberUS 2155057 A, US 2155057A, US-A-2155057, US2155057 A, US2155057A
InventorsMoore William L
Original AssigneeShellmar Products Co
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US 2155057 A
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April 18, 1939.-

w. L. mooz 25155 057 CONTAINER Filed July 14, 1936 I 2 Shets -Sheet 1' Zz a/n L Moore, 6 7y Wawarw April-18,1939. W. L. M50

CONTAINER 2 Shee'ts-Sheet 2 Filed July 14, 19se I b Mm b b N u J IA Patented Apr. 18, 1939 UNITED sures aisnos'i PATENT OFFICE CON TAHIER William L. Moore, La

Shellmar Products Co 1110, a corporation Application July 14,

A principal object of the invention is the provision of an improved duplex container of the type described.

An additional object is to provide a duplex transparent sheet with an intermediate indicia is sealed portions and an inner indicia-bearing strip extending adjacent the front bottom and rear walls of the container and increasing the strength of the bottom section. a p

A still further object is the provision of an improved transparent container having a novel arrangement of an indi a-bearing insert strip.

a consideration 01' the following specification and by reference to the accompanying drawings, in which Fig. i is a perspective view of a container constructed in accordance with the invention;

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view taken along line 22 of Fig. 1'

39 Fig. Bis a horizontal section taken along line 88 of Fig. l;

4 is a perspective view showing an initial step in the production of the container;

35 inner portion of the container;

Fig. 6 shows an initial step in the formation of the outer container and the positioning of the indicia insert; and I Fig. 7 is a view of the completed container drel.

40 folded about a hollow man As shown in the drawings, in which a preferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated the container includes an inn sealed into container form, an outer sheet like- 45 wise folded into container form and sealed, and an inner indicia-bearing strip between the inner and outer sheets.

In production, an inner sheet I! of dimensi suitable for construction of a container of the Grange, n11... assienor to mpany, Mount Vernon. 01? Delaware 1936, Serial No. 90,539 (CL 229-55l greater than the length of the front wall and the width of the bottom.

The sheet in is folded about a hollow mandrel sides of the inner container.

The outer container may be formed in the same manner as the inner container. 'More par- 20 ticularly, a sheet 6? of substantially the same I size as sheet it is folded about themandrel M V and over the inner container in such as to form continuous front, rear and bottom.v

walls 08, it? and 2d, respectively. One edge of 25 sheet E77 is provided with a line 2ft of a thermoplastic adhesive along one edge of the front wall 88 and the bottom l9 and with another line 22 edge. After the wall extensions oi sheet ill are to form a seal which is independent of the inner Prior to folding sheet it about the mandrel there is inserted between the inner and outer .sheets an indicia-bearing s rip 223 which, as shown in Fig 6 is 01' substantially the same rear walls of the container. 7

Several methods may be employed for insertg the indicia strip between the inner and outer sheets. The strip may be attached, as by spot gluing, to the outside of the inner sheet, or,

it similarly may besecured to the inside of the outer sheet I 1. the latter -modiflcationbeing indicated in Fig. 6.

The relatively narrow indicia strip is produced separately from the sheets I and I1, and may be ed and assembled in th 0 be" removed. In most described. In printing the strip the printing cylinder or plate is provided with oppositely arranged designs positioned in accordance with the predetermined dimensions of the container. That is, design is printed one way for that the strip which is to lie adjacent the front wall and tion of the strip which is wall. The continuous web from which individual strips are out has a series of alternate oppositely printed designs, and is severed so that two oppositely printed designs occur oneach strip. The individual strips and the mandrel are synchronized in position printed designs, so that the oppositely printed designs occur adjacent opposite walls of the container and both designs appear to be upright.

The inner container may be constructed of any suitable material, but preferably iscomposed at least in part of transparent material such as regenerated cellulose or cellulose acetate. The indicia strip also may be composed of paper or transparent material. The outer sheet is composed at least in part of the transparent material. That is, at least the portion of the outer sheet which covers the indicia strip is transparent. Preferably, the inner and outer sheets have adjacent transparent portions, so that the contents of the containers may be viewed therethrough.

Particularly where the indicia strip is laminated or otherwise secured to one of the sheets, that considerable added strength is imparted to the bottom of the container by the continuous strip. The bottom is free of seams or glued portions, and the front and rear walls are likewise. A

After completing the assembly of the two con tainers and the indicia strip, the mandrel may cases it will be found desirable to an the container through the hollow mandrel and then to withdraw the mandrel. Thereafter, the top of the container may be the container and its method of formation may be varied considerably without departing from the scope of the invention as defined in the appended claims. I claim: I (I 1. A container of the type described, comprising an inner sheet folded into container formation and having seamless front, bottom and rear and bearing printed folded about said inner container and strip, said outer sheet. being composed at least in part of transparent cellulose sheeting and having seamless front, bottom and rear walls corresponding to those of the inner container and opposed edge portions sealed together independently of said inner sheet. 5

2. A container of the type described, comprising an inner sheet foldedto form continuous WILLI M L. MOORE. '40

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U.S. Classification206/459.5, 383/106, 493/111, 493/220, 383/122, 493/189, 383/109
International ClassificationB65D75/38
Cooperative ClassificationB65D75/38
European ClassificationB65D75/38