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Publication numberUS2155329 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 18, 1939
Filing dateDec 30, 1937
Priority dateDec 30, 1937
Publication numberUS 2155329 A, US 2155329A, US-A-2155329, US2155329 A, US2155329A
InventorsPerdue Allan J
Original AssigneePerdue Allan J
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Cap holder for bottles and paste tubes
US 2155329 A
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April 18, 1939. A. J. PERDUE CAP HOLDER FOR BOTTLES AND PASTE TUBES Filed Dec. 30, 1937 a JPejmZu e Patented Apr. 18, 1939 CAP HOLDER FOR- BOTTLES AND PASTE TUBES Allan J. Perdue, Wayne, Nebr.

Application December 30, 1937, Serial No. 182,572

1 Claim.

This invention relates to the class of bottles, jars, and paste tubes, and pertains particularly to an improved holding means for the caps or tops of such articles.

The present invention has for its primary object to provide an improved. device for securing the caps of paint tubes or toothpaste tubes to the bodies of the tubes and for securing caps to bottles which are in frequent use, such as containers for hand-lotions, finger nail polishes or the like whereby such caps,or tops will be prevented from becoming lost in the event that they are dropped after being detached from the carriers therefor.

Another object of the invention is to provide an improved holding or securing device of the above described character which may be readily transferred from one bottle or tube to another, thus providing holding means for the caps or tops of such articles which does not necessitate any altered construction of either the cap or the body of the article, and which may be used over a long period of time, in that it may be transferred, as stated, from one article to another.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a holding device for paste tube caps and bottle tops, which is formed of a strand of resilient material having a yieldable or stretchable collar at each end, one of which collars is adapted to be stretched over the mouth of a paste tube or bottle while the other is adapted to be stretched over and resiliently secured about the cap for such bottle or tube.

The invention will be best understood from a consideration of the following detailed description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing forming part of this specification, with the understanding, however, that the invention is not confined to any strict conformity with the showing of the drawing but may be changed or modified so long as such changes or modifications mark no material departure from the salient features of the invention as expressed in the appended claim.

In the drawing:

Figure l is a view in plan of a device constructed in accordance with the present invention.

Fig. 2 is an edge view of the same.

Fig. 3 is a view of the device shown applied to a bottle having a screw-type top or cap.

Fig. 4 is a view showing the device applied to a tube of the type used for toothpaste, etc.

Referring now more particularly to the drawing, the numeral I generally designates an elongated band of material which is preferably formed of rubber, altho as will be hereinafter specifically pointed out, this, may be formed of some flexible but non-stretchable material. The band I, when formed of a single piece of rubber, 5 as illustrated, has an enlarged portion or tab 2 at each end through the center of which an aperture 3 is formed. It will be readily apparent that the device as illustrated in Fig. 1 may be easily stamped from a single piece of rubber material and the portion intermediate the tabs 2, while here illustrated as being flat, may be in the form of a cord. While such structure has not been illustrated, it will be apparent that the portion I may be formed of braided material of a non-stretchable character and the tabs 2 may be formed of rubber and vulcanized to the ends of the braided strand. Such a construction would give the same results when in use as an all-rubber form of the device.

Figs. 3 and 4 illustrate the application of the cap holder, Fig. 3 showing the same applied to the neck 4 of a bottle 5 and tothe cap 6 Which is threadably attached to the neck. As will be apparent, one of the tabs 2 of the device is stretched so as-to sufficiently enlarge the aperture 3 thereof to receive the neck of the bottle while the other tab is stretched in the same manner to receive a cap 6, thus securely coupling the cap to the bottle so that it cannot become lost therefrom.

Fig. 4 shows the use of the device in association with a collapsible tube of the type used for toothpaste, shaving cream and similar materials, such tube being generally designated by the numeral 1 and having the usual well known screw-threaded cap 8 applied thereto, which cap: has the usual reduced skirt portion 9 about which one of the tabs 2 engages. The other tab of the device engages around the nozzle of the tube in the manner shown.

From the foregoing it will be readily apparent that a device embodying the present invention is of simple construction and therefore may be economically manufactured and sold, and that it is of such a character that no change in the construction of the paste tube or its cap or the bottle or its cap is necessary in order to use the device.

It will also be readily apparent that after the tube or bottle to which the device is applied has been emptied, the device may be taken off and transferred to a filled container, thus making it of longer usefulnes.

The device may be made in difierent sizes to conform to the size of the bottle or tube in association with which it is to be used, and it is to be understood that at all times the portion I must be of such a length that although it twists about the neck of the bottle or tube when the cap therefor is placed thereon, it will not be wrapped around tightly enough to cause a reverse rotation of the cap when the latter is released.

I claim:

In a receptacle having a discharge neck and a cap adapted to be removably secured over the neck, attaching means for said cap comprising a band of stretchable material having each end enlarged to form a flat tab, each of said tabs having an opening therethrough, one of said tabs being stretched for the reception of said neck and the other tab being stretched over and securing the cap in the opening thereof, the said cap and neck being tightly secured to the tab by the contraction of the same thereabout whereby the cap and neck are held against turning independently of the attached tabs and the said band being of suflicient length to permit the cap to be turned on and for connection with the neck of the re- 10 ceptacle.


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