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Publication numberUS2155811 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1939
Filing dateJun 25, 1937
Priority dateJun 25, 1937
Publication numberUS 2155811 A, US 2155811A, US-A-2155811, US2155811 A, US2155811A
InventorsTredup Fred W
Original AssigneeTredup Fred W
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Floral aquarium
US 2155811 A
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A ril'25, 1939. E fi 2,155,811

FLORAL A UARIUM Filed June 25, 1957 Patented Apr. 25, 1939 stirrup stares am obi-WE 8 Claims. 41-41) This invention relates to a device for containing and displaying articles of beauty, particularly flowers submerged in water, and aims to provide adevice for this purpose which will be substantial and durable in use and which will hold the displayed articles in desired position and will obviate leakage or spilling or water during handling of the device.

I am aware that display'devices of this general m'character have heretofore been employed, but

4 they have been objectionable to some degree either becauseof the likelihood of spilling water or in their inability to hold in position more than a very few flower stems or because of the corm l5 plexity and expensiveness or their construction and in some instances their likelihood of breakaga The present invention aims to overcome all of the objections inherent in the previous devices no and to provide a device which will be of simple construction; economical to manufacture, which will accurately hold an almost unlimited number of flowers and which will not be subject to leakage. a

For the purpose of facilitating an understanding of my invention, I have illustrated a preferred 1 embodiment thereof on the accompanying drawin'g, referring to which, Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional view through an ac aquarium; and

Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. l. v

Referring to the drawing, reference character 3 indicates a transparent glass bowl provided with an opening surrounded by a. depending flared neck i. v

In conjunction with the bowl my invention contemplates a base'designated generally by reference character 5 formed of suitable material 7 9 and if integrally constructed, as'herein'illustrated, it may be made of rubber possessingsome degree of flexibility to enable the annular shoulder 6 formed on the perimeter of the upstanding flange to be forced into the neck of the bowl and through the opening and then permitted to expand so as to engage the inner surface of the bowl around the opening to hold the base in associated relation with the bowl. To facilitate the introduction of the flange through the open- 59 ing, the perimeter of the flange between the shoulder and the inner edge or the flange is tapered, as indicated at 8.

An undercut stud 8 is formed centrally ot the base to provide a retaining device for a flower holder ii consisting of an annular coiled flexible to thebowl.

following claims.

spring adapted to receive between coils the stems of flowers or the like, as illustrated, and to retain thesame against displacement.

In preparing the device tor display, the bowl is inverted and completely filled with water. The 5 flowers to be displayed are then located in the holder ll, whereupon the base is inverted, the

flowers are now inserted through the opening into the bowl as is also the retaining flange 7 which, when fully inserted, positions the annular in shoulder 8 within the bowl so that it engages the walls surrounding the opening and holds the base The insertion of'the flowers and a portion of the base into. the bowl displaces a small quantity B8 of water which is permitted to escape through one or more openings i2 in the flange 1, thereby enabling the base'to be properly assembled with the bowl. Such water as escapes at this time, or at any time thereafter, is collected in the groove id in which the flanged neck of the bowl rests, this groovev being -formed between the flange i p and a peripheral flange ii on the base.

- When the'device has been assembled as explained, it is turned to upright position, as illus- 3d trated on the drawing, and when placed in upright position on a table or stand provides an attractive and pleasing ornamentation.

While the base illustrated is of homogeneous construction, it should be apparent that the only $9 flexibility required is in the holding flange i and that the remainder of the base, including the bottom, the peripheral'flange i4, and the central flower holder retaining stud '9 may be, if preierred, of different composition from the holding at flange.

Obviously the structural details illustrated may bevaried considerably without departing from the essence of the invention as defined in the I claim: 7 Y

'1. A floral aquarium comprising a water filled inverted glass bowl provided with an opening, and a supporting base provided with a groove adapted to receive the mouth of said bowl the outer wall at of said groove being spaced from and out of contact with the exterior of said bowland the inner wall of said groove being provided with a circumferential shoulder engaging the interior of the bowl to retain the base and bowl in associated 450 relation. 5 a

2. A floral aquarium comprising an inverted water 'flll'ed glass bowl provided with an opening, a supporting base adapted to support the bowl around the-perimeter oi said opening, said base as being provided with an upstanding flange.

adapted to enter the mouth of the bowl and including a peripheral shoulder adapted to engage the interior of the bowl to retain the bowl and base in cooperative relation and being provided with an upstanding flange encircling but spaced from the outer perimeter of the bowl in proximity to said opening.

3. A floral aquarium comprising a water fllled inverted glass bowl, a base including a flexible a central flower holder retaining stud, and a flower holder consisting ot-a coiled spring disposed in circular form around said stud.

5. A floral aquarium comprisinga water filled inverted glass bowl, a base having an upstanding retaining flange externally tapered at its free edge and shaped to provide retaining means engageable with the interior of the bowl to hold the base and bowl in associated relation, and a coiled spring flower holder attached to the base inside said retaining flange, 'said retaining flange being provided with an opening therethrough to permit displacement of surplus water mini the' b owl during attachment of the base thereto.

6. A base adapted for attachment to a floralaquarium bowl comprising a flexible flange extending upwardly from the base and provided with a' circumferential retaining shoulder adapted to engage the interior of a bowl and provided with an opening to permit the escape of surplus water from the bowl during the assembly of the bowl and base, said base having a peripheral flange surrounding and spaced from said retaining flange. I

7. A base for attachment to a floral aquarium bowl comprising a body provided with an upstanding Peripheral flange and. an upstanding retaining flange spaced inwardly from the peripheral flange, said retaining flange including a circumferential retaining .shoulder and being provided with an opening extending through the flange, and a centrally disposed stud designed to reain an annular flower holding device.

8. A base for attachment to a floral bowl comprising a body provided with an upstanding peripheral flange and an upstanding retaining flange spaced inwardly from the peripheral flange to provide an intervening'groove for the reception of a flared bowl mouth, said retaining flange having near the free edge thereof an external circumferential retaining shoulder extending outwardly toward said peripheral flange to lockingly engage with the restricted portion of the flared bowl mouth and being provided with an opening extending through the flange between said-shoulder and the base of the flange.


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