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Publication numberUS2156834 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 2, 1939
Filing dateAug 30, 1938
Priority dateAug 30, 1938
Publication numberUS 2156834 A, US 2156834A, US-A-2156834, US2156834 A, US2156834A
InventorsRoy Berry
Original AssigneeRoy Berry
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Attachment assembly for liquid coolers
US 2156834 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

May 2,1939. "RBRRY 2,156,834Y

ATTACHMENT ASSEMBLY FOR LIQUID COLERS 'Filed Aug. 3o, 1958 2 sheets-sheet 1 .R. BERRY `2,156,834

`ATI'MSHliIlElNT ASSEMBLY FOR LIQUIDV GOOLERS 2 Sheets-Sheet v2 May 2, 1939.

Filed` Aug.4 so, 193s Patented May 2,' 1,939


Application August 30, 1938, Serial No. 227,585 z claims. (01.225941) The invention relates to an attachment assembly for mechanical refrigerators, such for inl, stanceas that disclosed in my Patent No. 1,936,- 103, dated November 21, 1933, an object of the invention being to adapt such a unit to be inclosed within a cabinet or housing to thereby pro\ tect the working parts from being tampered with and to render the unit more sanitary. Another object is to provide improved operating means,

to reduce the number of working parts and to lessen the cost of manufacture and assembly. Another object is to provide the unit with two measuring vessels adapted to contain two different liquids, such as coffee and cream or carbonated water and syrup, and with a double rotary valve controlling delivery from said vessels and delivering the charges thereof simultaneously in a single admixed stream. Another object is to provide an improved float valve for the measuring vessel to close the vent tube in the rise of the liquid cr charge in the vessel and to open the vent tube in the fall of the yliquid and delivery of the charge. Other objects and advantages will appear hereinafter.

i The invention consists in the novel construction and combinations of parts as hereinafter set forth in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings,

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the invention 30 as housed and attached to a refrigerator.

Figure 2 is a front View of the invention with the housing in section, parts being broken away and the refrigerator shown in the background.

Figure 3 is a section on the line 3 3, Figure 2.

Figure 4 is a detail section on the line 4 4, Figure 2, parts being broken away.

Figure 5 is a vdetail section on the line 5- L, Figure 3, parts being broken away.

Figure 6 is a detail frontview of a modifica- 40 tion having two measuring vessels and a double valve for controlling the same, said valve having a single discharge spout;

Figure '7 is a detail section on the line 1 1,

Figure 6. v

`Figure 8 is a detail section on the line 8-8, v Figure 6. i

Figure 9 is a detail front view partly in section of the improved float valve.

In these drawings, the numeral 2, designates 50 the cup dispenser, provided with a control lever I, and having projecting upwardly therefrom the glass container A2 for the nested cups, operation of said lever by means to be described releasing the cups one at a time to fall upon the 55 deflector 3 and the rest 4.

4The liquid dispenser comprises a measuring vessel 5, having a discharge spout 6, provided with a vertical. passage 1, a valve casing 8 of said spout having working therein .a three-way rotary valve 9, a stub pipe I0 being threaded into said valve casing and'having a coupling II with the discharge pipe I2 of the cooler reservoir I2', the cooler being designated I3. The shaft of this x rotary valve `is composed of two sections I5, having a clutch connection I 6, the outer of these sections having a crank arm I8.

The operating shaft for the cup dispenser and the liquid dispenser is provided with two crank arms I9, on-e of which has a rod2, connecting the same with the control lever I of the cup dispenser and the other of which has a rod 2| connecting the same with the crank arm I8 of the outer section of the valve shaft.

The measuring vessel of the cup dispenser is provided with an upright vent tube 22, having an upper elbow 23, a oat valve 24, controlling the lower end of said vent tube and having a valve stem wire 25 working in said tube and having an upper bent end 26 located within said elbow to thereby limit the downward opening' movement of said float valve. This float valve 24 is cone shaped' at its upper end for seating within the lower end of the vent tube and is provided with a depending cupped portion 21 adapted to exert a suction effect upon the liquid rising within the measuring vessel 5 and contacting therewith to close the valve, to thereby insure release of this float valve from the tube in the fall of the liquid within said vessel during discharge.

Upon loosening 'of the nut 28 wherethrough the vent tube passes to said vessel, the vent tube may be raised or lowered to adjust the capacity o`f the measuring vessel, after which said nut may be tightened to hold the adjustment.

The housing 3U for the assembly isprovided with a' rear cover plate 3l substituted for the vertical face plate of the patent and attachable to the face of the cooler, said housing having a permanent front cover 34 and a central top extension 35 to receive the vent tube of the dispenser, the top of the said housing having an opening 36 through which passes the glass conf tainer 2 for the nested cups. 'I'his outer cover' or face plate of the housing has a sight opening 38 wherethrough the liquid dispenser may be viewed, said opening having a transparent cover.

In assembling the parts, the liquid dispenser is connected to the discharge pipe of the cooler reservoir and `carries the inner sectionv I5 of the valve shaft and its end clutch member II.- The The operating shaft is located and provided with bearings in the housing at ythe other side I thereof from the cup dispenser in transverse alignment with the' cup dispenser and the liquid dispenser and the rods 20 and 2i are connected up with said control lever of the cup dispenser and the crank arm i8 of theouter section ofthe valve shaft. The rear cover plate of the housing is now secured in position and provides a bearing for the inner end of said operating shaft. This rear cover plate has an opening 39 through which the liquid dispenser is adapted to pass within the housing, this opening being backed up and closed by the face of the cooler.

In making attachment of the housing assembly to the cooler, a small door 40 at the lower right hand side of the front cover plate, this being the coin box door in acoin-operated device, being opened, the doorway, and the opening l2 in the bottom of the housing through which the cups are delivered to the rest 4, provides access' located at the upper portion of the assembly.-

Prior to engaging the securing screws with their threaded seats'innthe face of the cooler, the assembly is shifted laterally slightly to engage the members I6 of the clutch of the valve shaft.

A modication of the inventionis shown in Figures 6, 7 and 8, of the drawings, wherein two liquid measuring vessels 5' are provided, these being adapted to have separate connection with cooler reservoirs for different liquids, such as coffee and cream or carbonated .water and syrup, said measuring vessels being each provided with a three-way rotary valve 9', which valves are connected together to operate in unison, the casings 8 of the valves being adapted for connecv tion with the separate reservoirs of the cooler by means of separate stub-pipes I0', and having a common Y-forxn discharge spout Il, through whichthe contents of both measuring vessels will be discharged simultaneously in a single admixed stream upon operation of the valve shaft.

The liquid may be fed to the measuring valve either by gravity or under pressure.

The cup dispenser 2 has the cups 2' nested and visible within a transparent container 2", forming part of the cup dispenser.

I claim:

1.' An attachment assembly for liquid coolers having a reservoir provided with a discharge pipe, comprising a housing having a permanent front cover and a rear removable cover constituting a vertical plate attachable to the face of the cooler, a cup dispenser located within and forwardly of said housing at' one side thereof and spaced from vsaid rear cover by an interval and having a control lever projecting rearwardly thereof within said interval, a liquid dispenser having a rotary valve the casing of which is adapted for connection with said discharge pipe, said valve having a shaft provided with a crank arm, an operating shaft having two crank arms one of which has a rod connecting the same with said control lever and working within said interval and the other of which has a rod connecting the same with said crank arm of the valve shaft, said operating shaft having bearings within said housing at the other side thereof from the cup dispenser and being located forwardly of said rear cover lin transverse alignment with said cup dispenser and said liquid dispenser, said rear cover having an opening 'through which said liq uid dispenser is adapted to pass within the housing.

2. An attachment assembly Afor liquid coolers having two reservoirs each provided with a separate discharge pipe, said .assembly comprising two liquid measuring'di'spensers each ,provided` with a rotary three-way valve, the stems of said valves being aligned and connected to operate in unison and the casing's of said valves being adapted for separate connections with said reservoirs and having a common Y-form discharge spout, said valves being operable in one direction to establish communication between said reservoirs and said liquid dispensers to charge the latter and operable in the other direction to deliver the charges through said Y-form discharge spout in a single admixed stream.


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