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Publication numberUS2157001 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 2, 1939
Filing dateOct 6, 1938
Priority dateOct 6, 1938
Publication numberUS 2157001 A, US 2157001A, US-A-2157001, US2157001 A, US2157001A
InventorsCharles E Morley
Original AssigneeCharles E Morley
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Clothes hanger for automobiles
US 2157001 A
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May 2-, 1939. c. E. MORLEY 2,157,001

' CLOTHES HANGER FOR AUTOMOBILES Filed Oct. 6, 1938 INVENTOR. Cfak/es E fifafl/ey W 5%,


Patented May 2, 1939 2,157,001 CLOTHES HANGER FOR. AUTOMOBILES Charles E. Morley, Detroit, Mich.

Application October 6,

3 Claims.

This invention relates to clothes hangers or brackets for automobiles, hereinafter termed an auto hanger, the object being to provide a simple and inexpensive bracket or hanger that is readily secured in place without use of separate attaching devices and further to provide a structure formed of a single piece of metal having portions thereof struck up to provide retaining hooks for coat or clothes hangers formed on an arm of the bracket inclined to the vertical and a foot portion including a vacuum cup for engaging a surface.

A further feature and object of the invention is to provide a bracket or hanger for use in automobiles having the glass members of the window opening movable to provide an opening between the top of the glass and its frame, the bracket having an upper hook end for engaging over the glass and a body extending at. an angle thereto formed with hook elements and an angularly disposed portion to the terminal end of which a vacuum cup is attached for engaging the pane of glass thus providing a bracket in which the weight is supported by the hook member and the vacuum cup maintained in pressure contact with the glass pane without danger of stripping therefrom.

These and other objects and novel features of the invention are hereinafter more fully described and claimed, and an auto hanger or bracket embodying my invention is shown in the accompanying drawing in which- Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my improved auto hanger showing its structure and mode of application to a glass pane.

Fig. 2 is a side view of the device partly in section.

Fig. 3 is a side elevation of a spring retainer useable with the bracket.

Fig, 4 is a face elevation thereof.

The device is shown in the drawing in its preferred form and as shown, comprises a flat strip of metal 3 having an upper end portion 1 bent to the form of a U for engaging over the upper edge of a glass pane 2. The bottom portion of the U has a section of a rubber tube la thereon, a portion of which lies between the upper edge of the glass and the bottom of the U element l to prevent chipping the edge of the glass. The body of the member 3 extends from the U portion outwardly and downwardly at an angle to the glass pane and has a portion 4 bent at substantially a right ,angle thereto for a portion of its length and terminating in an end portion 5 occupying -a plane parallel with the glass 1938, Serial No. 233,527

when the device is in the position shown in Fig. 1. To the end portion 5 is secured a vacuum cup 6. it having a screw member III which extends through the portion 5 and secured by a nut II.

The inclined portion 3 of the bracket has 5 tongues I. struck up therefrom to provide hooks and a long outwardly extending hook element 8 is struck up from the portion 4 to a position substantially in parallel relation therewith. Preferably, but not necessarily, I provide a spring clip 10 9 having a lower end portion secured in place by the nut II it being apertured to receive the screw ill of the vacuum cup. The upper end of the clip 9 is preferably outturned at l2, for engagement with the terminal end of the tongue 1 or hookelement 8. V

The spring clip'is shown in edge elevation in Fig. 3 and in face elevation in Fig. 4 but the bracket may be used without the spring clip as is shown in Fig. 2.

The hook members i on the inclined portion of the body of the bracket permit the use of coat or garment hangers which usually, as is well known, have a hook that may be hooked over the elements 1 or 8 of the bracket. The hook 8 also 25 provides a means for supportinga hat for instance, or other garment with which a hanger is not useable. When the spring clip 9 is used in cooperative relation with the upturned hook element 8 of the bracket, a garment or the rim of a soft hat or other objects such as papers may be secured on the hanger.

As shown; the device has the hook end I engaged over the upper edge of a vertically movable glass pane. This would prevent the bracket 35 at the upper end from moving outwardly away from the pane and will take the weight of the articles carried by the bracket and, by the form of the device having the right angled portion 4 of the body intumed toward the glass pane and 40 with the vacuum cup attached thereto, the weight of the articles carried by the bracket tends to maintain the vacuum cup in is proper contact with the glass pane and thus the weight does not tend to strip the vacuum cup from the 45 glass as is the case with some vacuum cup types of hangers. With the device positioned on the pane when lowered to a position below that shown in Fig. 1, the hook element may be readily engaged over the upper edge of the glass and the 50 vacuum cup pressed to contact with the vertical surface of the glass. The glass may then be raised so that the hook end is held between the upper edge or the glass pane and the glass receiving frame It.

With this arrangement, the bracket is securely fixed in place and is not movable from such position by the weight of articles or garments carried by the bracket.

While I have described the device as being positioned with the hook end over the upper edge of a glass pane, the hanger is useable in other positions where the hook end may engage over an element such as a molding and with the vacuum cup engaging a plane surface therebelow and in which relationship of parts the hanger functions substantially as heretofore described in that the weight of the articles supported tends to draw the hook element to place over a support and to press the vacuum cup against the plane surface and thus the bracket involving my invention is not restricted to use with a pane of glass as illustrated in Fig. 1.

It will be evident from the foregoing description, that the bracket is of simple and inexpensive construction; is of such form as to be readily retained in place, and that the vacuum cup is not subjected to strains tending to strip the same 1. A hanger for use in an automobile having a movable glass window anda frame element there- .for, comprising a strip of flat sheet metal bent at one end to form a hook element for engagtoward the glass, and a terminal end portion substantially parallel with the glass surface a vacuum cup attached to the said last named portion, and a spring clip having a terminal portion secured to the last named portion of the body by the means provided for securing the cup thereto, said last named portion of the body having a hook element struck up therefrom and bent to substantially parallel relation with the said terminal portion and with which the terminal portion of the spring clip engages under spring tension.

2. A hanger for use in automobiles having a movable glass window pane and frameelement therefor, comprising a strip of metal bent at one end to form a hook element engageable over the upper edge of the pane and a body portion extending outwardly and downwardly therefrom at an angle to the glass pane, said body being bent intermediate its ends to form a portion extending toward the pane, a vacuum cup' element secured to the terminal end of the said last named portion of the body, hook elements struck up from the said inclined portion of the body providing a means for supporting garment hangers or other 1 objects, an additional hook element struck up from the portion of the body extending toward the glass and extending outwardly at substantially a right angle to the said first named inclined portion of the body, and a spring clip supported by the terminal portion of the body and extending to cooperative relationship with the last named hook element.

3. A hanger for use in vehicles'having a movable glass window pane and supporting frame therefor comprising a bracket formed of a strip of fiat sheet metal having one end bent to form a hook for engaging over the upper edge of the glass pane when withdrawn from the upper portion of the frame element therefor, a body extending outwardly and downwardly from the hook end at an angle to the plane of the glass pane, a portion bent at an angle to the body to extend toward the glass pane, and an end portion bent to occupy a plane substantially parallel with the glass pane, a flexible vacuum cup element secured to the said end portion, hook elements struck up from the body of the angularly disposed portion of the metal strip in longitudinally spaced relation for the supporting of objects such as garments thereon, the weight of the supported objects maintaining the vacuum cup element in pressure contact with the pane whereby lateral displacement of the lower end of the bracket by the tendency of the objects to swing through movement of the vehicle is prevented.


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International ClassificationB60R7/10
Cooperative ClassificationB60R7/10, Y10S224/927
European ClassificationB60R7/10