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Publication numberUS2158633 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 16, 1939
Filing dateNov 1, 1937
Priority dateNov 1, 1937
Publication numberUS 2158633 A, US 2158633A, US-A-2158633, US2158633 A, US2158633A
InventorsBlanche Traverzi Gemma, Normandi Anthony L
Original AssigneeBlanche Traverzi Gemma, Normandi Anthony L
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Method of displaying figures and the like on transparent bodies
US 2158633 A
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May 16, 1939- A. L. NORMANDI ET AL ,1


LzJYi/EN TORS ,4, L//a/m/m 0 Patented May 16, 1939 mas m0]! 0F DISPLAYING FIGURES AND m rm 0K mwsrAm-r BODIES AMLNMSanFrandsegandGem-' In Blanche l'raverli, Petal-m, Calif.

dplleation November I, 1837, Serial No. 112,244

1 (his;

This invention relates to improvements in armmentation and has particular reference to anovei method of decoratinggiasswareand theliketo producethereonafigureorfiguresthathavea 5 dual appearance, namely. a distinctive tation when viewed from the trontal view, and

a distinctive novel on when from a rearward view.

The principal object of the invention is to prom vide an entertaining, attractive, and amuflng rep resentation of a. figure or figures, wherein the method employed is economical to manufacture. exceedingly durable-and highly elective.

Other objects and advantages will be apparent 15 during the course of tin following description.

lntheaccoxunflwinadra'wingformingapart oithisspecificationandinwhichltkenmnerals are employed to designate like parts throughout the same; '1' Fig.1isafronteievationot'adrinkingglas, -whereon therein showninvariedcolorsthefmnt viewofafemalefigurethathassuperimposed' thereon wearing apparel; and

Ourinventiominadditiontoits amusingand entertaining aspect, coxnwises the novel steps resortedtoinobteiningorrealizingthecompositefigureillustratedinthedrawing.

Intheacdrawingwhereinmrthe purposeotillustrationisshownapreierredembodimentofourinvmtimthenmneralidesignateseglam,whichgiaashasretainedtherein hands are painted. Thus, there is provided a nude or semi-nude figure that may be viewed from one side of the gloss and a fully clothed figure to be viewed from the opposite side thereof.

Referring to the color design, the preferred 5 coloreiiectisrealined bypainting thetorsoflesh color, the dres and blue, the hat. likewise, blue, and the ornaments of the hat white, while the color of yellow is given to the hair. These particular colors have been indilo cated by proper designations in the drawing; but it is to he understood that a variety of color effects may be employed, and, likewise, instead of figures, various fanciful displaam may be illustrated, such as fences, or, in fact, any obstrucii tion that will interrupt the vision when viewed Iran the front of the glass, which obstruction have a varied appearance from the frontal view.

It is to be pointed out that the figure. when viewed'iromthereanwiilbegreatlyeniargedascompared to the front view of said figure when water or other liquids are placed in the glass, thus the g'rotesqueness and amusing features of the ornamented glas are greatly Inpractice weaisoproposetoresorttotheuse ofdwhichcanheplacedonthe glasto realiaethesameeiiectsasthepreferred form or the invention.

It is to be understood that the method the figure shown, and the color eiiecfs employed may be considerably varied without departing from the principle of the invention or the scope at the suhjoined claim.

Having thus described our invention, we claim:

A method of decorating a transparent gins tmnhlerorthelikewith ahumanflguretoreaiize adualappearaneeofsaidfigureandconsistingin firstapph higandthenbakinganuckfigureon asuriaceof theiglassandthereaiterpainting over the nude figure with suitable adornments of various colors to simulate clothing, whereby the figure appears semi-nude when viewed from 5118 sided thetmnhlerandflllb'clothedwhenview Iran the other side.


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