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Publication numberUS2159192 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1939
Filing dateNov 27, 1935
Priority dateNov 27, 1935
Publication numberUS 2159192 A, US 2159192A, US-A-2159192, US2159192 A, US2159192A
InventorsRussell Werdin Ernest
Original AssigneeRussell Werdin Ernest
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Garbage can liner
US 2159192 A
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y 2 1939- I E. R. WERDIN 2,159,192

GARBAGE CAN LINER Filed NOV. 27, 1935 [12 Van/Or Ernest 1P. herc/riv Z M w m Patented May 23, 1939 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE amass CAN 1.1mm Ernest Russell werdin, Los Angeles, Calif. Application November 2'1; 1935, Serial No. 51,844


My invention relates to a flexible bag preferably made of paper which may be used as a liner for a garbage can and when closed by tying the neck of the bag the liner may be used as a bag for transporting garbage for its disposal.

An object and feature of my invention is forming a bag of flexible material such as paper of the proper size and shape to fit a cylindrical garbage 20 be confi'acted and thus pull the neck band inwardly in a series of folds and form a closure for the upper end of the liner.

My invention is illustrated in connection with the accompanying drawing in which Figure 1 is 25 a perspective view of a garbage can illustrating my invention attached thereto.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the liner with the neck drawn inwardly.

Fig. 3 is a vertical section through the can and 30 the liner attached to the can Fig. i is a partial vertical section of the liner showing the manner of folding the neck band.

In my invention the liner designated by the V numeral it is formed into a bag structure it 35 having a bottom it and a cylindrical side wall it. This is preferably made of paper and so shaped to fit snugly in a garbage can. The upper edge of the side walls has a neck band construction it. This is made by providing a reverse fold it in m the upper portion of the side walls of the bag,

handing the upper portion downwardly as indicated at it, thus iorming concentric neck hand strips of double thickness.

This neck hand is provided with a series of 45 notches or indentations it, these being shown as somewhat V-shapedleaving strip sections iii between the notches, and in these strip sections there are perforations til through which is threaded a cord 2!]. so In using my invention a garbage can as indicated by the numeral 2% in which the side walls are provided with a substantial tit at the upper edge. After insertion oi the hag in the can the neck hand it may be folded outwardly as- 55 indicated in an. s or by the dotted lines in Fig. The cord may then be drawn tight and tied, thereby securing the bag to the can. The can cover 21 may be placed over the open end of the can, the rim 28 of the coverfitting over the down-turned neck band of the bag. when it is desired to remove the bag or liner from the can the neck band is turned upwardly from the 5 dotted line position of Fig. 4 tothe full line position. The cord may then be drawn tight, forming a series of folds indicated at 18, Fig. 2, in the neck, and thus in effect pulling in the neck, and when the cord is tight the liner with the garbage therein may be tightly closed and the bag removed from the can for disposal of the garbage or refuse material.

For most purposes it is preferable that the bag be made of moisture proof material, for instance, if made of paper such may be oiled or waxed paper or other equivalent material. Also, if made of fabric, the fabric should preferably be moistureproof. It will be appreciated that my invention comprehends a liner for various receptacles which has the function of being useable as a container for various articles after removal of the liner,.from the receptacle. It may thus be used, for instance, in hospital work for reception of bandages, dressings or any other waste in which it is desired to disposed in a sanitary manner of various articles. It will be seen, therefore, that such articles or materials may be deposited in the linerwhile attached to a suitable receptacle, and then, without touch or contact with the material deposited in the liner, the liner may be removed from thereceptacle and tied to form a closure, hence the liner now in the form of a' bag with its contents may be disposed of in a sanitary manner.

Various changes may he made in the details of construction without departing from the spirit or scope of the invention as defined by the appended claim:

1 I claim:

in a device as described, a flexible bag having a neck band formed by at least one told in the upper end of the bag, the neck band portion having longitudinal notches, said notches termihating spaced from the lower edge of the folded over portion of the neck of the bag, the portion of the neck hand between the notches havingperiorations and a cord extended therethrough, the neck band portion heingiv adapted to fold outwardly and the cord to be drawn tight to attach the neck band portion to the rim of a garbage can or the neck band portion being adapted to align with the sides of the bag and to be tightened to form a closure at the neck of the bag, the said notches heing adapted to facilitate folding of the neck band.


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