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Publication numberUS2159356 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1939
Filing dateMar 23, 1937
Priority dateMar 23, 1937
Publication numberUS 2159356 A, US 2159356A, US-A-2159356, US2159356 A, US2159356A
InventorsLambert Archie F
Original AssigneeLambert Archie F
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Cigarette dispenser
US 2159356 A
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May 23, 1939. A. F. LAMBERT 2,159,356

CIGARETTE DISPENSER Filed March 23, 1957 3 Sheets-Sheet 1 NTOR y 1939- I A. F. LAMBERT I 2,159,356

C IGARETTE DI SPENSER Filed March 23, 1937 5 Sheets-Sheet 2 I b 6 I 6 54 I c ,8 3 1,47 5 v 4 I i -J.9

I figs-5 X I 38 70 z 68 NTOR Patented May 23, 1939 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE Application March 23,


My present invention relates to the art of dispensing devices and more particularly to a cigarette dispenser.

My device is constructed, with certain novel 5 features, to individually dispense small items such as cigarettes, matches, toothpicks, and the like. It lends itself particularly for use with cigarettes and throughout my specification and drawings I have shown it in that connection.

Means are provided within my'dispenser so that the opening of one hinged portion of the box, formed preferably to suggest a coffin, operates the interior mechanism which is so arranged thatit selects the cigarettes, or other objects to be dispensed, one at a'time, from the storage chamber which is normally closed thus hiding the reserve supply from View.

The principal object of my present invention is to provide means whereby a skeleton-like figure rises up out of its miniature cofiin to present the person opening the container, with a single cigarette.

Another object of my device isto provide means, actuated by lifting the lid of the container which assures by progressive movement of the article to be dispensed that they will be so separated from the reserve supply that, without malfunctioning said device will present the cigarettes one at a time. A further object is the provision of a novelty dispensing device which lends itself to economical construction so that it may be sold in relatively large quantities.

Other and more specific objects will be apparent from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, wherein Figure l is a perspective view showing my device dispensing a cigarette. I

Figure 2 is a perspective view of my device with the cover and walls of the miniature cofiin removed, to better illustrate the mechanism employed.

Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional view, in elevation, through my dispenser the same being shown in its closed position.

Figure 4 is an elevation, in section, of the right hand end of Figure 3 the same being shown in its position with the cover being lowered and with the selecting cradle filled with a cigarette.

Figure 5 is a cross-sectional view along the line 5-5 of Figure 6.

Figure 6 is Iaview, in sectional elevation similar to Figure 3 but with the cover raised and showing the dispensingmechamsm in a different phase of its operative relationship.

Figures 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 show, step by step functioning of the dispensing arrangement.

Referring to the drawings, throughout which like reference characters indicate like parts, I 4

1937, Serial No. 132,606

designates generally the receptacle or container of my dispenser. This I prefer to form to suggest a coffin with the two hinged cover portions I6 and I1. Cover ll covers the compartment normally filled with cigarettes and houses the dispensing selecting mechanism. The portion of the container covered by member 16 houses the figure which is arranged to hold out in its two hands a cigarette, or any other object which it might be designed to dispense. I prefer that my figure represent a skeleton. This I have formed by providing a reasonably heavy skull portion [8 and a body formed of the spinal portion 20 and a plurality of ribs 22, each of which is made of wire, preferably, because of the ease with which the same can be fashioned to provide a durable figure. The exact construction of the figure will probably be best understood by a careful study of Figures 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6, inclusive. The skeleton-like figure, which is represented from the hips up, is pivoted on a transverse pivot consisting of a plurality of staples as 24 and 26. Through these pass the crank member 28 to which the spinal column is fixedly connected. An operating arm for this crank as 30 is provided which is actuated from cover l6 through link 32 and bracket 34 so that, as cover I6 is raised, the crank is partially revolved.

Stability is given to the skeleton figure by having the two arm members as 36 and 38 formed as a unit with the connecting portion 39 joining the same. The major portion of member 39 is straight and is held in sliding engagement with the bottom 40 of the casket-like container by the wide spread staple 42. Pivotally connected to members 36 and 38 at points 43 and 44 is a generally U-shaped member or frame 46. This fashions the shoulders of the skeleton and appears to form the upper arms. Each of the arms terminates in a receiver in the shape of a hand structure 41 consisting of a plurality of fingers as 48 with an up-turned thumb as 59 thus providing an adequate rest fora cigarette.

The cigarette selecting mechanism covered by lid member ll consists of a chamber 52 of such a size as to accommodate a package of ordinary cigarettes; an inclined surface 54 provides that the last of the cigarettes will always gravitate to the selecting cradle 56 which is pivotally supported at 51 and is normally urged upwardly by 0 spring 59 into contact with stop 58 as shown in Figure 6.

, Method of operation The sequence of steps in the operation of my device is probably best illustrated in Figures 7 to 12, inclusive.

Figure '7 shows the device as it would appear if a fresh supply of cigarettes were put in place.

For ease of illustration and description only three such cigarettes have been shown. The operation, however, will be identical with any number in excess of three. In the steps shown in Figure 7 the cigarettes have rolled down off the incline 54 and are wholly supported by the wire selecting cradle 56 which is held in its lower position against spring 59 by pressure of arms 36 and 38. As the cigarettes roll down the inclined portion of cradle 56 they are arrested by a stop member 60.

When cover I6 is raised, we have the condition shown in Figure 8 in which the downward pressure of arm 36 is released an-d spring '59 moves cradle or carrier 56 up to the position .as indicated. Here the cigarettes roll down a short incline 62 formed as part of cradle 56 and are arrested in their forward movement by the upstanding portion 64 of the cradle. This portion is bent .up at this point so that only one cigarette can be positioned directly above the upper point of member 60.

When cover'l5 is closed cradle 56 is again depressed after the showing of Figure 9 and the cigarette A rolls down the inclined surface of stop 68 until it abuts a second stop member 66, the remainder of the cigarettes as Band C are retamed to the right of stop member 60.

In Figure 10 the device is shown with the cover again raised which permits cradle 56 to also be raised to the position indicated. Cigarette A has been, with this movement, picked up from the position shown in Figure 9,. and during the raising of cradle 56 rolls down the inclined portion 68, thereof, until it comes against the vertical stop member 16. In this position it is sufficiently far to the left as viewed so that the uppermost portion 12 of stop 66 will bear on the right hand side of the cigarette when cradle 56 is lowered. It will be- -noted that cigarette -B has advanced to the point over stop 60 so that it will, in turn, roll down its inclined surface. With the closing of cover l6 the condition .shown in Figure 11 isobtained. Here, with the cradle depressed again, we have the condition where cigarette A has rolled down the inclined surface 13 of stop 66 and now *rests in the hand portion 41 of the dispensingdevice. Cigarette C-has progressed to the sameposition cigarette A occupied in the showing of Figure 7.

In Figure 12 we have the final step in the dispensing operation. Here cigarette A is raised to-its-normal dispensing position where-it can-be easily grasped by the fingers'and creates the illusion of beingactually presented to the prospective smoker by the rising skeleton. Cigarette C in this step now occupies the position of cigarette A in Figure 8, with cigarette B one stage advanced.

From the foregoing description it may appear that it takes a number of operations of the cover 5 to effect a cycle of operation. This is true, but it is true only of the first cigaretteof a group dispensed. Thereafter each opening of cover 16 will raise a cigarette into the'dispensing position and the remainderof a package of cigarettes will be served, one at a time, in the same manner, by successive openings of lid I6.

In my present showing I have provided a reasonably heavy skull portion l8, this should, preferably, be made of solid material and of sufficient weight to return the device tothe position shown in Figures 2 and 3, otherwise-a spring or other return means must be provided.

The foregoing description and the accompanying drawings are believed to clearly disclose a preferred embodiment of my invention but it will be understood that this disclosure is merely illustrative and that such changes in the invention may be made as are fairly within the scope and spirit of the following claims.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. In an automatic dispensing device, the combination with a receptacle and its hinged cover, a frame pivoted in'the receptacle and having a link connected to said cover, and a receiver pivoted to the frame, of a cigarette carrier having a pivotal support and retained by the receiver, and a spring for actuating the carrier, whereby the frame is raised to deliver a cigarette to the receiver and the receiver containing a cigarette is elevated when the cover is opened.

2. In an automatic dispensing device, the combination with a receptacle and its hinged cover, a frame pivoted in the receptacleand held depressed by the cover, a receiver frame .pivotally mounted'on the first frame and held depressed thereby, and a receiver mounted on the receiverframe, of a spring-elevated cigarette carrier pivotally mounted in the receptacle adapted to deliver-a cigarette and held'the receiver, and a stop for the carrier.

3. In an automatic dispensing device, the combination with a receptacle and its hinged cover, a frame pivoted in the receptacle and held depressedb-y the cover, a receiver-frame mounted on pivots in the first frame, and a receiver mounted in the receiver-frame, of a spring-elevated carrier pivotally mounted in the receptacle and retained by the receiver, said carrier having a succession of pockets, and meansmounted in the receptacle for co-action with thepockets for successively feeding cigarettes =along thecarrier to the receiver.

4. Inanautomatic dispensing device, :the combination with a receptacle and its hinged :cover, a frame pivoted in the receptacle and "held .depressed by the cover, and a receiver-frame and its receiver pivotally mounted in the firstframe, of a spring-elevated carrier pivoted in the receptacle and retained'by the receiver, said carrier having a succession of. pockets, and asuccession of feed-blocks mounted in the receptacle for-coaction with the pockets of the carrier for successively feeding cigarettes along -the-:.carrier. to the receiver.

5. In an automatic dispensing device, the-combination with a receptacle and its hinged cover, a frame pivotally mounted-in the receptacleand retained by the closed cover, and a U-shaped receiver frame and its receiver pivotally mounted in the first frame, of a U-shaped carrier =pi-votally mounted in the receptacle and a spring for elevating said carrier, said carrier being retained by said receiver, the complementary side-arms :of the U-shapedcarrierbeing bent to forma succession ofpockets, and a succession of spaced feed blocks mounted in the receptacle :in. operativerelation to the pockets of the carrier whereby-cigarettes are successively fed along the carrier to the receiver. 7


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